This Can’t Be True: Deranged Seattle Mayor Installs Concrete Barriers to Protect Chop Terrorists

Mayor Jenny Durkan has proved herself to be a true Democrat every step of the way here. She’s not willing to get in the middle of this brewing calamity and she is not going to put a stop to it until something terrible has happened. In fact, she has now decided to intercede on behalf of the protesters! It’s like something out of one of the worst movies that we have ever seen.

Most have already heard about the autonomous zone in Seattle that has been established by protesters. Instead of rooting them out and putting a stop to this nonsense, Durkan authorized the installation of concrete barriers that are designed to protect them. One lane has been left open, so that emergency vehicles would be able to make their way inside if a crisis takes place.

As for the police? They are being told to stand down unless there is a life threatening crime taking place inside of the autonomous zone. The barriers have been covered with plywood, giving the protesters the chance to decorate them as they see fit. These folks are being treated with kid gloves and it won’t be long before the entire city is sick of it.

The occupied protest zone in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood known as the CHOP is getting some extra safety measures from the city.

Tuesday morning, the Seattle Department of Transportation added concrete barriers to the edges of the six-nine block protest zone surrounding the abandoned SPD East Precinct, a sign that the city could be letting the protesters stay long-term.”…

…Police Chief Carmen Best said officers will enter the zone for life-threatening incidents, but otherwise 911 callers must coordinate with police to meet outside the boundaries…

The street barricade photos are already circulating on social media, where they are getting lots of shares and likes. While most probably thought that the protesters themselves were responsible for them, they are actually a gift from the Seattle government. Meanwhile, Fox News reports that protesters are in the process of making a deal.

Reportedly, the six block zone has already been trimmed down to three. On the other hand, there is nothing to confirm this step so far. It is probably just a false hope at this point. Durkan and her cronies seem pretty committed to their pandering. They are going to let these people continue with this social experiment, until someone gets hurt.

At that time, they will pretend as if they never saw it coming. Or, they may even ignore it altogether. These are the options that are in play at the moment. If 911 is contacted, they must work in coordination with any officers on the scene to meet outside of the established boundaries. Seattle’s citizens are behaving like overgrown children who won’t leave their treehouse and the mayor is all for it.

2020 has been a topsy turvy year, for sure. Up is down. Black is white. All of the things that we once took for granted have been taken away from us. Either way, the barriers are a sign that the protesters are hunkering down for a long stay. They have the support of the city government and they are not going to be backing down, regardless of what Trump may have to say about the matter.

The city can claim that the barriers have been put up to keep cars from driving into the protesters. There’s definitely some truth to that claim. But why would you even worry about protecting the protesters in the first place? All they are doing is causing a major hazard and this is a plan that is sure to backfire at some point. It’s a matter of when, not if.

Even the reporters seem sympathetic to the protesters’ plight. The same rules that the rest of us have to live by do not apply in this zone. The Constitution has been suspended. The phrase “the inmates are now running the asylum” comes to mind here. Regardless of how Seattle’s experiment turns out, things are going to get messy.

The upcoming months are going to be filled with fireworks. Trump is already on the offensive and he’s not going to sit idly by. Non black photographers are not even allowed to snap pictures. All we can do now is sit back and wait for the inevitable to happen. We just hope that Durkan and her ilk are pleased.

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