Ted Cruz destroys Rosenstein during hearing over incompetence

While this story does serve as a palate cleanser of sorts, it is just a start. We need to see a lot more of this going forward. The Senate Judiciary Committee is having their initial public hearings about the Operation Crossfire probe. Former deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was the first one to have a turn in the hot seat.

Senator Ted Cruz wasted no time going off on him, either. He also had some choice words for the Department of Justice officials who were in charge during the Obama presidency. The examination was an explosive one. Cruz even claimed that the attempts to put a stop to the investigation were even worse than what took place during the Watergate scandal.

Cruz was willing to give Rosenstein some small measure of credit. He said that he did not believe he was actually responsible for any wrongdoing. Rosenstein is just woefully incompetent. Rosenstein was never truly pushed into saying anything too inflammatory. The Senate Republicans got to see some awesome fireworks in the meantime, though.

We are sure that these hearings are only going to get spicier going forward. Rosenstein is claiming that he has no knowledge of Department of Justice employees creating fraudulent evidence to be submitted in a court of law. Who knows how long that lie will hold up? We need to see Rosenstein getting cross-examined before we can decide what side we are going to take.

The Democrats are clearly in the wrong here. The only questions left to answer are which Democrats and how wrong? Cruz did score one major point during this hearing but it did not take place until the end. Cruz said that the predicate for the Flynn case was never all that sensible on its face. This is something that most of us already knew.

Since it was obvious to everyone else, it should have been obvious to Rosenstein. Common sense is not very common these days, though. Cruz argued against the absurdity of The Logan Act, which has yet to produce a successful prosecution. Cruz even found time to make a joke at the expense of John Kerry, claiming that he is probably violating The Logan Act as we speak.

So how did Rosenstein allow for this nonsensical probe to continue? It is a question that he is struggling to answer and he is sure to be asked a few more times before these proceedings conclude. Rosenstein tried his best to wriggle out of the jam by speaking calmly to the investigators. When he was told that he was being held accountable for his actions, he replied that he was holding himself by showing up to the hearing.

That’s how the Democrats think about this stuff. In their minds, showing up to a hearing about the crimes that you are responsible for committing is taking responsibility. Where we are from, that is known as doing the absolute bare minimum. The FBI is claiming that they cannot be held responsible for what has taken place and they are doing their best to pass the buck to anyone and everyone else.

A public flogging is just what these charlatans need. Maybe it will teach them a valuable lesson about the importance of telling the truth. Rosenstein did not arrive until after the hubbub started to take place. There’s not much information that he can provide about the topics that really matter to the Republicans. Obama era officials need to be placed under oath.

We’re not going to hold our breath waiting for that one to happen, though. It’s a pipe dream at best. John Durham is conducting his own investigation and this one should also be worrying the Democrats even more. Being able to sidestep this investigation is great but there is going to be more to the story. The Durham will either advance the case or cause it to be dismissed entirely.

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