Sweden’s Herd Immunity Experiment Shows Disastrous Results, Death Rate Highest in the World

The Swedish response to the coronavirus epidemic has been the topic of discussion for some time now. We have been discussing it for months and we are sure that the discussions will rage on for years. As for the nation themselves, they are in the process of launching an investigation into the matter. They have received a sizable amount of criticism from both sides of the aisle.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven announced that a full inquiry will be made into the country’s handling of the pandemic. The prime minister had previously announced that Sweden would wait until the pandemic was over to start investigating but time is of the essence. As the country’s death toll continues to rise, the populist and conservative political parties both want answers.

So why is there new pressure to launch the investigation now? Sweden’s death rate is now the highest in the world. This is not a title that any nation should want to hold. The United Kingdom briefly held the throne and we are sure that they are glad to see Sweden rising swiftly through the ranks. The virus is not moving through the Nordic region as quickly, either.

Sweden’s death rate is now four times higher than any of their neighbors. In other words, things did not have to get to this point. They only have themselves to blame. Their grand “herd immunity” experiment has been an absolute disaster and we wish that they would have thought this through before making any sort of final decision.

It did not take a genius to foresee what took place here. In essence, Sweden basically decided that the lockdown should only apply to the older population, while everyone else was allowed to proceed as usual. As a result of this foolish decision, their daily death rate has remained the same since the middle of April.

Meanwhile, Finland, Norway and Denmark have been just fine, all things considered. Of course, these countries have had their own struggles just like anyone else. They did not exacerbate their issues by engaging in risky experiments. Denmark and Norway have already announced that they are reopening the travel pipeline between the two countries.

We highly doubt that any of these countries are going to be allowing Swedish travelers to stop by anytime soon. Swedish foreign minister Ann Linde is against the decision, claiming that it is being made for political reasons. It’s not hard to see why these countries are terrified of the Swedish at the moment, though.

All we know definitively is that Sweden’s grand experiment has failed miserably. Anders Tegnell is the man who is responsible for their response and he is trying his best to backpedal. He claims that the country was not pushing for any sort of herd immunity. On the other hand, he readily admits that one of the supposed advantages is centered around the idea that more Swedish citizens would have immunity during a second wave.

This theory has been shot to heck by the antibody testing numbers. These figures are not nearly as high as the so called experts would have hoped. The New York Times recently published a story about the lack of herd immunity around the world. We are a long way off from such advantages and pretending otherwise would be wrong.

Until a vaccine is made available, widespread immunity is a complete and total misnomer. Has the rest of the world been able to do better than Sweden? It remains to be seen. Their government is clearly very concerned now but we wonder where this concern was when this silly plan was announced in the first place.

Maybe they should have been willing to think this through beforehand? The results of this investigation are going to be telling. Perhaps they are going to change course eventually. It is hard to envision the investigation going in their favor, that is for sure.

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