Watch This Amazing Priest Take a Stand Against Violent Rioter

Father James Altman is a Wisconsin preacher who is alarmed by what is taking place in America right now. He’s not the only one. The riots and protests have swept the nation, creating a world full of unknowns. No one can predict what is going to happen next. This creates a scary environment, which causes people to lean more on their faith.

Archbishop Wilton Gregory made the news for offering his admonishment of the president after he had taken the time to visit the Pope John Paul II memorial. Like many others, he believed that the president had very selfish motivations for visiting the shrine. The visit was made on the same day that Trump signed an executive order that pertained to religious freedoms.

To act as if his motivations were less than pure seems silly at a time like this. That’s why the Archbishop should have thought twice before seizing the media spotlight for himself. Catholics all over the country are sure to be contacting him, if they are not already. These actions need to be treated as the attention seeking sham that they are.

Father Altman was at the front of the line when it came time to rip the Archbishop’s actions. Did you know that the Archbishop remained silent when former president Barack Obama was willing to cover up the cross at Georgetown? Obama also decided to give God’s “blessing” as far as Planned Parenthood is concerned, with a nary a peep from the same Archbishop that was willing to go out on a huge limb to speak against Trump.

The sermon from Father Altman was an incredible one. We are so glad that someone is willing to say all of the things that all of the other religious folks are neglecting to mention. It gets tiring to see people hold back on their true feelings because they are worried about being offensive. It’s high time that we had religious leaders who were ready to say what is right. The video has received nearly a million views, so we are clearly not the only ones who feel this way.

He’s providing the rest of the country with some much needed intelligent commentary during these challenging times. In a world where it feels like everyone is competing to see who can be the biggest leftist, it is nice to hear someone speaking sensibly. For those of us who feel like we are trapped in a country that is slowly losing its collective mind, clips like these can provide us with some small amount of solace.

Catholics do not always receive the benefit of the doubt, either. In many instances, people are only willing to focus on the bad things that have happened in the Catholic Church. That’s fairly ironic when you stop to consider the current predicament that the nation is in. The leftists want us to ignore the actions of a few and focus on the larger message that is being delivered.

Doesn’t that sound an awful lot like the Catholic Church? Yes, the Church had some issues in the past but these problems are often overblown. If we are supposed to look past the actions of a few protesters and focus on the big picture, we can certainly do the same for the churches that are truly responsible for making this country a great one. It’s the literal least that we can all do right now.

Otherwise, we risk giving our country over to certain evils that are better being avoided. This isn’t an invitation to some sort of debate, it is merely a statement of fact. We hope that those who have turned their back on religion are willing to take a long, hard look at themselves. When you turn your back on God and you allow impure charlatans to take over your nation’s thought process, you are setting the table for all sorts of awfulness to take place.

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