Dems Say Trump Is Doing Nothing About Americas Defense…This Proves Them Wrong

Social Media gives us all a platform to express our views, show the world what we’re about to eat, argue politics, and all sorts of rhetoric no one else cares about but will pretend they do.

Now and again, a person takes the liberty of creating a post they would have been better of not constructing. Stephen Trimble, Defense Editor at Aviation Week and Space Technology, stumbled upon a post of Flickr that gained the mans utmost attention.

The post and its photo exposed a little known weapons system called Vintage Racer. Using hypersonic speed, the system was designed to seek out and destroy “targets of interest.” Though the weapon system has not been deemed as officially classified, the project has been kept under wraps. Until now.

Since Flickr in no way owns a lions share of the social media business, the post was largely ignored. But then the weapons system was introduced on Twitter where it received a much broader viewing.

At the 2019 Association of the U.S. Army convention, a photo was taken of the Secretary of the Army. Caught in the background of the photo was a PowerPoint slide detailing the capabilities of the unpublicized Vintage Racer.

The slides caption described the system as a “hypersonic weapon meant to deliver loitering munitions to a target area, where they would seek out and destroy enemy forces.”

As Trimble began further investigating his findings he stumbled upon the Department of Defense 2021 annual budget estimate. As justification for the expenditure the Army claimed the weapon had been successfully tested and was being transferred to the Army for further development. The eventual goal of the Vintage Racer is for it to be used as a standard operational weapon.

The only place this weapon has been mentioned is in the budget report. Online web searches will render nothing, and though not classified, this is probably how the Army wanted to keep it. Out of sight. Out of mind.

Here is what the budget report stated. “Vintage Racer matured an advanced capability to prosecute targets of interest. This project validated the aerodynamic design with wind tunnel testing. Vintage Racer also developed and integrated a guidance subsystem for targeted kinetic effects.”

Hypersonic speed is considered Mach 5 or faster. For those unaware, Mach 5 equals 3806 mph, over half the speed of light.

If and when Vintage Racer ever reaches routine operational status, the system will be helpful in obliterating important and time-sensitive targets. Now you see them. Now you don’t.

At its current rate of speed, the Vintage Racer would be impossible to blast out of the sky, but it can do more. It has the inept capability of flying lazy circles and hovering over a target until the time is right to strike.

Now that the general public is aware of what the Army and the Pentagon wish we weren’t, it gives us cause to wonder. In addition to the Vintage Racer, how many other new weapons systems are currently in development? And of these, how many are classified, and how many are not?

Besides making us wonder what’s on the drawing board, there is one specific point not as yet raised. And it’s an important point not to be overlooked.

When President Trump was still campaigning for his position, he promised the American people they would have the strongest most advanced military forces in the world, bar none. Based on what we’re seeing, his word was good.

Also under development, and scheduled to fly in 2023, Lockheed-Martin was contracted to build a long-range hypersonic missile system capable of striking far away targets in the blink of an eye. This also is not classified though a person would be hard-pressed to find information about it, anywhere.

Liberal Dems whose habit it is to speak poorly about our President, are blind to what’s happening behind the scenes. Because Trump isn’t bragging and boasting about America’s developing airpower superiority, they think he’s sitting back with his feet on his desk. How ridiculous of an assumption.

Should America come under attack and be forced to respond with a show of might and power, the Dems will finally realize how America picked the right guy for the job. Trump 2020.

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