The Democrat’s War Against Religion: “It’s Time to Tear Down Images of White Jesus”

America is in a bizarre place right now. Of course, everyone is reciting “Black Lives Matter” all of the time and that is understandable enough. That’s not far enough for the leftists of the world, though. They are already pivoting to the next insane narrative. The woke crowd is bored of the BLM movement already.

They’ve moved on and are seeking kicks by toying with the religious right. It’s a group that they love picking on. Since the current protests are not enough to make them happy anymore, they have pivoted to the tearing down of “White Jesus”. More specifically, they are looking to “Crucify White Jesus”.

The leftists are looking to smash all of the idols lately and that’s why they are looking to the biggest of them all. Why focus on George Washington when you can train your attention on Jesus Christ himself? The statues are small potatoes when compared with our Lord and Savior, that is for sure. Shaun King, the charlatan social justice warrior, is leading the way.

Someone tell Shaun King that we will care what he has to say about anything when he is willing to be honest about his own misdeeds. This is a man who finds himself in hot water on a regular basis because he is not willing to provide any background information on all of the donation monies that he solicits from the other social justice warriors who are not discerning enough to tell the truth for themselves.

Bernie Sanders already had King speak at one of his campaign launches because of course he did. The smarter Bernie fans can see through these charades, though. King may have won over the social media users who can’t tell that he is dead wrong most of the time but all of the leftists have not gone brain dead yet.

There are still some who can tell that they are being lied to. Imagine how insane things would be if Bernie had been able to win the Democratic nomination. This election cycle would be filled with all sorts of searing take downs of “White Jesus”. Sadly, we are now being deprived of the chance to see what Donald Trump would do if he were faced with this talking point during the debates.

Shaun King might think that statues of Jesus are a symbol of white supremacy because the social media told him to but some of us are a bit smarter than that. When he says that they should all come down, we are wondering what he means, exactly. Does that mean that he supports churches being torn down? Is he looking to incite even more violence?

We want to be there when the local city councils get told that their Jesus statutes and pictures are too white for public consumption. This story provides us with a great look at the issues that consume the American left. It’s one thing to want to fight systemic racism. That’s a noble cause that no one would be willing to argue about.

Unfortunately, the left continues to lose the plot. It does not take much to get them distracted. As long as one of the carnival barkers that dominates their social media landscape is able to dangle a shiny, new object on a regular basis, they will always find something ridiculous to get upset about. We just want an image of what Jesus is “supposed” to look like, so that we can try our best to avoid running afoul of the liberals.

It won’t be long before they find something else to get upset about, though. Shaun King is probably the last person that needs to worry about authentic blackness, too. Last we heard, he was using his mother’s supposed “looseness” as his evidence that he is actually black. We are sure that his mother is very proud of having her past used against her so that her son can continue stealing charity funds.

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