Video: Omar Points Out the Dem’s Agenda: Destroy the Us by Any Means Necessary

Ilhan Omar is a Minnesota Democrat who loves to stake her claim as a true radical. Her outlandish statements always attract attention and in a way, we are all complicit for continuing to focus on them. She’s a Marxist at her core and she does not care about the future of America in the slightest. If she could destroy the country from the inside out, she would do so without a second thought.

In her mind, capitalism needs to be destroyed, so that social justice can take place. “We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression wherever we find it,” Omar said. These words are admirable but when they are coupled with ideas that are actively harmful to the status quo, it is time to take a closer look at what is really being said.

That’s one of the main issues that Democrats experience when it comes to their messaging. They are too worried about appealing to leftists who want to tear it all down. David Steinberg is the investigative journalist who decided to look into the situation. He’s been examining documents and sources for some time now, trying to get to the bottom of the Omar phenomenon.

According to his findings, Omar is alleged to have married her own brother, in an effort to defraud the United States Immigration offices. There are even some who believe that Omar is using a fake name. As for Omar herself, she advances these narratives because she is not willing to answer any questions about them in an honest manner.

She dodges any question about her sketchy past, she won’t acknowledge the bigotry that she participates in and she clearly does not share our love of America. Even Somali community leaders are coming forward to confirm the allegations about Omar marrying her own brother to remain in the United States.

It’s pretty funny to watch someone who made their way into the country in an illegal manner act like the whole system needs to be overthrown. If anything, she is the one who should be staying quiet and hoping that her secret does not come to light. Maybe she thinks that a full overthrow would keep her safe? Only time will tell if that suspicion is a correct one.

None of this is to say that American can never be criticized. In fact, offering intelligent critique is one of the best parts about being an America. However, there is a difference between these types of critiques and calling for a complete and total tear down. There’s a certain level of nuance to these discussions that people are neglecting to mention.

Instead, everyone retreats to their ideological corners and waits to be agreed with by their chosen echo chamber. It’s a terrible way to do things but that’s what we are stuck with at the moment. The worst part of all is that we are not even talking about normal, everyday Americans. We are talking about the sort of people who play a major role in our government’s operations.

It’s like we are living in a world where no one is given a chance to learn the real truth about anything. No wonder everyone is getting so skeptical and looking to foreign sources for information about what is truly going on. Omar’s desire to tear it all down makes everyone wonder what she is hiding and she can only get away with this ruse for so long before it all comes crashing down on her.

All any of us can do is wait for that fateful moment to take place. Omar’s rhetoric is landing her in hot water with a number of conservative thinkers and it won’t be long before the leftists finally decide to turn on her as well. With any luck, the big event will take place before the upcoming elections and we’ll get to see some Democrats stepping away from her hateful garbage.

205 thoughts on “Video: Omar Points Out the Dem’s Agenda: Destroy the Us by Any Means Necessary”

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      1. Because Democrat’s are allowed to break ANY law they see fit. The Judiciary supports all their efforts! Even the FBI.

        1. That’s because many of the Democrats are Marxists at their core and those that aren’t are afraid to stand up to them. All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

        2. Legislative, judicial and executive. The FBI, DOJ, all federal agencies are executive and under the President. Congress is legislative, and judicial is judges. All are supposedly clearly defined in the constitution but it seems that the judicial has been crossing the line and legislating from the bench without legal standing, they can’t make new laws. The congress has caused this to happen as they have not done their job and should have called out judges who have changed laws with their legal decisions for many years now.

          And I forgot not listed in the constitution today is the deep state that is a power that is outside the constitution and does make and enact laws all the time. The president can control them but they too can drive politics and today apparently are partisan and aligned with the NWO/DNC insane asylum and anti american. Apparently we the people are not capably of steering our country with our votes.

          The judge with Flynn and holding up his dismissal was and is literally trying to warp judicial actions once again. And Bozo had his share of over reach as well. What is the pitfall is the SC has allowed an overreach with DACA to stand. As it was created with an executive order it should have been cancelable with a counter executive order. So how come one president of questionable credentials we can NOT see as he hid them legally have his order stand and the next who is a legal president has no standing to cancel that executive order? Seems the SC has itself crossed that line of judicial decisions as well. It should have been a clear black and white cancel out with no interference but it wasn’t as it is a political hot potato. Hum?

      1. We are here, we are just waiting for this idiots to start something, than we start blowing heads up, from Washington on down the line to states and cities!! My Point …. AMERICA IS NOT FOR SALE, AND NEVER WILL BE, ANYONE AGAINST US, WILL PAY THE PRICE!! THAT MY FRIEND IS FACT!! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ITS PEOPLE! AMEN!

