Catholic Priest Suspended for Condemning BLM Violence and Murder

Father Theodore Rothrock was suspended from the church recently and the reason will sadden anyone who considers themselves a member of the religious right. The remarks that cost him his post took place at the St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church in Carmel, Indiana. He spoke ill of the Black Lives Matter movement and Antifa, so he has to go.

The protesters were compared to serpents in the grass by the preacher. He has also compared them to the pandemic, in an unfavorable way. Rothrock believes that these people are actually causing more problems than they are solving. He is probably right but that is not going to stop the leftists from criticizing him for his statements.

It’s all part of the continued war on the religious right. It does not matter what they say or how they say it. When it goes against the status quo, it is not acceptable. Those who would like to find out more about what Father Theodore had to say during his controversial sermon, there is still video footage available. Get it while it’s hot because we are sure that it is going to be taken down.

Several days ago, Eric sent me what he called Father Ted’s “stemwinder” of a sermon from this past Sunday. He knew I’d love it. And I did: it condemned BLM’s violence, Marxism, destruction, and poisonous contempt for society and freedom. We need many more such fearless clergy as Father Ted, men who will denounce evil forthrightly rather than defending or even promoting it as “social justice.”

Of course, such courageous castigation infuriated the “woke” and assorted other snowflakes, commies, and misfits. “But how did people who never attend church hear about a Catholic priest’s homily?” you ask. Well, the Indy Star, part of the “USA Today Network,” decided to leaven its usual propaganda with a report on Father Ted’s truth (or perhaps this was the Star’s attempt to “tattle” on him and rouse the rabble); from there, the story went national: “A Catholic diocese,” intoned The Hill, “is facing calls to remove a local pastor after he compared the Black Lives Matter movement and its demonstrators to ‘maggots and parasites.’” (One of my favorite lines from the sermon, by the way!)

Notice the not-so-subtle indoctrination. The Hill’s writer and editors believe Father Ted should be fired; ergo, they lead with his critics’ bile.

The religious worshipers of America need more fearless clergy leaders like Father Theodore. Whether you agree with what he had to say or not, it is hard to deny his sheer passion for oration. Instead of being willing to turn his back and ignore what he believes to be evil, he is standing up to anyone who thinks differently.

Isn’t that America is supposed to be built on? While there are some who want everyone to think and feel a certain way, differing viewpoints have to be presented in order for civil discourse to take place. When people are silenced before they have a chance to speak, no one benefits. Everyone just stays in their chosen echo chambers and does not actually care about what is going on.

It’s easier to recite the viewpoints that you have heard from others than to engage with a point of view that disagrees with your own. People who have never attended church in their lives are still finding ways to hear a sermon that is sure to offend them, though. It’s funny how that works. The same people who hate to hear this kind of talk go out of their way to press play on things that will hurt their feelings.

USA Today and The Hill are just a few of the mainstream liberal media outlets that are looking to condemn a man that they do not know and would never take the time to meet. We all knew that was going to happen, though. It’s one of the easiest things to see coming. The story has since gone national, allowing all sorts of people who do not normally care about religious issues to chime in.

Word to the wise: this is not the time to turn the preacher’s words into a battleground. There is no reason to treat him poorly because we do not agree with what he says. That’s a leftist mentality that needs to be left behind if we are going to progress as a culture. In the meantime, this man should be reinstated. Even if you do not like what he has to say, it is not hurting anyone to allow him to preach. Churchgoers have the ability to walk away at any time if they do not like what they are being told.

Father Theodore is not going to hold anyone against their will, that is for sure. That’s what everyone needs to remember about what he has said. The message was meant to be delivered to his flock and no one else. We highly doubt that he wanted to go viral for all of the wrong reasons and end up suspended in the process. We presume that he will back at church once the heat dies down, though.

