Another Fake News Media Hate Crime Hoax: Noose Was a Pull Rope There Since 2019

The number of hate crimes that are being reported on the news these days is a bit disconcerting. While we do not deny the existence of hateful racists in the world, there are some stories that elicit a roll of the eyes at best. It takes us back to the moment in time when Jussie Smollett was all over the news. His story never made much sense to us from the very beginning.

If you let the liberals tell it, that meant you were a racist and a homophobic monster. This week has been a bad one for those who believe everything that they hear on television, too. Supposedly, nooses were being found all over the country. First, there was a story that came out of Oakland before being debunked.

“On Monday, fifteen FBI special agents conducted numerous interviews regarding the situation at Talladega Superspeedway. After a thorough review of the facts and evidence surrounding this event, we have concluded that no federal crime was committed.

The FBI learned that garage number 4, where the noose was found, was assigned to Bubba Wallace last week. The investigation also revealed evidence, including authentic video confirmed by NASCAR, that the noose found in garage number 4 was in that garage as early as October 2019. Although the noose is now known to have been in garage number 4 in 2019, nobody could have known Mr. Wallace would be assigned to garage number 4 last week.

Now that NASCAR has banned the Confederate flag from their racetracks, the eyes of the sporting world are upon them. People want to see if there is any sort of retaliation in store for the racers who are happy about this change. Bubba Wallace is the lone black NASCAR drive and he is now claiming that he found a noose in his garage.

While this story already seems to have proven wrong, it does not seem like Wallace was trying to drum up publicity for himself. The item in question did look an awful lot like a noose and he is not trying to lie for personal gain. Any of the folks who are looking to compare this question to the aforementioned Smollett nonsense should think twice.

America is fraught with tension right now. It’s easy to see how someone like Wallace could be on edge. After all, he is already grappling with the implications of participating in a sport that is commonly associated with white America. Wallace was also one of the primary parties who was responsible for having the Confederate flag removed from NASCAR events.

The sport was more than happy to soak up all of the press that they received because of the incident. NASCAR does not tend to receive the same sort of media coverage as the major four sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL). Wallace immediately assumed the worst but anyone who cannot understand why he is on edge is being purposely obtuse. This was not a scheme of any kind.

Honest mistakes happen and it’s on both sides to be as understanding as possible. NASCAR’s evidence seems pretty sound, too. They have produced video that shows the “noose” in the garage in question back in October 2019. It’s merely a coincidence that Wallace happened to be assigned to this garage this week. No federal crime was committed, according to the company’s research.

NASCAR covered their backsides by taking the ‘incident’ as seriously as possible when it first took place. Yashar Ali (and others) questioned their willingness to call the act ‘heinous’ before the investigation was completed. But what happens if they are not ready to take this seriously and Wallace’s accusations were proven to be correct? They would have been made to look like foolish racists.

That’s why we understand the way that they chose to handle things. Maybe the NASCAR folks knew what was going on already and did not want to be the ones to break it to him? That would also make sense. It’s much easier to have the FBI come in and investigate the matter. Wallace is more likely to listen to their findings anyway.

Wallace had nothing to gain from making the accusation so it is probably best to let him deal with the humiliation on his own. Luckily, NASCAR was able to avoid a major fiasco by taking the time to properly look into the matter. They did not make any assumptions or jump to conclusions. They supported their driver and waited for the Feds to offer up the necessary information. That’s all any company can do at the moment.

52 thoughts on “Another Fake News Media Hate Crime Hoax: Noose Was a Pull Rope There Since 2019”

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    1. Should be run out of NASCAR ,Since everyone is a racist, if he’s so worried about being black
      Go find another sport, just like the whites had to do in basketball

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  11. The first videos of this “noose” looks, for sure, like a door pull rope. They showed an inside view on last night’s news and it didn’t look the same, it really looked like a noose. I believe they have changed the original rope to make their first story look valid. They have tampered with the evidence and made “Bubba’s” story look valid. I believe they are attempting to try to make their storylook “true”. I would not put any credit on NASCAR, they can’t be trusted.