        1. I sooo agree with you, but I will say that after China infected us with their man-made Corona virus out of their Lab, and in case anyone doesn’t believe that SARS and Ebola also came out of that Lab, the stock market here in the US dropped and China began buying up portions of large corporations here in the US. Additionally, they have been trying to purchase the Port of Los Angeles. We have to be on top of what they are doing and vocally say NO to the powers the be. I think we need to charge them for the financial devastation they have caused and tell the US companies whose stock they own to give them their money back, take the stock back and disallow them from purchasing up anything in America. As citizens we need to not purchase anything if it is from China. Vote Trump and Steve Daines from Montana, Lindsay, McConnell etc.

      2. You have to remember that Obama brought a large number of Muslims into Minnesota from overseas and they were able to vote for her. In addition, the democrats were probably able to steal some votes, they probably got a number of votes from illegals, and like in Chicago, there were the cross-over votes from the graves of Republicans.

        1. They are planning to try to steal the next election and the reason I’ve been saying that is Nancy has been saying the president won’t leave if he loses and that’s because they have already found dead people and even dead animals that have voted already and hell will come after the election for them!

    1. There is only one way of getting rid of her! You MUST vote her out, along with her cronies!!! Our President needs us!! In order to help him, we must vote for the entire Republican ticket! He needs the House and Senate to finish the job!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

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        1. Unfortunately that probably won’t happen as there is an entire community of Somili people in Minnesota, thanks to Obama. I sure hope she is kicked out of office, though. She is a detriment to America….I live in Northern Iowa, and I don’t even want to go up to the cities anymore, because that’s where they are, for the most part…

        2. Absolutely – deport all of them! Why did we let these people in our country! Shut our immigration down for 2-3 years so we can get this country straightened out! We are FOR our Constitution and FOR the police & all Democrats can go straight to h…! I’m sorry, I use to know Democrats that were human beings; who cared about our country. One of the men I worked for was asked by the Clintons to represent them during Whitewater – he told them he would never represent them. He would only represent the office of the White House – never them! That was a true Democrat. Unfortunately, most of them have died or are old like I am but the Silent Majority is about ready to strike. What’s going on today is crazy!

      1. too many people now days do not think. They just go along to get along. When they wake up it will be too late. Those of us who are awake, pay attention to who you vote for, inspect their agenda.

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  68. I refer to her as S4B………that’s SHIT FOR. BRAINS, because of the FUCKEN diaper that’s always on her head……..she took an OATH to uphold the laws of the land, something she preaches against…….Time to remove this CUNT from office……….she is stinking up the whole political process……….

  69. Omar is convinced. that capitalism must be destroyed in order to ensure social justice. And the democrats, under the influence of these dirty communists, are confidently embarking on this destruction. But they begin this crime by killing children in Seattle, Atlanta, Minnesota, New York – in all cities captured by Democrats. We must stop the killers of our children.

  70. Einstein had a saying for Insanity. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over excepting different results!” Americans knew thoughts and feelings for America. Why then did the Citizens of Minnesota vote for her. People from Minnesota were long held as intelligent, hard working and common sense Citizens. Omar’s Socialist views would not only hurt America but would destroy the wonderful middle America we know and love! Marget Thatcher former Prime Minister of The United Kingdom said: “Socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money!” Why then would anyone be blind to what is Utpoia in writing but a disaster in reality! The answer was given to America but long before today’s youth were born could be the answer. In 1960 at the 902nd Plenary Meeting at the United Nations, the Russian President Nikita Khrushchev banged his shoe on the lectern stating:”We will destroy America without firing a single shot! America will never settle for Communism but we will erode their values and morals where they will welcome Socialism!” What today’s youth do not understand is, Socialism is first Cousin to Communism. How can today’s youth not know that? Simple! The Education System used to teach in Senior High School class a class called, Civics. This class educated young minds to the different systems of Government. They learned the difference between Communism, Socialism, Democracy, Dictatorship, Totalitarianism and other forms of Government. Citizens were better informed to recognize what they do not know now! I only hope that this e-mail is posted, so people can see a broader view of what is being offered today. Nikita Khrushchev video is on YouTube so anyone can watch for themselves. Being educated has always been in every American’s best interest!

    1. I agree that education is the best thing for everyone. However, our schools have been taken over by the “USEFUL IDIOTS” of the liberal/ socialist leaders, George Soros being one of the big leaders. They are indoctrinating our children with their dribble, not common sense or even both sides of every story. Everything they teach is very biased and teaches our children to lean towards their biased direction. In order for us to survive, we need two critical things to happen: first, we need to pass Term Limits to clean out the Deep State. second, we need to clean out the radical liberals in our education system, all the way up to the boards that hire the useful idiots that are indoctrinating our children.