1,822 thoughts on “Catholic Priest Suspended for Condemning BLM Violence and Murder”

      1. as we all know and many are just learning, only certain people and groups can get away with “freedom of speech” which they use as a way to say anything they want, including biggotry, racial hatred, anti-semitism and more. But God forbid one of us makes a statement under “freedom of speech” that may offend one of these groups and heads roll and people get fired. It is ok to generalize about police and state all police are bad or racist, or that all whites have created the current situations, or even that it is Christians or Jews creating these issues. But if any person disagrees or makes a comment about these radical groups, like ANTIFA, then they are racist or bigots. It has become a one way street because too many are keeping quiet and too many democrat politicians are supporting these groups in order to gain votes in November. Remember 2016, how fast did Hillary stop supporting BLM once she lost the election. The same group that she had on stage with her stating she was on their side, never heard from her again after she lost. SO they allow hatred, biggotry, racism and anti-semitism to continue when it could have been stopped under Obama but he never cared enough to do anything about these issues. He let it get worse instead of better. He and his DEMS failed and now they are all blaming Trump. Typical losers who never take responsibility for their own actions and failures.

        1. YOU ARE RIGHT ON!!!!!
          Conservatives must come together and fight against the UNPATRIOTIC, AMERICA HATING, MARXISTS, ANTI CHRISTIAN left dems!!!!!! I hope even the most stupid dem can see through the bullshit being spewed from the ugly mouths of these devil worshipers!!!!

          1. The Commie Dems want war, they laugh at our weak Senators, Representatives, Govenors and mayors, they are moving forward because they know we have only TRUMP to defend us. I WISH THERE WAS A SITE WE COULD ADD OUR NAMES TO, A LIST OF US WHO ARE REALLY FED UP WITH THIS COMMIE BS.

          2. James, you are absolutely correct. BLM and ANTIFA are both blatantly Communist organizations, that use the Black members of our society as a wedge to give themselves legitimacy. Just like Hitler used his ANTIFA Brownshirts to do his dirty work, he also sacrificed them later on as a scapegoat. These foolish people will be the “cannon fodder” for their “revolution” against our great Constitutional Republic.

          3. I think these people should have their citizenship stripped from them. They are terrorists and destroying the country. Any other terroist would be killed or put in jail. Get rid if the animals. This bullshit has gone on way to one. WE MUST TAKE A STAND ALSO!!

        2. People R either 2 afraid 2 speak out/like the followers of Hiltler have lost the plot. While I condem the many innocent blacks like Breonna Taylor, murdered & felt the cops there should B charged w/ murder. This was a volcano waiting 2 erupt as, the higher ups did not hold bad cops 2 account. The mayhem death/violence/destruction this, is out of order & needs 2 B contained. 4 the following reasons. It will cause white supremacy 2 rise/ perhaps civil war/blacks now feeling we can do anything we want w/out accountability.The police need reform, but we still need them.

          1. dear Megan,
            agree … while I think we live in a police state, it does not mean that we can have much of a life without the police.
            That being said, it is difficult to raise the issue of police reform, which to me means imbedding a civilian oversight group with review of police complaints…. it is hard to not be suddenly slimed with shouts, anger, being called a “libturd” … dispicable name calling….and of course “defunding” the police has come to mean “doing away with the police” on many sites like this.
            Of course, the devil is in the details…. but holding cops to account is an issue suddently filled with hate and backlash.
            What is that all about.

        3. We rely on our priests to guide us in true Catholic thought. I don’t understand suspending him for speaking the truth. Most of us know by now who is behind the criminal activity paid for by Geo Soros.He wants to destroy America as he himself has stated. BLMis a socialistic comunistic group taking down America. We need guidance from our church. This didn’t seem like guidance

          1. dear Ardy,
            this post has been heavily editorialized, so I don’t really know the actual homily or context. So you don’t know it either. We both know snippets… which have been managed to send a message. Without knowing more, don’t know if I agree or disagree with what has happened. And as a catholic, what is “suspended”?

        4. Man differs from other animals in one very important respect, and that is that he has some desires which are, so to speak, infinite, which can never be fully gratified, and which would keep him restless even in Paradise. The boa constrictor, when he has had an adequate meal, goes to sleep, and does not wake until he needs another meal. Human beings, for the most part, are not like this.

          Without knowing more about Fr. Ted and what he said, it could be conjectured that we only get going for the next meal… the serpent in the garden…

          Are you wearing your mask and social distancing? If not, then the pandemic is coming directly at you.

