Guess What Happened After NYC Disbanded Its Anti-Crime Unit

Now that the major cities of America are all in the process of giving in to the protesters, it is time to find out more about how these experiments are panning out. New York City has been talking the talk when it comes to police reform. They are finally being forced to walk the walk. Their first step was a controversial one.

De Blasio and his officials elected to disband a plainclothes police unit that was employing over 600 New Yorkers. That makes a lot of sense. When you city is being subjected to daily riots and random arson attacks, you definitely want to start disbanding police forces. The move seemed to make the anti cop crowd happy, if nothing else.

Of course, many of us are curious to see how the move is working out for them thus far. Is it providing the results that they had hoped for or are they learning certain lessons the hard way? Those of us who still have some small amount of faith in law and order are already looking at the numbers and smirking a bit.

Crime is already shooting up, as you would have expected. The number of murders and shootings is on the rise. This is what the liberal politicians asked for. They are finally getting it and we hope that they realize the error of their ways now. It won’t take long before all of the well-meaning leftists start to recognize the necessity of a police force.

The comparisons are stark, as New York City only experienced 12 shootings during the same week last year. The number has now risen to 36 victims. It’s hard to ignore, isn’t it? The police are out of the picture, so now citizens are free to spend their time in the streets shooting each other. Innocent New York City residents are going to get caught in the crossfire, too.

Shootings are surging this week in New York City, with 27 incidents and 36 victims reported since Monday — the day the NYPD disbanded its plainclothes anti-crime unit, The Post learned on Friday.

By comparison, the same week last year there were only 12 shootings for the entire week.

“This is what the politicians wanted — no bail, nobody in Rikers, cops not arresting anyone,” one angry law enforcement source said Friday.

“All those things equal people walking around on the street with guns, shooting each other.”

That’s something that the liberals do not want to discuss. They want everyone to believe that the removal of police officers will cure many societal ills. In reality, these decisions are doing more to create new issues than most are willing to acknowledge. There are some who are pointing out the locations of the shootings and trying to couch them in some sort of context.

East New York is not exactly the safest place in the world, even when it is full of plainclothes officers who are on the case. Some folks are not convinced of the new numbers because of the percentage of them that took place in neighborhoods that are already known for their violence. Meanwhile, those who are less apt to defend the lack of policing are pointing to other factors.

The numbers are on the rise in neighborhoods that are not typically associated with violent crime. In Brooklyn, five shootings took place over the course of one night. To be fair, some of these incidents could probably be written off due to the protests. Lots of people are probably using the current hubbub as their cue to settle some scores without attracting the attention of the police.

The police that are still working are doing their best to put a stop to the torching of businesses and they are keeping demonstrations from getting too far out of control. This does not provide much consolation to those who are wondering when their streets are going to return to some semblance of normalcy. As for the Democrats, they are waiting to see how they can spin this whole thing in their favor.

This whole kerfuffle was a long time coming. de Blasio has always had an adversarial relationship with the police and this was his chance to stick it to them. We would not be surprised if the police started staging their own protests as a means of responding to the persecution. When the “blue flu” starts ripping through the remaining police force, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

176 thoughts on “Guess What Happened After NYC Disbanded Its Anti-Crime Unit”

    1. I hope since the democrats want riots and atheist ruling this country that they go after all of those maggot assholes and take them down. What the hell is wrong with this country to disbelieve in Christ. The only thing I can say is hang on to your butt as all hell is about to break loose and all of these maggot governors like the one in Oregon, the coming to Jesus will be too late for all of them turds. I can’t believe that all of these colored people destroying this country for the sake of a couple turd police officers. When push comes to shove hang on …

        1. agreed Phil,
          the situation requires watching. However, NYC did reassign the 600 or so plainclothes detectives to regular police services, rather disperse them. There is some worry among NY political figures, but their reports on the plainsclothes showed their services were not as effective…. ie… unable to serve up sentences on the criminals… so they were reassigned.

          1. Their services were not effective moron is because the NYC proscutors office freed the criminals because of new laws!

          2. dear Sheldon,
            plainclothes were ineffective because they are operating under “frisk” and search on a suspicious, not an actual crime. The prosecutors had to release most because NO CRIME WAS FOUND. Funny how you have to have a crime.

