Watch: Tucker Carlson Unleashes on Idiots in the Mob

Tucker Carlson is mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore. Excuse the Network reference but this guy has been quite the roll lately. One of his more recent opening monologues is still running through our minds. He’s tired of the people who think that toppling historical monuments is the same as making real progress.

Carlson claims that they do not know what they are fighting for and he went on to say that they do not know anything about American history. To be fair, the people seem to know what they are fighting against and their grasp of history is fairly strong. That does not mean that they are right for what they are doing, though.

It would be interesting to see how these people did with a random history pop quiz, we are not going to lie to you. Carlson was a bit more harsh about the situation, referring to the protesters as “idiots”. He even went so far as to call them “truly and utterly stupid”. In Carlson’s mind, they are little more than destructive vandals.

In his mind, the protesters are no longer worried about seeking justice for George Floyd. He does not think that they care about systemic racism either. He’s standing up for America and does not believe that the country is inherently racist. Carlson called the protesters the armed militia of the Democratic party.

If they are successful, Carlson thinks that they can topple the government as we know it. In the next breath, they are merely angry children. That’s our only beef with what he is saying. These folks are just venting their frustrations. We highly doubt that they are going to be able to put a stop to the rule of law overnight.

Carlson has to decide whether they are criminal masterminds or idiots. He took his critiques to the highest possible level, too. The people who are tearing monuments down are mouth breathers and according to him, there has never been a gathering of dumber people in all of American history. Once you get the chance to watch the whole thing, you will see how angry he is.

He’s no stranger to rage, either. It’s kind of his thing. To see him this angry is somewhat surprising if you are not someone who watches him on a regular basis but seasoned Carlson viewers know that this is par for the course. The Democrat leaders definitely do not fear the mob and this is the part of the diatribe that should be very worrisome to those who are paying attention.

America is tired of turning on their television sets each day and seeing an orgy of violence in their major cities. They have the right to express their opinions about the riots as they see it. While there are many pundits who are scared to tell the truth and be labeled as a racist, Tucker Carlson has no such worries. He simply speaks his mind and lets the chips fall as they may.

That’s all that can be expected of any of us, in all honesty. There is an election coming up and the saddest part of all is that these folks actually have a chance of winning. The current polls are telling everyone to expect a Biden victory. This is disconcerting for a number of reasons. What happens when Biden decides that it is time to sign a bill into law that protects all of the monument smashers from facing the consequences of their silly actions?

It’s not a question that we want to find out the answer to, that is for sure. Unfortunately, we have to wait until November to find out if America has truly had enough or if true anarchy has had the chance to take root in our country. For the sake of our future, we are hoping and praying that the answer is a resounding no.

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