Pelosi Is Trying to Declare Washington a State to Prevent GOP From Ever Winning Again

Tucker Carlson has a way of putting things perfectly and his summation of the Democratic party always stuck with us. He said that the party does not do anything unless they are able to gain more power. Speaking of which, has anyone seen what Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat pals are planning to do? They are looking to make the District of Columbia into its own state.

Why are they looking to make this distinction? It’s a question that you and I might be asking. There’s been a sizable amount of destruction taking place in the District of Columbia at the moment. Now, the Democrats want to reward the rioters by giving them the chance to become their own state. It’s the sort of thing that would sound made up if we weren’t staring directly at the proof.

Of course, the Democrats did not come up with this plan because they are so kind and thoughtful. No, no, no, sir. The true reason for the plan is a bit more nefarious than you would think. If the plan is successful, the Democrats would be able to seize some of that aforementioned power that Tucker Carlson was referring to.

House Democrats announced Tuesday evening that they will hold a vote June 26 on making the District of Columbia the 51st state.

Over 200 Democrats have signed on to the legislation amid nationwide protests that have consumed Washington, D.C. over the past few weeks, pitting the district’s Democratic Mayor, Muriel Bowser, against President Donald Trump over the best response.

The response to protests in D.C. over the killing of George Floyd have led prominent Democrats to criticize the fact that the district has no voting representation in Congress and call for its residents to be granted the same representation as Americans who reside in the 50 states, The New York Times reported late Tuesday.

The United States Senate has done a good job of avoiding the radical left. Pelosi is looking to change all of that. She wants to add two more radical leftist senators to the mix. A vote will take place on June 26. We don’t anticipate any level of success here but stranger things have happened. Maybe the Democrats will finally be able to enjoy a much-needed victory.

It’s been so long since they had one! According to reports, over 200 Democrats have signed off on the idea. The nationwide protests have served as the inspiration. Muriel Bowser is the mayor of this city and she has been doing battle with the president over the proper response. We’re going to go out on a huge limb and say that President Trump probably won’t be a huge fan of this idea.

Prominent Democrats have been using the protests as the impetus for their latest ideas but most of us are able to see through it. It’s a party that believes they are the smartest folks in the room because of their willingness to exploit tragedies. They have never met an issue that they were not ready to over simplify. We are not sure what turning this city into a state actually does for anyone.

All it does is give the Democrats the chance to consolidate even more power. Don’t let the rest of the country know that, though. The leftists think that they actually care about black lives. Nancy Pelosi and her cronies do not care about anyone but themselves. If they can seize on a moment of widespread tension to make their lives easier, they will do it before you even have a chance to question them.

They have a way of turning the most pressing issues into round table discussions that somehow end up benefiting their party. It’s honestly a talent. If the rest of the nation were as dumb as the people that they are preaching to, they would probably get away with it. Unfortunately for them, there are too many people who are tired of having the wool pulled over their eyes.

This vote is not going to go well but they are still making everyone go through the motions anyway. It’s what they do best. The rest of us are simply going to wait for the next week to go by without incident. The only question left is a simple one: how badly is this going to go?

The Democrats claim that they have hundreds of members on board but we are willing to bet those numbers will shrink once the voting becomes a matter of public record. It is easy to pledge your allegiance to a phony bill before you actually have to vote. It is much harder to toe the party line once that day comes.

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