  71. Why can’t POTUS invoke the sedition act, have this POS Omar stripped of the citizenship and deport her back to her home land of Somalia. Clearly the Speaker refuses to censure her, apparently the Speaker is deathly afraid of the “squad” All are standing by with their thumbs inserted where the sun don’t shine while this anti=American POS is making a laughing stock of us on the world stage. Oh, just in case you are saying she has a right to express her views, she does, BUT HER VIEWS ARE OF SEDITION, WHICH OUR CONSTITUTION DOES NOT PROVIDE FOR THIS TYPE OF SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. This woman needs to be stripped of her citizenship, and deported. She came to destroy America,not make it better.

  73. She is chronically in violation of her oath of office, as she preaches sedition and overthrow of the government she was elected to represent. This continuing infection of the US Congress by traitors, without action on the part of other congressmen, is the clearest evidence of their rabid focus on self-interest, with not a shred of energy directed at cleaning house, draining the swamp, spraying the vermin – i.e. throwing rats like Omar and AOC and the rest of the squad out of office; actions like that are left to the phony shampeachments and pseudo-investigations of the Democrats. Disgusting nonfeasance and a blight on the Constitution. “Preserve, protect, and defend?” Where are their actions to do any such thing where these actual anti-American radical swine are concerned?

  74. Warning, to ALL PEOPLE OF AMERICA, It is time to start putting the Democrats out of office, and firing ALL, and everyone that is against America, and in in American Soil. Time to start cleaning house, and getting rid of the TRASH, as this Sewer Crap Wanna be Terrorist Muslim, and ALL Like HER!!


    VIDEO: Venezuelan Activists Warning to America: Statue Removals Are a ‘Slippery Slope’
    June 24, 202084

    The domestic terrorists have undoubtedly crossed a line of rebellion that has not been seen since the early days of the country’s formation. Their anger and hatred against their country is unfounded and has no depth to it at all. They claim to care about a man that was killed by one angry police officer and then they march around killing people of color and destroying the livelihood of other Americans. They have done the same deeds and evil intent of the very people they are crying about. And now they are going after monuments tearing them down because they simply do not like the history of the United States.

    This should be alarming to the American people. As one non-American TikToker named Elizabeth Rogliani is pointing out that the United States better get concerned about a minority of people trying to change American history. Rogliani is a Venezuelan political activist that sees a striking resemblance between what has happened in her country and what is taking place in America.

    Rogliani calls the monument removal a “slippery slope” that is going to lead to what she calls a “cultural revolution.” This is one thing that the Democrats would love to see happen because then they can pattern the future of America after socialist ways. And this is the point that Rogliani is trying to make.

    Venezuelans recognize signs of a communist takeover better than almost anyone

    (p.s. that accent is 🔥)

    — Roz 🇺🇸 (@PolitiKurd) June 22, 2020

    The activist has stated that “I don’t think they’re seeing past what’s going to happen next because they’re thinking these are just symbols of oppression. But, I had a lot of friends [who] told me, ‘Oh, it’s just the Confederate statues.’ And, I said, ‘No, it’s not going to be just the Confederate statues. Just wait and see.’ This is a slippery slope.”

    She is in a unique position to warn people of the dangers that are coming. What starts as a removal of history eventually turns into a communist takeover. The activists have moved one from one man’s life to attacking every symbol of American ideals. Anything that defines what the United States is all about is up for grabs right now for the domestic terrorists.

    She went on to echo that “Founding Fathers are going to be attacked. Religious symbols are going to be attacked. And next, probably, museums. I mean, anything can be attacked if you just let it happen. If you just let the first ones come down, then [there are] no limits to what’s next.”

    People need to stand up and put a stop to what is happening to their towns. President Trump has told countless state and local leaders to get a grip on the violence now before it is too late. The Democrats made a joke about it and now they are dealing with crime zones that they are having a hard time taking back.

    She disagrees with Andrew Cuomo as he praises the criminals for their destruction. She has stated that the actions of the rioters are “an attempt to change the identity of the country. That’s my opinion. And, that’s what they did to us. Of course, it was different. At that point, they already had taken the government. But, at this point, they’re trying to change the national identity and they’re trying to destroy the system. And, if they get to the government, they’ll do it. They certainly will do it.”

    Rogiliani has also speculated that outside influences can incite chaos within the country. After all, there have been attempts by the Democrats to involve outside influences during election years. They try and cheat their way into power. Rogliani has also pointed out the Black Lives Matter Group has ties and supporters in the Venezuelan regime.

    She has stated that “In fact, another of those videos that I made on TikTok — I was talking about how the Venezuelan regime was involved in the protests that are going now. And, we saw the emblems of the [Black Lives Matter (BLM)] founders being an ally to the Venezuelan regime. I saw pictures of them in 2015 where…one of the co-founders of the BLM movement went to Venezuela….and said that she was happy to be in a place with intelligent political discourse,” concluded Rogliani. There is no place in America for people that hate the country. It is time for people to stand up and protect the heritage that defines the United States.

  75. Omar muslim bitch should be Hanged for her insolence rhetoric about the United States of America. Better yet, just SHOOT the bitch.

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