      2. I totally agree, enough is enough we need more people to stand up for what is right and end this madding act of evil.

    1. I am a 88 yr.old white supremecist. What a laugh. I praise and thank this priest for speaking out. Our last church did not so one day I asked a elderly priest why our pastor never mentioned abortion or the pedophile problem. The priest said because no one, and I mean no one, in our church has a set of balls, including the bishops and the pope and certainly not the cardinals. Thank God, this priest does not fit that explanation. The same could be said for most of our politicians local, statewide, and national. It is totally disgusting. Matt Simons.

      1. He should talk what about all the priests in the Catholic Church molesting and raping our children and they are not in jail.They are just sent to another church and these files are thrown away !!! If it happened to my child I would make the priest a Eunoch forever !!! An eye for an eye when it comes to harming a child !!!

        1. Amen to that and all of the thoughtful comments–right on target!! I suggest all Catholics stop giving money to the Church and you will see how fast they change their tune. I did this in New York about Catholic Charities’ request for money. I told them that until Cardinal Dolan excommunicates King Andrew Cuomo, I refuse to give one red cent to him or any other religious requests for money because King Cuomo killed hundreds and hundreds of Senior Citizens by making the Nursing Homes take in Covid-19 patients from hospitals into the Nursing Homes. Of course King Cuomo denied that but we have the Order he signed doing just that. Plus he has killed thousands and thousands of babies because of his Abortion Bill (signed January 22, 2019) allowing the mother to kill her baby up to 1 minute before it is born. If by some fluke the baby survives, they will put it aside and then the mother can determine to kill or keep. And we in New York hear crickets from the Cardinal. Sickos all of them. Don’t call them animals because animals only kill for survival. Calling them animals is too good a name for them. They are all sub-humans.

          1. I quit giving to Catholic Charities. The problem with Catholic Hierarchy and Clergy, is they are overwhelmingly Democrat. A party that abandoned Catholic teaching and principles long ago. Go figure.

            As for so-called Catholic politicians, look at Pelosi, Newsom, Cuomo, Durbin, all heretics who bring shame on the Church and the followers of Christ.

          2. This is what to expect from all the vagina headed liberals. This political nicety bull shit.

          3. Lets not change the subject. As you Know, that has been well dealt with and God knows that these things have happened in other churches. It looks like the authors of the last few replies are religious haters and have not been reading or listening to the “news”. Now what does this have to do with Rioting, looting, tearing down historical statues, trying to tear down our Country?

        2. Molestations by priests are the lowest of the public service groups. They are human and do sin, but thou protesteth too much. Be careful of scout leaders, lesbian women coaches, public school teachers. None of these are a privileged class.

          1. Jerry Todd,
            if the catholic church is democratic, why do they recommend preident Trump?

        3. Agree that child molestation is terrible. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH blm! This priest has stood up and spoken out against this bunch of bullies, and I for one applaud him, wholeheartededly!! It is time for people everywhere to tell this bunch of bullies, thugs and scumbags to shut the hell up!!! BTW! If you want to talk reparations, let’s start with the original slaves, since the beginning – – Women! Think about it! If you REALLY WANT TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT REPARATIONS!!!

          1. Dear Shay,
            I like your style. Women didn’t even get the vote until years after black men got the vote.
            And agree that child molestation has nothing to do with BLM.
            However, do you know what the priest said. Compared folks to “serpents in the garden” has a context and activity that has not been provided. So I do not know what the priest was saying, because this post denies enough information… except that the post has provided the viewpoint that they want you to have,and that has been substituted for what the priest has actually said.

            So, let us get onto saving some lives. Please wear your face mask and keep social distancing when out. Despite being promised “tests” and “PPE”, my hospital is overwhelmed, and has to send testing to another city… huge delays…. not enough ventilators…. reusing PPE, which are at a new and dangerous low……everything you ever dreamed of to kill a population when a pandemic has been politicized.

      2. I agree with everything you’ve said except being a white supremist. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage but America is a melting pot of ethnicities and we have to respect one another as long as we all respect our country, our way of life and our flag and our President. America First ! Being a 70 year vietnam veteran and a proud latino born in Oregon, I too praise this priest for speaking out and exposing BLM for it’s racist, murderous and anit American ways.


