Watch This Black Man Brutally Attack Unsuspecting White Man at Macy’s

This clip has received a number of views and we are flabbergasted by what we are seeing. Millions of views have been racked up on all of the major social media hubs. Twitter and Snapchat users have been sharing it incessantly. The Macy’s at Flint, Michigan’s Genesee Valley Center had just reopened and residents were happy to get some shopping done.

For one man, this shopping trip would soon turn into a brutal attack. The video depicts a younger black man beating the living you-know-what out of an unsuspecting older white man. We will take this time to add the obligatory disclaimers. Perhaps this older white man had said something to instigate the attack that we did not see.

Otherwise, an attack like this one is totally inexcusable. Unfortunately for the man in the video, the cameras captured his face perfectly. It’s going to be hard to avoid the consequences for this savage beating. The video was taken by his friend and opens with him walking up behind the white man. The white man is smacked in the head and things only get worse from there.

The incident, posted on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, shows an unidentified white man wearing a mask and speaking on a cell phone inside a Macy’s department store at the Genesee Valley Center mall when a black man approaches him and punches him.

The white man, who is knocked to the ground by the punch, turns and asks, “what are you doing that for?”

“I didn’t touch you… I’m sorry,” he said, as he attempts to crawl away but is instead punched two more times.

When the video was first shared on Facebook by a local rapper, the reasoning that was given was simple. The white man had been overheard on the phone using the N word. Other reports claimed that he had said the word to someone else. Meanwhile, there are others who said that the man was struck for not wearing a mask but that can’t possibly be true. Are people really under the belief that people are being jumped at random for not having their masks on?

The only people who know the truth here are the ones who were present on this fateful day. Regardless of the reasoning, it is a brutal attack and local police are currently searching for the man who is going to be held responsible. When the white man is knocked down by the first punch, he seems surprised.

“What are you doing that for?,” he says, looking incredulous. He tried to crawl away from the beating but to no avail. There are some who believe that the video might be staged. After all, the man seems remarkably calm about what is happening to him. Some believe that he is a liberal who is being attacked by the same people that he is responsible for enabling.

Maybe he realized it was in his best interests to take the beating and let it go. You simply never know how far a stranger is willing to take things. If the man who was beaten had pulled out a gun of his own and started shooting inside of the Macy’s, no one would have liked that outcome. That’s what this nation is building towards.

Soon, you won’t be able to go anywhere without having to worry about gunfire breaking out because of the constant fighting. If someone is unable to even walk through a Macy’s without worrying about being jumped, what hope is there going forward? All this is going to do is cause America as a whole to become even more violent.

It’s the sort of attack that makes viewers opine as to what they have would have done differently. Many say that they would have tried to take the man’s legs out from under him while they were on the ground. We are just waiting for the Democrats to seize on this story and act like the beating was justified somehow. We would like to see some proof of the supposed racial slurs that were being used.

If a clip of this nature surfaces, we are more than happy to admit that we were wrong. In the meantime, we hope that justice is served and that the man who was beaten receives what is coming to him. Unless he is lying about the attack, of course. After all, free speech is all well and good…as long as you are ready to handle the consequences.

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