Trump’s MAGA Rally: Over 800,000 Have Registered to Attend

According to the numbers that have been compiled, the MAGA rally that is about to take place in Tulsa is the hottest ticket of all time. As of Sunday, over 800,000 people had signed up to attend. This is the first rally that Trump has been able to hold since the shutdowns put a stop to society as we know it. For Trump supporters, since this is the first rally that they have been able to attend in some time, they are ready to show up and show out for their president.

Trump originally scheduled the rally on the 19th but once he caught wind of the African-American holiday that also falls on this day, he was willing to push it back to the 20th. Juneteenth is a special occasion where African-Americans celebrate the official end of slavery in this country. To that end, Trump has done everything in his power to remain as respectful as possible.

The attendance numbers reported above come directly from campaign manager Brad Parscale. This is the biggest signup for a rally of all time, 10 times over. It is clear to see that Trump’s supporters have been missing him. This rally will probably strike a different tone, as opposed to the deadly serious COVID-19 briefings that were taking place on an everyday basis.

Will Trump use this rally to strike back at the protesters who have been speaking out against police brutality? Is he going to take some shots at Joe Biden? No one seems to know and he is probably not going to tip his hand between now and then. Parscale is also looking into other options that will allow the folks who have signed up to spend more time with the president.

If successful, a secondary location will be established. The arena’s capacity is in the 20,000 range. Obviously, they are not going to be able to fit 800,000 people inside. More MAGA rallies are being planned in various Republican strongholds. North Carolina, Florida and Arizona are going to be included. If this event goes off without a hitch, we are sure that Trump will be more than willing to add more to the schedule.

Traveling around the country and talking to the people is one of the president’s favorite activities. He is even allowing attendees to go without a mask, so that he has the chance to see all of their beautiful faces. The Democrats and the mainstream media are currently losing their minds. The fact that the president would have a rally during the pandemic is causing them to blow a gasket.

In the meantime, they are simply going to have to take a chill pill or two. It is easy to complain about a president who can pack the house like this when their candidate is unable to leave their basement. Biden would not be able to fill the smallest gymnasium in Delaware, let alone a full size arena. Of course, the Democrats are always going to be threatened by any candidate that can.

It’s in their best interests if everything remains the same. As long as things remain shut down, Biden is unable to leave the basement and he’s not going to be a liability to the party in this current state. He’s still having his signature gaffes on a regular basis but since there is so much going on in the news, it is hard for anyone to keep focus.

In essence, that is what the party is banking on going forward. They hope that Trump’s rallies lead to the continued spread of COVID-19, keeping Biden safely indoors. Otherwise, he could do all sorts of damage that they have been able to avoid thus far. The Democrats better hope that arenas cannot be filled because of the pandemic. That’s the only hope that they have of winning the general election November. Biden will sink their boat if he’s allowed to speak for himself.

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