Another Teenager Murdered in Seattle’s “Summer of Love Block Festival”

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best is finally doing what should have been done a long time ago. The CHOP needs to end and while the mayor and governor are not willing to say so, we are glad that someone is. Best is pointing out the obvious: CHOP is allowing black men to be shot and killed at an alarming rate. The cruel irony is that the zone is supposed to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Of course, the CHOP protesters were not happy about being called out for what took place. They wouldn’t even allow Best to finish her statement before they started trying their best to rudely interrupt. Another shooting has taken place at the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest and the police are unable to piece together all of the details at the moment. All they know is that one man is dead and a teenager who was in the car during the incident was wounded.

Best has been at odds with Mayor Jenny Durkan ever since this zone was established. She’s finally fed up with what she is seeing. Isn’t it high time that someone said “enough is enough”? These murders are beyond unfortunate. These people claim that they have set up this zone because they care about black lives but nothing could be further from the truth.

This was a very bad idea from the beginning and no one had the guts to say it. Anyone who said that the idea was not smart was considered a racist and now, the chickens have come home to roost. According to Chief Best, the zone has seen numerous horrific incidents since Mayor Durkan elected to leave them to their own devices. Assault and rape is shockingly common in the CHOP.

Shootings and robberies are taking place on a shockingly regular basis as well. Chief Best is just saying what we are all thinking. No one has a problem with protesters who are willing to speak their minds. This is their constitutional right. People cannot be allowed to take over neighborhoods in such a manner, though.

This endangers the health and safety of everyone in the area. Protesters who truly care about the greater good would recognize that. Instead, these people are still fighting for their right to control these city blocks. Best is not willing to let these people become the primary voice for the movement. Even when they tried to disrupt her speech, she was completely unflappable.


Chief Best was even asked about the whereabouts of the mayor. Durkan could not be bothered to show up to the press conference because the CHOP residents are going against her wishes. That’s why Best told the reporters who were on hand that they needed to visit her directly. Otherwise, they are never going to get a straight answer about what is going on. The protesters continued shouting throughout the conference, doing more to prove her point than anything else.

While Black Lives Matter is claiming that they are not involved in the movement in Seattle, they are going to be asked plenty of questions about what is taking place here. All of the chaos that the protesters created during the press conference is letting the rest of the world know that this is not an acceptable solution to the problems at hand. If you would like to see this conference for yourself, please be sure to check out the full video.

This is what Durkan gets for treating the protesters with kid gloves. She wanted to pretend that CHOP was just a block party but everyone knows that these types of parties are supposed to be more fun than this. Durkan even allowed them to put up barriers and they have yet to come down as of this moment. Durkan continues to kowtow to the protesters and this is a mistake that she is not going to be able to overcome.

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