            In the meantime, in this crisis of no leadership in coronavirus, hope you are staying safe, and am encouraging you and others to wear a mask. Do you follow science *verifified evidence* or politics… *aggressive disinformation campaigns directed toward a political end*. It would appear many of you are vulnerable to arguments based on a conflated sense of entitlement, and not embracing responsibility.
            You wear a mask to protect yourself (offers some 25% relief) vs TO PROTECT OTHERS…mostly it is to protect others. No wonder we are heading for a covid crisis in 20 new states, and climbing, and we are not welcome in europe because of our covid failure. We are beaten by Rwanda, for petes sake..

      1. It is the same way Hitler took over in the 30’s. Germany and Austria were both Democracies and free countries.Then came hitler and te Nazias, the SS followed. Doesn’t anyone ever read History? Sad to see, the civil war has started. Big Money is behind the Modern Day Nazis.

        1. Thank you William for your call for history- here is a paragraph from Britannica:

          The Nazi state in fact alleviated many of the frustrations the police experienced in the Weimar Republic. The Nazis shielded the police from public criticism by censoring the press. They ended street fighting by eliminating the Communist threat. Police manpower was even extended by the incorporation of Nazi paramilitary organizations as auxiliary policemen. The Nazis centralized and fully funded the police to better combat criminal gangs and promote state security. The Nazi state increased staff and training, and modernized police equipment. The Nazis offered the police the broadest latitude in arrests, incarceration, and the treatment of prisoners. The police moved to take “preventive action,” that is, to make arrests without the evidence required for a conviction in court and indeed without court supervision at all.

          Indeed, something to be learned here.

          1. Nellie, you really are extremely stupid and ignorant. What you just described were not the Police, but Hitler’s Brownshirts! Get your head out of your ass!

          2. Dear Sheldon Nadler:
            Only Stupid People Call People Stupid
            We shouldn’t call people stupid. And when other people resort to name calling, we should discourage them by expressing public disapproval, because calling people stupid . . . makes people stupid. It discourages exchanges of information, and only feeds into the small world of the uninformed.

            So Sheldon, if you have children, are you encouraging them to bullies, the way your are a bully? Brownshirts were not the police of Hitler’s Germany. Name calling did not change that fact. I gave my source, and can give more. Now you give yours.

            Now, how are you all doing during the pandemic. Hopefully, wearing a face mask, because that would be based on science,not bullying.

        2. I believe the Commies stopped teaching that in our schools. A lot of our teachers and professors have been “Brainwashed” and told that teaching the students about just what the NAZI’s and Communist
          Bolsheviks did to people was Not to be taught in school. And now they do Not understand just how Dangerous the Communist/Marxist Democrats have become.

          1. dear Sheldon,
            are you having problems reading. I was quoting from Encyclopedia Brittanica, and the brownshirts were systematic thugs for Hitler, but different from the police that was used by Hitler. Surely you do not think he could have effected a coup without using the police.??? So what are your sources of information about Nazis? And then Nazis embedded the military with their police force, as we see being recommended by current administration.
            And, democrats are being blamed in right wing, sometimes fascist blogs for being rich for ???? capitalist enterprises, surely… same as the republicans who are holding office…
            Our economic force is mixed between socialist and capitalist enterprises… same as every functioning democracy in the world. However, you could give back your access to social security and medicare, both promoted by democrats and a part of the socialist side of our economic processes… and you might get a landslide from all of the people on this blog objecting to medicare, social security. By the way, insurances appear to me to be socialist in nature, ie drawing down a larger participation from subscribers to “pool” reimbursement resources….which are then redistributed according to claim.
            I do not hear any of you objecting to the public financial responsibility requirement to have car insurance in order to drive a vehicle. Anyone want to do away with auto insurance requirements?

    2. Interview of Shea, re: “disbanding” (reassigning) plainsclothes police:
      Some critics questioned the timing of the disbandment, saying it comes while New York City was seeing a troubling 25% increase in homicides and shootings this year compared with 2019.

      Shea said eliminating the unit removed one of the last vestiges of the stop-question-frisk issue that for years caused tension between officers and minority communities. Plainclothes units traditionally stop people suspected of being involved in crimes. But federal lawsuits found that most people stopped had not committed crimes or carried weapons.

      Shea said plainclothes officers would still do surveillance and narcotics investigations.

    3. I hope they pay dearly for being so stupid
      They do not care about ordinary people only lining there pockets staying in news CA may be in this group. There should not be a Democrat party to represent USA

    4. Praying for society isn’t going to help, you’ll have to vote these idiots out of office! That’s the only way they will understand! They don’t know how to use their heads for anything else but a hat rack. Keep the faith! Let God sort out all the crap.

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