Pittsburgh “Peaceful Protester” Caught With Backpack Full of Molotov Cocktails

Another day, another “peaceful protester” who was looking to do some serious harm. A recent protest in Pittsburgh could have turned very ugly when a rioter decided to leave behind a backpack that was chock full of Molotov cocktails. The backpack was planted in a public area and it is unclear what the objective was here. Did the man want people to help themselves?

Did he get cold feet and try to leave the bag behind? We are unsure but we are definitely monitoring the situation. Matthew Michanowicz is the man who was arrested for this stunt and he is now facing federal charges as the result of his terrible decision. He was caught on camera setting the backpack down in a crowded area.

Matthew Michanowicz, 52, faces federal charges of illegal possession of a destructive device, the U.S. District Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Pennsylvania said.

Michanowicz, who was allegedly captured on surveillance footage placing the backpack under trees at PNC Plaza, told investigators that he’d ridden his bike to the area to observe the aftermath of recent protests, court documents say.

When he was questioned by authorities, he said that he had ridden his bicycle into the area. He wanted to check out the aftermath of the Pittsburgh protests but he clearly had something else in mind entirely. Spent OC vapor grenades were also found inside of the backpack. These grenades contained a fluid that was leaking everywhere and deemed to be ignitable.

The devices are described as “spent OC vapor grenades” (identified by the PBPBS as spent devices they had previously deployed) which contained a fluid that had a smell similar to an ignitable liquid. The liquid was leaking out of one or more of the devices. All three devices had wicks attached to them, which were held in place by what appears to be “spray foam insulation.”

There were three devices inside of the backpack and all three of already had wicks attached. It is hard to argue that this man had any other intention. We hope that he is punished to the fullest extent of the law for what he has done. What if this backpack had ignited in the middle of the crowd? The damages would have been severe.

When the man was first found, he tried to deny that he had any knowledge of the explosives in the backpack. ATF agents paid a visit to his home soon after. His garage was jam packed with evidence and the agents found all sorts of disconcerting items. The fuse bundle that was located matched the fuses that were found in Matthew’s backpack. The spray foam insulation that the agents uncovered in the garage was also the same.

Michanowicz also had 10 camouflage backpacks in the garage. These bags were similar in size to the one that was recovered by authorities at the scene of the protest. Used latex gloves with a scent that was consistent with the liquid in the backpack were even found in the man’s trashcan. If he’s a criminal, he’s certainly not the most intelligent one that these officers have apprehended.

If Matthew is convicted of these crimes, he could spend up to 10 years in prison. Hope it was worth it, sir. We want to know what his plans were over the long haul. 10 backpacks were discovered, which means he may have had plans of blowing up other major protests. Why did he return to the scene where he left the backpack two days later? These are all questions that need to be answered as quickly as possible.

There is also one other major question that has to be answered here. What is the man’s actual motive? PNC Plaza is where the backpack was located. Perhaps he was looking to blow up the bank, as a means of making a statement about the futility of capitalism. Maybe he was looking to injure protesters and/or police officers. There’s so many different motivations that could have been at play here.

All we know for sure is that he was not there because he was looking to protest in a peaceful manner. Speaking of violent protesters in this city, Matthew is not the only one. Brian Bartels recently turned himself in after being accused of damaging police property and inciting a riot. Bartels’ motive as a simple one. He’s a member of the far left who was looking to do some serious damage.

These goons are putting a serious damper on the protests and forcing peaceful folks to be viewed as criminals because they are more worried about their own selfish goals. If you would like to learn more about this case, here’s the local news report on the backpack bomber.

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