Harvard Senior Threatens to Murder Anyone Who Believes That All Lives Matter

A Black Lives Matter TikTok video was recently put out by a Harvard senior and it came with a controversial message. Claira Janover was not content to say that Black Lives Matter. No, she had to take things to a whole new level. “The next person who has the sheer nerve, the sheer entitled Caucasity to say all lives matter” was threatened by the student.

She claims that she is going to stab the next person who says All Lives Matter and watch them bleed out. This seems a bit excessive from where we are sitting but what do we know? Janover is putting that Harvard education to good use, though. She put a legal disclaimer at the beginning of the video, letting people know that it was a “joke”.

A critic elected to copy the video over to Twitter, to show the world what they are dealing with. The finest educational institutions in America are breeding the next generation of hysterical liberals who believe that they can shoot their mouths off all they want. Janover went on to say that she would compare her paper cut to their gaping wound and tell them that All Cuts Matter.

We would not be surprised if she was a drama student. The way that she acts out the stabbing is chilling. She gets closer and closer to the camera with each thrust. Any supporters who were willing to come to her defense got her approval, in the form of a retweet. Of course, she was also willing to oversell the threats and dissent that she received.

It was such a trying day for her but she was more than happy to share the video and reap all of the likes and comments. Once people were ready to question her on what she said, things became “trying” all of a sudden. Claire says that she will not allow these people to silence her but the reality is simple. People did not care as much as she thought they did.

That’s what happens to people who build an echo chamber for themselves on Twitter. They get all of the agreement in the world from their followers. As soon as they receive any sort of disagreement from people who are outside of their normal bubble, it turns into a big pity party and the whole world is against them.

If Claire did not want to be “overwhelmed” with “anxiety”, she probably shouldn’t have uploaded a video of herself threatening people. Even if she had just put up the usual Black Lives Matter clip, no one would have minded all that much. Instead of threatening people for no reason, she could have used her time to uplift the cause that actually mattered to her.

Claire is about to find out more about all of the things that come with free speech. Sure, people are allowed to say whatever they want and no one can stop them from doing so. However, you need to be ready for the consequences of your statements. Someone has already decided to share the video with the Harvard Twitter account and it won’t be long before she has some questions to answer.

Social media can be a minefield when you are trying to be provocative. One minute, you are enjoying all of the attention that comes with your incendiary statements. The next minute, you are dealing with the authorities who want to know more about what you said and why you said it.

She’d better hope that she does not endanger her chance to receive her diploma with all of her fellow graduates. As a senior at Harvard, you would think that she would have considered these types of consequences before she made her video. Oh well. She can enjoy all of the views on TikTok and Twitter retweets but when Harvard comes calling about this clip, she probably won’t have much to say.


3,058 thoughts on “Harvard Senior Threatens to Murder Anyone Who Believes That All Lives Matter”

    1. … Stone cold waste of a pretty face, and an education. I’m certain that her parents, and her future self are and/or will be completely ashamed of this post.

      1. She is a waste of skin and doesn’t deserve to breathe air. Shouldn’t she be arrested and banned from posting for hate speech?

        1. Harvard is a production line for creating sorry-a$$ed low-lifes like this little freak. She should be exiled to North Korea. These rathole “educational” “universities” should be cleared of their marxist “professors”. The Marxists are what’s wrong with our country.

        2. arrested for hate speech….. if they “came for her” they would have to come for your to … (be arrested_)

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  23. In my opinion, Harvard zombies the fragile brains of young hysterical students. These psychopaths, warmed up by the sadistic speeches of left-wing Harvard professors, are quite capable of murder. Harvard and the rest of the universities, which dismiss professors who are honest and dedicated to science, replacing them with talkers and demagogues, are preparing an army of killers, instead of scientists, engineers and medical workers. Such a terrible time has come.

  24. Tic-Tok is controlled by the CCP. That makes Claire a communist. So all I can say is: “You want to stab me? Bring it on, Claire.”

  25. OK! BITCH COME and STAB ME!!!!! BLACK LIVES DON”T MATTER!!!!! THEY are LAZY!! NO GOOD GOOD trouble makers who wants everything handed to them and IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK!!!!!!! You must be one DUMB HARVARD FEMINIST BITCH who dates BLACK men!!!!!???? some of you white women are brainwashed by all this SHIT and I catch one in my yard I’LL let them see my STARS and BARS !!!! THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN and when it does you all will be sorry.!!!!!

    1. The gook looks like she just swung through the Jungle. This is what passes for a Harvard student? Do yourself a great big favor, and send your children to Trade School. They will meet a better Class of people. We are really living in the “Planet of the Apes”, today.