(Video) Democrats’ New Normal: Rioters Attack Children’s Hospital and Throw Bricks at Children

Stories like these make us wonder just how far the leftists are willing to go. The protests are one thing but the violence that they are causing is difficult to ignore. Even the most staunch leftist who is willing to look the other way cannot make the mistake of sloughing this off. No one in their right mind should be able to ignore a child’s screams of terror.

This is what the leftist mob has wrought. They are now terrorizing children and they could not care less about how ridiculous they look. Rocks and bricks were launched at a children’s hospital, because those are the people who are responsible for the killing of unarmed African-Americans. These poor children have no clue what is going on.

Now, they find themselves in the center of the fray. This horror story unfolded in Houston, as these children were trying their best to stay on the mend. This type of activity cannot be good for their recovery. The child in this video also had to watch in terror as the angry mob started to focus their attention on her father’s car. This is the sort of trauma that leaves children in need of therapy.

The leftists are not going to have anything to say for themselves about this one. If the angry mobs that are taking over the nation truly believe that their cause is just, how is this going to convince anyone? If anything, all they are going to do is turn people against them that were already believers in their cause.

The facts never matter to the mobs who are operating off pure emotion. The protests stopped being about the death of George Floyd days ago. Now, the rest of America is under siege. Protests are happening in all 50 states and we shudder to think of what is happening to all of the innocent residents who are forced to endure the senseless violence.

Peaceful protests are one thing. Those are the demonstrations that actually accomplish something. The charges against Derek Chauvin have been upgraded to second degree murder. The other three cops who were involved in the slaying are also going to be charged now. The FBI has announced that they are reopening the investigation into another police killing that took place in Louisville, claiming the life of Breonna Taylor.

Antifa members are believed to be responsible for the attack on this children’s hospital. In fact, many of these members are also believed to be white. So what are they trying to accomplish by co-opting black causes that they claim to care about, only to cause untold amounts of carnage and destruction?

We would be willing to bet that they would not have an answer for that question. It feels like everyone is allowing themselves to be led in whatever direction the wind blows. They are stirring things up, under the guise that they are helping the American people. All they are doing is scaring children and causing property damages. Well done, leftists. We are sure that this is what you were looking to accomplish.

The black people who are fighting for the causes that truly matter to them do not need the help of white looters who are merely looking to line their own pockets. Antifa is filled with these types of white people, the type of leftists who have had every advantage and still choose to act like they are part of an oppressed class. It used to be somewhat cute but now it’s getting old really fast.

As more and more videos start to circulate of this atrocious behavior, we hope that the left comes to their senses. There are certain things that you cannot undo. Scarring children for life with your barbaric, nonsensical rioting is definitely one of them. Terrorist groups like this one need to be rooted out of America before they have a chance to cause any more civil unrest.

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