        1. I’m with you all the way. I’m working on a paper that reviews racial development since the great ice cap melted 26,500 to 10,000 years ago when humans started really migrating about the earth from our common (black) origin in East Central Africa. Those ancestors that moved about saw changes in their DNA that included changes in skin color. Along with that, Black, Brown and White also developed different extraordinary gifts and talents for their survival and growth. Since all are made in the image and likeness of God, all are equal in His eyes. We in the USA are blessed to be in the one nation that opens the door for all to achieve, share and prosper. Since there will always be evil to force us to make decisions, many continue to attempt to destroy this great blessing. God bless our President Donald Trump for standing tall against the evils that torment us.

          1. Dear Jerry,
            you started out well. Why do you think Trump stands against the evils he is promoting?
            By the way…. please ask him to speak up to Putin about putting bounties on the heads of our American Soldiers in Afghanistan.
            you see, he likes to grab women by the P…. sy, so he wouldn’t be listening to me.

        2. I think he was being sarcastic because in today’s society if your skin is white you’re automatically a white supremacist and racist. A black professor at Trinity college in CT wrote an article titled Whiteness is terrorism. His conclusion was that if you engage with others in your daily life you’re a white supremacist. If you keep to yourself, don’t interact with others, mind your own business, you’re filled with hatred and are a discriminating racist. Add the remark of the professor from Cambridge that all white people should die. Options for the white skin people other than jail or death? Can’t see one left when coloring your face dark for Halloween thirty years ago it’s also a crime. I wonder how we will be judge thirty years from now?

        3. I agree 100% Real Americans Honor our National Anthem, our Flag, our National Monuments and our President, who only wants to make American Great Again! Why is there no more Freedom of Speech?
          If you do not like what is being said, don’t listen. But everyone should have the Freedom of Speech and they do NOT. Put the Priest Back in his church, heck give him a TV Show, I’d rather watch him then the shows they have put on to replace Cops and Live PD etc.

        4. Dear Eddy,
          thank you for your service.
          Of all of our military vets, the vietnam vets were exposed to the most harrowing of circumstances, with no support when you got home. Vietnam vets were being spit upon, as if you invented this war. Most went as a matter of conscience, and then there was the draft. Many vets I know now realize that this war was being manipulated through the false flag of Gulf of Tonkin affair, but those who went, and those who volunteered… honorable service.
          Respecting our country does not mean keeping silence when we disagree, and therefore, the President is no different than any other elected official. If we were unable to do that, then this country would be a dictatorship.

          1. I am afraid it will become a dictatorship if biden should be elected. We are all according to the left white racist. We now have to go through classes about how we treat others and our children also. Our churches are not allowed to meet or sing! If we don’t start speaking up we will be shut down for good. The left now has aoc and omar who are both social white racist imbeciles.We need to re-elect President Trump or our Country will be gone. No planes in the green new deal, no trains no suv’s, think we may be walking or will we have no where to go?

      3. I am also an 88 year old orthodox Catholic and agree with Mr. Simon. The reason we have suffered as a Church because of immoral prelates and priests is because no one had the moral fortitude to blow the whistle on the horrendous behavior of an ordained priests. Back in the day, before the 60s, orthodoxy was what guided the faithful, while today too many of those who identify as Catholic must have read the book by Saul ALinsky, “Rules for Radicals” and adopted his blueprint for religion-free socialism. Those who speak out against the swill that is our culture and dismiss God as non-existing, have used the weakness that all humanity has to destroy the moral fortitude that used to be part of the lessons learned at their mother’s knee and from their religious leaders. “It it feels good, do it!) has replaced “In God we Trust”. Bravo to the priests who have the courage to speak out even though it costs them dearly.

      4. I believe you are a leftist plant trying to sow discord and trying to discredit this priest. Guilt by association. That is why you claimed to be a white supremacist and you despise everything the priest said.

        All Lives Matter. Unborn Lives Matter.

