This Is Sick: Griffin Lays out Detailed Plan to Kill the President

D-list comedienne Kathy Griffin knows that her time in the spotlight is over. That’s why she cannot stop talking about President Trump to save her life. Of course, she has to head straight to the CNN vortex to fire off her latest crackpot theory. This is the go-to news network for this type of tomfoolery. We are using the term ‘news’ very loosely here.

She had a disturbing talk with Jim Acosta on Twitter, otherwise known as the network’s number one Trump hater. Can you believe that a CNN personality provided her with a platform to threaten the president with a syringe full of air? It’s gotten to the point where we cannot even pretend to be surprised anymore.

This attack was completely unprovoked. Acosta decided to quote tweet a harmless Trump anecdote. The president was attending a diabetes event at the White House. All he wanted to know was whether he needed to be using insulin. Acosta’s tweet seemed to frame Trump’s quote as something worth mocking and we are not sure why.

Griffin decided to add an “F*** TRUMP” to the proceedings for no real reason, too. These two bad faith actors cannot pass up any chance to go after the president. It’s gotten to the point where they are flat out making things up. Trump did not even say anything wrong in this instance but they still decided to seize on it, like the jackals that they are.

It reminds us of children in high school who get a mild chuckle for making a joke one time and then proceed to run said joke into the ground over the course of the next few months. The sad thing is that these are grown adults who should definitely know better than to behave like this. Griffin was even warned about her tweet.

The Washington Examiner’s breaking news editor let her know that the threat had been turned over to the Secret Service. Twitter was also alerted. It did not take long for the tweet about this matter to cross her path and she dropped some more expletives. Other Twitter users also got involved in the “tussle” and alerted the Secret Service.

The sad thing is that this is not the first time that Griffin has issued such threats against the president. The Secret Service has already been forced to meet with her because of the infamous beheading stunt. She refused to learn her lesson, though. Her desperation is making for a rather stinky cologne. This is what happens when celebrities are washed up and looking for any way to make a headline.

It’s not like anyone is paying attention to her comedy anyway. What’s she going to say when the Secret Service pays her a second visit? The taxpayers deserve better than this. Our valuable resources are going to waste. There are far more important pursuits that need to be taken care of before the Secret Service can take time out of their day to deal with a cranky celebrity who needs a wake-up call.

Can you imagine the outrage if the situation was reversed? Let some washed up right-wing celebrity issue a threat against Barack Obama and we’ll see how fast the lefties spring into action. They were ready to lose their minds because Clint Eastwood talked to an empty chair. They would definitely not be able to handle an actual threat of violence being made against of their chosen deities.

Maybe Griffin should be locked up so that she can learn her lesson. Someone needs to be willing to make an example of her. Otherwise, it becomes open season for all washed-up celebrities to make idle threats so that they can get some of the publicity that they seek. Word to the wise: it’s time for the Kathy Griffins of the world to start thinking about a new career path. The current plan isn’t working.

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