Video: Portland Protesters Pull Man out of Wheel Chair and Brutally Beat Him

This is the story of a man who is confined to a wheelchair and is still willing to speak his mind. Additional videos have leaked out and this man is letting the world know how he feels. He’s against the rioters and he did not want them to continue to set fires in the street. This would seem to be a reasonable enough request.

He’s not a murderer, he’s just someone who is fed up with everything that is going on. Can you believe that someone even decided to spit on him for voicing his opinion? The clips are not all that bad, though. We also saw wheelchair man having a decent conversation with some of the black protesters.

These conversations were not that helpful to this man when the rioters came for him, though. For every reasonable protester out there who is looking to spread the word about an important cause, there is another who is merely looking to destroy property. This poor man was dumped out of his chair unceremoniously.

As if that were not enough, the angry mob proceeded to assault him. Once he tried to raise his arm to get away from them, his wheelchair was yanked away from him before he could get back into it. The fight gets very ugly, very quickly. The guy who is responsible for tossing him out of the wheelchair even tries to fend off one of the more overzealous attackers.

At a certain point, it is hard to tell who is on the side of the man in the wheelchair and who is actually against him. The video of the altercation is a sad one and it was shared on Instagram as soon as it was posted. People are appalled by what they are seeing and rightfully so. Once Andy Ngo decided to share the video on his Twitter feed, it did not take long before the clip went viral.

When we tried to make sense of this clip, we came up empty. Why are these people even fighting? There is a level of rage bubbling up and over right now that we have never seen before. Protests have been taking place on a fairly regular protests for the past few years but this is something wholly new. There is no end in sight and people have all of the time in the world because of the widespread unemployment.

It’s a perfect storm. We feel sorry for all of the people that have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and the racial unrest that has been building for hundreds of years. It is hard to have much sympathy when you see stories like this one, though. What are these people trying to accomplish by beating up on an innocent man in a wheelchair?

We hope that they are all proud of themselves and we cannot stop thinking about the man who tried to intervene once he had already knocked him out of his chair. The whole thing is bizarre. There is a small part of us that is wondering why this even took place. Did these people stage the video, in hopes of convincing the rest of the country that riots are, in fact, bad?

They are preaching to the choir in most instances. Even those who support the protests in principle are not going to be happy to see a man in a wheelchair being beaten up for no good reason. Stories like this one do not reflect well on the city of Portland, either. It’s a city that deserves better than this.

Americans claim that they want anarchy but this is the sort of madness that is created when you allow those types of mindsets to take root. In the meantime, our heart goes out to this man and all of his friends and family members. No one should ever have to experience this sort of brutal treatment.

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