    2. I pray for our nation, the King of Kings is coming!!! Praise God, Jesus is our only hope. Thanks for the info.

      1. Boy, saying it like it is! We need the people to fight for what’s right. How come we don’t hear more from the conservative crowd. If I only were younger. I had two strokes 4 years ago and am finally getting better.
        If only!!!

    3. The priest is spot on. Black lives don’t matter to blacks unless one of them is killed by the police especially a white policeman. They are a terrorist group to be compared to the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. They are disciples of Satan.

      1. Hey Omar, you are correct, thank you for telling like it is. So much double talk, and I believe the general populous feels the same way. Enough is enough, will it ever change and become the wonderful country we are known for? Thank you for telling it like it is. Best to you. Howard


      I’ve read it twice and see nothing that he said should remove him from the church.


      1. Despite the president’s high profile efforts to appear in front of Christian sites as the national grapples with its history of racial injustice, on Tuesday the president took to Twitter to denounce 75-year-old Martin Gugino, a Catholic peace activist who was engaged in peaceful protest in Buffalo and was shoved over by the police and cracked his head.

        “My Dad used to say there’s no greater sin than the abuse of power,” wrote Biden on Tuesday. “Whether it’s an officer bloodying a peaceful protester or a President defending him with a conspiracy theory he saw on TV. I’m a Catholic – just like Martin. Our faith says that we can’t accept either.

    5. Very soon, there will be an up rising of the Christian Faith. Do not mess with them because they will not sand for it. If our President can have Bikers for the President they can have Followers for Christ.
      I would like to know who reported the sermon to the news? These people need to be held accountable. They print so much false information and love to cause people to not get along. Free press is far from free…they love to cause trouble ruin people’s lives.

    6. Thank YOU for your courage and wisdom! The Priest was right!
      We must stand up to “evil” before it consumes
      all of us. No matter where it is found. “Evil is Evil” and Satan is
      marching these days in many ways (as always) to deceive even
      the best of us. May we awake and stand up for “Right is Right” and
      not upside down! May God give us the strength to do what is right
      and may the priests, pastors and laymen stand up and declare
      the “Truth” no matter the cost. Because that is the American
      Heritage! God Bless YOU and keep your stand!

      1. The B LM is standing up to 400 years of evil. The killing of Native Americans taking their land and the slavery of Africans bringing them to America for free labor. The problem is American History is not telling the truth. We all should be in the American History school books from the 14th Century tell this very day. White Europeans came to this country to escape the cast system that still go’s on to day and to escape prison; Go to jail or go to the Americe America’s. That was their choice. The nerve of clergymen calling people who want the same freedom as white Americans. This country is built by Black slavery. I can say this it’s not Christian behavior. I’m glad he was removed.

        1. Dear Georgette,
          your post moved me to find out more about what this priest said. He was removed by a group of laity who demanded removal by the Bishop… because the priest spoke about the protests of minorities as evil, but the church demands justice for all. Father was not seeking justice for all. More to the point, he said he was merely wishing that the protests were more about “peace”.
          Because everyone has some skin in this fight, if you care about which color your skin is… you are going to seek out everything to discredit others who do not carry your skin bias. There is plenty of corruption to go around, so that some of the corruption of BLM protests have been corrupted by groups that wish to give them a bad name. Others, may see this as an opportunity to loot, but not many, because the protesters call out the looters .

          You know, the bible was used to support slavery, in Paul’s letter re: Onesimus”. That does not mean the bible actually recommends slavery, it means their political system used slaves and it was a reference. It would be wrong to think , therefore, that the Bible supported slavery or injustice. It would be wrong to think that the church endorsed anything but justice for all ethnic groups. As it says in the Good Book, “from age to age, He calls a people to himself”…

        2. You don’t know what you are talking about! Blacks sold blacks as slaves and they were plenty of white slaves too. We had nothing to do with slavery, my forefathers were from Poland so why can’t we all just get along together as God wants us to,instead of all this BLM and Antifa that are funded by Soros to destroy America.

