Watch: Retired VA Governor on Tape Urging Biden to Stay Hidden in His Basement

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced many of us indoors for the foreseeable future. It’s the easiest way to make sure that we do not contract the virus. Joe Biden is definitely following that advice, as he has been campaigning from his basement over the past few months. If the Democrats have their way, this is where he is going to stay for the rest of the campaign cycle.

Terry McAuliffe is best known as the former governor of Virginia. He recently recorded a video conference with other establishment Democrats. They are all in agreement: Biden is better off staying in the basement. These officials are hoping that their senile presidential candidate can stay out of the limelight as much as possible.

In that sense, the coronavirus pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for the Democratic party. Biden has had his share of gaffes already but imagine how bad it would be if he had to go outside and speak to people on a regular basis. We all saw the clips of him faltering at his own rallies. This is not a man that can be trusted to say the right things under pressure.

Fox News obtained video of the commentary and we can’t lie to you, it’s pretty funny. The Democrats are saying all of the same things about Biden as the general public. It’s one of the rare times that their establishment actually has their finger on the pulse. It won’t mean anything once the election has come and gone but it’s still funny to note in the meantime.

Can you imagine how many more gaffes Biden would have had if he was allowed to leave the house? He still somehow managed to wade into the “you ain’t black” controversy and that interview wasn’t even meant to be that troubling. The Breakfast Club is a platform that is typically open to Democrats, allowing to say whatever foolishness pops into their heads while they are pandering to minority voters.

Some may remember Hillary Clinton’s hot sauce commentary that took place on the Breakfast Club during the last election cycle. Biden could have made similar jokes or even listed his top 5 rappers if that’s what he wanted to do. Instead, he decided to lob a grenade at his entire African-American voting base. He’s still digging out from under that mess as we speak. No wonder the Democrats want him trapped in a basement.

In their minds, all they need to do is sit back and let Trump’s campaign implode. While this is probably not the best strategy, it sure beats expecting Biden to carry the party to victory on his own. He’s not half the orator that Barack Obama was and there’s no catchy slogan to power him to the top. Biden and his cronies are banking on a major backlash to Trump. Otherwise, their goose has already been cooked.

At long last, the Democrats are willing to admit what most of us already knew. Joe Biden is more of a danger to himself than the current president. We’re not sure if there will be traditional debates this year because of the outbreak but if there are? President Trump is sure to be licking his chops. Biden offers no shortage of material that can be used against him.

We can’t get past the fact that Biden often seems confused when he is addressing the public. He loses his train of thought a lot and can’t seem to string a sentence together. While some of his supporters will blame his lifelong struggle with stuttering for these mannerisms, his cognitive decline has gotten harder and harder to ignore.

Far be for us to agree with the Democrats but here we are. They are just as embarrassed when it comes to Biden’s mistakes as anyone else. Good thing he is unable to have any rallies any time soon. He’d only be digging his grave even deeper.

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