Boston Prohibits Police From Using Public Bathrooms

There is a lot of virtue signaling going on right now. It’s getting more and more difficult to identify the most ridiculous instances but this one might take the cake. Everyone is competing to see who can hate the police more but this is a whole new level. People are now telling the officers who protect and serve their communities that they are not even allowed to use their bathrooms.

That’s a level of hatred that we never thought we would see in our lifetimes. It’s also not very practical. Let’s say that you believe all police officers are foul tempered and ready to become violent. Why would you decide to deny them a basic amenity? That makes it seem like people are actively trying to goad them into a confrontation.

All jokes aside, these are the officers who have to be wondering what they possibly did to deserve this. If Boston keeps up like this, these officers are going to have to head to the autonomous zone in Seattle. Once they have been deprived of the bathroom, they will be able to clear out that area pretty quickly.

Sorry, we promised that we were done with the jokes but this is too ridiculous to take seriously. We just hope that the cops who aren’t being allowed to use the restrooms are willing to laugh along with everyone else about it. The Boston school that made this insane rule was forced to apologize already but the damage has already been done.

This is the America that the liberals want everyone to live in. They want police officers to be scared to stop and take a leak. The Berklee Performance Center is trying their best to backtrack now. As it turns out, they were never trying to ban the officers from using their bathrooms. The facility was only pretending to go along with this ridiculous sentiment because they got lots and lots of complaints.

Berklee Performance Center issued a statement that treated the whole incident as some sort of grave national issue that needed to be addressed entirely. If a police officer uses the bathroom at a local school and no one is around to complain about it, did it even really happen? No one would have known or cared about this whole thing if they hadn’t decided to make a whole big thing out of it.

The liberals love turning molehills into mountains, though. They love doing it when they can call attention to themselves and let everyone know how progressive they are. That’s how you end up with people who think that facilities who are willing to start banning cops from using a restroom are doing the Lord’s work.

The grave tone of the letter is too much, in our humble opinions. Sometimes, you can actually give things more life by taking the time to address them and this is one of them. There was no need to make this into a whole hullabaloo. While we are trying our best not to fan the flames and get into a battle over recent rhetoric, some people really seem to want a police war.

That’s not going to serve our society or help to push things in a more positive direction. At times like these, we need to make sure to remain on an even keel. The mainstream media wants you to be as emotional as possible. They will always provide stories that are designed to make you lean in one direction or the other.

It’s on us to remain above the media spin and avoid the urge to look for stories that make us feel better about our current position. Group think has infected the American people. Until everyone is finally ready to stop letting the mainstream media yank their chains and tell them how to feel, we are only going to keep reading more and more nonsensical stories like this one.

1,549 thoughts on “Boston Prohibits Police From Using Public Bathrooms”

    1. Next time there is a shooting or altercation inside the building…cop should respond,” I don’t do inside calls…please call Roger Brown, the “answer man.”

      1. Exactly! What brazen , asinine, ignorant behavior. Well when thugs start looting, burning anf tearing up your damn business. ‘DON’T’ CALL US, WE’LL CALL YOU.” yOUR DAUGHTER GET MUGGED OR RAPED, WE WILL BE 10 BLOCKS AWAY LOOKING FOR A REST ROOM. I am so glad I don’t live on either. with Left Coast. There must have been lead paint, and led water pipes in those places. I have to say it this way, as I see that NOW this is considered frightening and racist (morons) Y’all are nuts!


      2. If a Cop is denied the use of a Public Restroom, then close the place down, since they are open to everyone that makes up the public. Second, and more colorfully, the Cop should piss on the front door of the Store, or the side of the Owner’s car. If the Owner doesn’t like it, tell him to “Call a Cop”. “Oh, that’s right, none of them are responding to your calls. Tough break, Moron.” Problem solved.

    2. I am so tired of the bunch of crybaby protesters getting their feelings hurt. Geeeez. Get over it and grow up. Maybe all law enforcement should just walk away and go on vacation for awhile. What is all the gibberish in these posts?

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