    7. BLM marchers are mostly non violent. How does this priest put them with people causing violence.The problem is the Hitler,KKK,White supremacists attitude people like Trump and his followers. I see he didn’t put the police in the group of serpents. The Catholic Church in the 14th Century could have helped fight and stop slavery of the African people but they didn’t and now in the 21st CENTURY there are religious leaders who continue racism again the Black races. I am against all violence whether it be from White,Black,Yellow.and Red races. What has happened to the Native American and African American is horrible. All the killing,beating,raping and slavery by the White Europeans coming to America to free themselves from the cast system and jails of Europe. We need less priest like him.

      1. Dear Jo Anne
        you can be forgiven for thinking that the priest was brave and spoke out for people bothered by the BLM movement.
        But if the black people you know are kind, responsible, good neighbors, caring for their children and caring for the society they live in…. in other words, I bet they are very much like you, THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE IN THE BLM MARCHES with the exception of either some misfits and other groups wishing to use this group for a different purpose.

        These blogs are good at flushing out a lot of core beliefs without giving much or good information. The Bishop was responding to laity pressure groups to remove this priest, for what amounted to a hate speech…. he did not represent any christian voice, unless you count white supremacy as equal to being a follower of christ.

        1. Nellie: wow! so true – what this priest and all those who defend him in these post ignore the Bible’s and church’s teaching on social justice condemning racism as being against Christ’s mandate to love one another even our enemies. Pope Pius XI condemned Nazism, Hitler’s belief in the superior race, because God created men/women in His image and likeness, thus we are all created equal. This priest would be more accepted in the KKK or Neo Nazi hate groups. Mr. Trump according to a FBI report has seen an increase since he took office and the Neo Nazi hate groups have been responsible for the murder of Jews, Afro Americans and Mexicans. I have not seen such unity in our country since the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s where white, blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians, Muslims, etc., in solidarity over the issue of equal justice by police officers for all and not willing to tolerate the murder of minority groups. Mr. trump has only sparked the flames of racism by his unwillingness to meet with the leaders of the BLM to hear their concerns, building a fence around the WH and while walking to a church, the police were shooting protesters with rubber bullets. We can do better than that and follow Jesus’ mandate to love one another. The bishop did the right thing but suspending this priest because he does not reflect and practice the teachings of Jesus.

          1. If you are smart enough to watch the video of blm founder it has nothing to do about race he is Marxist and greedy and racist doen’t care him along with the co founder are multi millionaires what the preist said is true but should not have labled all the protesters as evil or troublemakers the blm priciple is correct but the people running the show are evil

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    1. Let the priests marry and they will quit raping our little boys that scars them for life some commit suicide over that . I used to be catholic no more too much corruption you pray to God and Jesus only not saints !! There is no pergatory either you can’t pray someone out of hell either !!! Jesus died on the cross for sinners not Mary His mother !!!i pray to God and Jesus alone and them them to forgive my sins not a priest!!! Only Jesus Saves not a church not good deeds accept Jesus as your Savior if you want to go to Heaven and see God and Jesus🙏🙏🙏

      1. Hi Donna, GOD never said that priest could not marry man did that. This not in the Bible. GOD wanted men to have a companion and procreate and fill the world. This is a very bad practice started by the Catholic church in its infancy. They will be punished for all the autrosities that they have committed and the priest who is correct in his thinking will be with GOD in the future. Satan is running rapid on this earth as he knows he only has a short time before GOD puts him away. He is causing this evil and it will get worse but GOD is watching and will make things right again. Read Danial and Revelations and you will see that this is what’s happening today. Love to you and your family and be happy that GOD is coming soon. Patty.

        1. Patty and Donna…
          practice of priests not marrying is not Biblical, but was adopted by some christian churches… but not orthodox or eastern rite catholic christians. Their priests can marry.
          There are practices in all of the christian churches, that are not necessary for salvation. Actually, the catholic church was heavily mined by the Jehovah’s Witnesses, because some catholics were not brought up well in knowing christian biblical truth. Sorry that happened to you.

          Know Jesus, and know him crucified.

