Catholic Priest Suspended for Condemning BLM Violence and Murder

Father Theodore Rothrock was suspended from the church recently and the reason will sadden anyone who considers themselves a member of the religious right. The remarks that cost him his post took place at the St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church in Carmel, Indiana. He spoke ill of the Black Lives Matter movement and Antifa, so he has to go.

The protesters were compared to serpents in the grass by the preacher. He has also compared them to the pandemic, in an unfavorable way. Rothrock believes that these people are actually causing more problems than they are solving. He is probably right but that is not going to stop the leftists from criticizing him for his statements.

It’s all part of the continued war on the religious right. It does not matter what they say or how they say it. When it goes against the status quo, it is not acceptable. Those who would like to find out more about what Father Theodore had to say during his controversial sermon, there is still video footage available. Get it while it’s hot because we are sure that it is going to be taken down.

Several days ago, Eric sent me what he called Father Ted’s “stemwinder” of a sermon from this past Sunday. He knew I’d love it. And I did: it condemned BLM’s violence, Marxism, destruction, and poisonous contempt for society and freedom. We need many more such fearless clergy as Father Ted, men who will denounce evil forthrightly rather than defending or even promoting it as “social justice.”

Of course, such courageous castigation infuriated the “woke” and assorted other snowflakes, commies, and misfits. “But how did people who never attend church hear about a Catholic priest’s homily?” you ask. Well, the Indy Star, part of the “USA Today Network,” decided to leaven its usual propaganda with a report on Father Ted’s truth (or perhaps this was the Star’s attempt to “tattle” on him and rouse the rabble); from there, the story went national: “A Catholic diocese,” intoned The Hill, “is facing calls to remove a local pastor after he compared the Black Lives Matter movement and its demonstrators to ‘maggots and parasites.’” (One of my favorite lines from the sermon, by the way!)

Notice the not-so-subtle indoctrination. The Hill’s writer and editors believe Father Ted should be fired; ergo, they lead with his critics’ bile.

The religious worshipers of America need more fearless clergy leaders like Father Theodore. Whether you agree with what he had to say or not, it is hard to deny his sheer passion for oration. Instead of being willing to turn his back and ignore what he believes to be evil, he is standing up to anyone who thinks differently.

Isn’t that America is supposed to be built on? While there are some who want everyone to think and feel a certain way, differing viewpoints have to be presented in order for civil discourse to take place. When people are silenced before they have a chance to speak, no one benefits. Everyone just stays in their chosen echo chambers and does not actually care about what is going on.

It’s easier to recite the viewpoints that you have heard from others than to engage with a point of view that disagrees with your own. People who have never attended church in their lives are still finding ways to hear a sermon that is sure to offend them, though. It’s funny how that works. The same people who hate to hear this kind of talk go out of their way to press play on things that will hurt their feelings.

USA Today and The Hill are just a few of the mainstream liberal media outlets that are looking to condemn a man that they do not know and would never take the time to meet. We all knew that was going to happen, though. It’s one of the easiest things to see coming. The story has since gone national, allowing all sorts of people who do not normally care about religious issues to chime in.

Word to the wise: this is not the time to turn the preacher’s words into a battleground. There is no reason to treat him poorly because we do not agree with what he says. That’s a leftist mentality that needs to be left behind if we are going to progress as a culture. In the meantime, this man should be reinstated. Even if you do not like what he has to say, it is not hurting anyone to allow him to preach. Churchgoers have the ability to walk away at any time if they do not like what they are being told.

Father Theodore is not going to hold anyone against their will, that is for sure. That’s what everyone needs to remember about what he has said. The message was meant to be delivered to his flock and no one else. We highly doubt that he wanted to go viral for all of the wrong reasons and end up suspended in the process. We presume that he will back at church once the heat dies down, though.

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