Must See: Cop’s Emotional Resignation Amidst Dems War Against Law and Order

The United States is filled with anti-police protests at the moment. This is causing many officers to reconsider the roles that they have been filling. Police personnel are resigning left and right. They do not want to wait for cities to abolish their police forces, so they are getting out in front of things as best they can.

Why would anyone want to wait for their position to be eliminated entirely? This clip is an interesting one. An officer who has been working for 10 years in Tennessee has decided to step down from the force. He believes that people are taking a negative view when it comes to law enforcement. He is tired of the disrespect and is walking away while he still can.

“I just can’t take it anymore,” the officer said. Tears were streaming down his face when he made the statement. Dustin Elliott was a police officer in Winchester until now. George Floyd’s is causing numerous Americans to call for the abolishment of the police department, leaving officers in a very precarious position.

Of course, they want to be as understanding as possible but understanding only goes so far when your livelihood is being threatened. Dustin tried his best to articulate the feelings of many police officers at the moment. Police officers are being treated like they are responsible for all of the country’s ills and they are understandably tired of it.

The officers who put on their uniforms every day and do their absolute best to protect and serve the community are wondering why they are being treated so poorly. It’s a movement that has been brewing for some time now. This is not the first time that protests have spilled into the streets. The global pandemic has created a perfect storm.

With at least 40 million Americans who are out of work, it is easy to see why the protests have garnered even more traction. Police officers are now left to pick up the pieces. Elliott acknowledged that his decision was not an easy one. It’s not a choice that he made without taking the time to think about it. His notice has been put in and he is now done being a cop.

Do the communities that are inspiring good and decent police officers to quit realize what they are doing? Are they aware of the lives that they are ruining and putting in danger? If officers like Dustin are willing to go on the record as saying that they are not going to take this behavior anymore, what happens next?

The scariest part of all is that no one even seems to know. Once you take the time to speak with the people who are looking to get rid of the police, this becomes abundantly clear. If the police are abolished, we will still need some form of emergency personnel. Try calling the protesters the next time that you need a police report to hand to your insurance company and see how well that works.

If you would like to learn more about Dustin and why he feels the way that he does, be sure to check out the video. It’s not every day that we are given the chance to hear a police officer’s unvarnished thoughts like this. We are led to believe that they are not the type of people who feel these sorts of emotions. They are able to take in all of the mean things that people say to them and tune them out, in most instances.

Some are suggesting that we start to show our nation’s police officers some more appreciation. It may be too late for that, though. Imagine if people spent weeks protesting the very existence of your job. Would you care if someone sent you a thank you card after that? Probably not. One thing is for sure: videos like Dustin’s are going to become more and more commonplace.

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