      2. You do not know the Catholic faith well. The Greek word, Liturgia means worship only due to God, Dulia is the veneration, not worship, we give to saints and Hyperdulia is a special veneration we give to the Mother of God.
        At the Council of Ephesus in about 320 AD, the council fathers condemned the heresy that Mary was not the Mother of God and by saying that, one denies the divinity of Christ. Jesus said: you are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Never in the history of the Catholic church has
        any Pope denied any of the basic teachings of Jesus even though many were corrupt and evil. I hold our bishops and popes more responsible for the cover up of these terrible sins against children and the same time I find in this church, the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, the forgiveness of sins in Penance and the wonderful examples of people attempting to follow Jesus. St. Francis of Assisi went to Rome to have his rule approved by the pope and he was aware of the sins of priests, bishops and pope but he still believed in Jesus’ promise that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church because the Holy Spirit is there to protect it. Your anger only distances you from Jesus he wants us to love the sinner, forgive them and pray for their conversion.

        1. excellent…Joseph. Funny how a racist priest in Indiana has drawn out all of the racists and caused others to publically despise the catholic church. Every church has its issues, and there is no doubt that the different churches, catholic or no, could improve. However, we are not the church of paul or the church of peter, are we:??? There is an implied communion, and if you did not take up your complaints with the bishops of your individual church before, then do it now, because there should be no fear of accountability.
          Hitler and his Nazis sent as many catholics and lutherans to the gas chamber, as jewish people, because catholic and lutheran bishops were objecting to murder of Jews. There is one of you on this thread, bearing false witness against a Jewish person, Mr. Soros, who has funded protest groups against the Russian state all over Russia.
          REalize that if you do not find grounding in the word of god and look further than these rant sites to find your information, you are ignorant, politicized against your own interests, and just as iikely as the citizens of Jesus’ day to want to crucify an innocent person. I am amazed at how m any want others to die of a pandemic, or to die by guns or other means. Those of you… have your house built on shifting sand and not the word of god.
          It is not too late to take up Jesus’ yoke.

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    1. High priests in the Bible had wives Catholic Faith has murdered many people over the years tortured those who didn’t follow their ways and religion . Study History we went to church and the priest would tell us they would explain the Bible to us they never spoke much about Jesus or Salvation to us the Mass was in Latin also who could understand what was said?? Light candles and pray for dead souls they made their choice by accepting Jesus or ignoring Him in their life on earth 🌍 if they went to hell they deserve it Jesus is the way the truth and the life no one else died on the cross for sinners just Jesus Alone He is my Lord and Savior
      Thank You Jesus 🙏🙏🙏

      1. What does your statement have to do with this priest getting suspended? Catholic years ago had to kill to stay alive because of the muslims. I happen to attend the Latin mass and my priest talks about Jesus at every mass and we have a missal to translate for the part of the mass that is in latin.

      2. what you say is true of the pre Vatican II church, not the post Vatican church. Read the documents and you will discover a breath of fresh air because prior to this council, three major movements changed the church’s way while not contradicting the basic tenets of the Nicene creed; these movements were, liturgical which then helped to change the Mass to the vernacular, scriptural with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the ecumenical which came about when priests, rabbis and Protestant ministers met in the concentration camps and discussed what united them without compromising their own beliefs.

      3. realize that God the Father, and Jesus his son, do not wish anyone to go to hell… so neither should you …. wish anyone in hell.

      4. Dear Donna: Having faith in Jesus our savior is nohing to be proud of, since it was an undeserved gift. All faith is a gift. Pray that others get that gift.

        Jesus told a story to some people who thought they were better than others and who looked down on everyone else:

        Two men went into the temple to pray. One was a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood over by himself and prayed, “God, I thank you that I am not greedy, dishonest, and unfaithful in marriage like other people. And I am really glad that I am not like that tax collector over there. I go without eating for two days a week, and I give you one tenth of all I earn.”

        The tax collector stood off at a distance and did not think he was good enough even to look up toward heaven. He was so sorry for what he had done that he pounded his chest and prayed, “God, have pity on me! I am such a sinner.”

        Then Jesus said, “When the two men went home, it was the tax collector and not the Pharisee who was pleasing to God. If you put yourself above others, you will be put down. But if you humble yourself, you will be honored.”

        Luke 18:9-14

        Contemporary English Version The Holy Bible (New York , NY: American Bible Society 1995)

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