    1. I didn’t see the news video of which you refer, but we all know now that the “noose” investigation was a hoax and very ridiculous. Evidence of the “white guilt” hysteria that the media and BLM are fanning to epic proportions. For a very funny relief to the stupidity NASCAR has done in this incident, check out the podcast by the They’ve got it right. Go check them out.

  12. One thing NASCAR still needs to do as a result of the fake news around the noose: Apologize. Its understandable why NASCAR jumped to conclusions given the racist revolutionary atmosphere we are in, but they didn’t use their discernment skills very well and insulted white America with a false, implied accusation of white racism. They were wrong. So if they have any class and self-respect, they will apologize and move on with better discernment skills.

  13. It would have been nice to see the F.B.I. jump as fast to investigate all the looting , burning , and bring to justice all the idiots that did that , as they did to sprint , run and jump , to investigate a damn pull rope FAKE story !!!!

  14. Bubba needs to lose the “Black Lives Matter” logo on his race car as BLM is responsible for the racism it took to jump to ridiculous conclusion that the pull cord was a racist symbol of a noose, prompting the anti-racist demonstration by NASCAR drivers. It was a ridiculous accusation based on phony evidence. Thankfully, a thorough investigation (15 FBI agents, really? No overkill here, huh?) Bubba needs to get real with what BLM is really about: seizing power and control through racist intimidate and fear. Why else would such a stupid incident as a pull cord noose investigation occur? BLM are racists exploiting “white guilt” to get power and control. He is promoting racism by his BLM logo. NASCAR needs to apologize to white America, too.

    1. Bubba isn’t about to get real. He’s seen what a mediocre QB could do if he got the right support. Kapernick made million for his deceit. Bubba wasn’t going anywhere with his driving skills so why not follow Colin’s lead. He like anyone else in blm could care about racially equality. It’s just a way to push their agenda and get rich in the process.

  15. Sorry, folks, but the pictures I’ve seen of the “rope-pull” found in the garage assigned to Bubba Wallace looks mighty like a hangman’s noose, though it lacks the traditional 13 coils of that item. Until I saw the pictures, I was ready to believe that Bubba Wallace was Jussie Smollet redux. Now I’m not so sure.

  16. Most of us were thinking this was a publicity stunt by Mr. Wallace. Thank you for providing evidence to the contrary. It’s unfortunate that such distrust has become second nature when such incidents are nounced. It is not fair to the “victim”.

    We would be more likely to believe people if there hadn’t been so many stories created to endorse celebrities’ attempts for personal gain or exposure of synthetic shade prejudice. To paraphrase Sir Walter Scott – Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Then there is the fable of the little boy who called wolf…

    Had Mr. Wallace reported the “noose” to NASCAR internal affairs for investigation before holding a press conference, there would have been no fake media craze and no personal or organizational embarrassment.

    I am not a NASCAR fan. I am not a fan of any sport for that matter. But, sports represent teamwork and therefore UNITY. Politics, personal feelings, and prejudices have no place therein. There needs to be a u11nited respect for their purpoee. Stand for the National Anthem looking at the flag and placing your hand over your heart – there are other avenues of protest. Painting the BLM phrase is also flaunting belief in an alleged social terroristic segregation. Sports administrations have got to stand up for integration and basic team rules. If contracts allow for participation in movements, said participation should be on private personal time to avoid the otherwise independent organization’s affiliation by asociation.

  17. Wallace is a money grubbin’ donkey and a piss poor driver losing popularity. nascar needs to clean its house and get rid of walace.
    At that time I will come back to nascar, until then nascar will not get a penny from us (many people) get rid of walace! All y’ all at nascar hear!

  18. Well, y’all all need to go back and look at the original rope they called a noose. It was a small thin rope that had been tied in a knot not a noose, and was used to put your fingers in to pull the door down. Y’all got that right, but now they have a photo of a thick rope and it has rope going around and around and a bigger circle on the bottom. Now this rope is brand new and is not shredded no place on it. So I wonder why they had to go in and make it look more like a noose instead of just a rope like it was? Somebody has gone out of their way to change the whole thing. I noticed it right away and I ain’t the only one who saw the difference, so why not find out who did this>

  19. Just another black man wanting to tear down white America all while living off our blood sweat and tears !!!

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