J.K. Rowling Stands Her Ground on Democrat’s Conversion Therapy Madness

J.K. Rowling has found herself in the news for expressing all sorts of controversial views on social media lately. Trans activists are livid because she has given some contrarian hot takes when it comes to hormone therapy. She compares this form of therapy to the conversion therapy that is used to convert gay people into straights.

When one of her critics came for her over the weekend, she decided to link them with a Twitter thread about the “medicalization” of the gay community. The whole thing started when Rowling liked a tweet from a young trans woman named Sophie. She believes that hormone therapy should only take place a final option of sorts and Rowling agreed with this take.

The social justice warriors who live to patrol her likes and live in her mentions were not having any of that, though. Rowling is attempting to take a nuanced approach towards a very difficult conversation. On social media, this is a form of suicide. Anyone who does not agree with the angry mobs that control social media discourse is taken out behind the woodshed for an old fashioned tongue lashing.

One of the folks who takes the medication that they were discussing took a screenshot of the like. Rowling took offense to what was said, telling the person that she takes her own medications on a regular basis for her mental health issues. She credits the medication for the assistance that she is currently receiving. While she has remained quiet on other topics, this is not something that she is willing to let go.

She’s ignored the fake tweets that people share with their friends and loved ones, attributing false and harmful statements to her. Rowling has also received a wide range of death and rape threats. When it comes to the medications that she relies upon on an everyday basis, she is not willing to look the other way. At a certain point, enough is enough.

Rowling was so furious, she went on for 11 tweets. Her attempt at standing in solidarity with a trans woman was ruined by the people who spend all of their time on social media out for blood. She has written extensively about her struggles with mental health but they would rather harp on her likes and comments on Twitter. That’s all Twitter turns into after awhile, just a bunch of people who beat dead horses into the ground and ignore all facts that don’t support their chosen narrative.

Those who wish to be enlightened should take the time to read the whole thread. It definitely puts Rowling’s views into better perspective. If you were to listen to the Twitter mob, you would think that she is one of the most actively hateful people to walk the planet. At times like these, it is best to let people make their own decisions about you and not bothering to defend yourself.

Rowling had to be truly infuriated to give someone the time of day like this. As it turns out, even celebrities who are rich and famous have their breaking points when it comes to the trials and tribulations of Twitter. We are not surprised that she finally lost it on someone.

The only part where she lost us is when she claimed that she did not care about the bad opinions that were coming her way. The Internet can be a strange place sometimes, forcing people into conversations that they never thought they’d need to have. Rowling is not immune to these sorts of concerns.

Trans activists are only going to continue to try and punish her for having her own beliefs. This is a problem that is not going to go away anytime soon. Rowling might want to be a little bit less online going forward. While the Twitter mob may not have the power to truly “cancel” her, they can definitely continue to make her online experience as annoying as possible.

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