Video: Omar Points Out the Dem’s Agenda: Destroy the Us by Any Means Necessary

Ilhan Omar is a Minnesota Democrat who loves to stake her claim as a true radical. Her outlandish statements always attract attention and in a way, we are all complicit for continuing to focus on them. She’s a Marxist at her core and she does not care about the future of America in the slightest. If she could destroy the country from the inside out, she would do so without a second thought.

In her mind, capitalism needs to be destroyed, so that social justice can take place. “We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it,” Omar said. These words are admirable but when they are coupled with ideas that are actively harmful to the status quo, it is time to take a closer look at what is really being said.

That’s one of the main issues that Democrats experience when it comes to their messaging. They are too worried about appealing to leftists who want to tear it all down. David Steinberg is the investigative journalist who decided to look into the situation. He’s been examining documents and sources for some time now, trying to get to the bottom of the Omar phenomenon.

According to his findings, Omar is alleged to have married her own brother, in an effort to defraud the United States Immigration offices. There are even some who believe that Omar is using a fake name. As for Omar herself, she advances these narratives because she is not willing to answer any questions about them in an honest manner.

She dodges any question about her sketchy past, she won’t acknowledge the bigotry that she participates in and she clearly does not share our love of America. Even Somali community leaders are coming forward to confirm the allegations about Omar marrying her own brother to remain in the United States.

It’s pretty funny to watch someone who made their way into the country in an illegal manner act like the whole system needs to be overthrown. If anything, she is the one who should be staying quiet and hoping that her secret does not come to light. Maybe she thinks that a full overthrow would keep her safe? Only time will tell if that suspicion is a correct one.

None of this is to say that American can never be criticized. In fact, offering intelligent critique is one of the best parts about being an America. However, there is a difference between these types of critiques and calling for a complete and total tear down. There’s a certain level of nuance to these discussions that people are neglecting to mention.

Instead, everyone retreats to their ideological corners and waits to be agreed with by their chosen echo chamber. It’s a terrible way to do things but that’s what we are stuck with at the moment. The worst part of all is that we are not even talking about normal, everyday Americans. We are talking about the sort of people who play a major role in our government’s operations.

It’s like we are living in a world where no one is given a chance to learn the real truth about anything. No wonder everyone is getting so skeptical and looking to foreign sources for information about what is truly going on. Omar’s desire to tear it all down makes everyone wonder what she is hiding and she can only get away with this ruse for so long before it all comes crashing down on her.

All any of us can do is wait for that fateful moment to take place. Omar’s rhetoric is landing her in hot water with a number of conservative thinkers and it won’t be long before the leftists finally decide to turn on her as well. With any luck, the big event will take place before the upcoming elections and we’ll get to see some Democrats stepping away from her hateful garbage.

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