Biden Declares Police Is the Enemy of the American People

Joe Biden has done his best to dance around the true issues taking place in America and appear to be as moderate as possible. Clearly, he wasn’t enamored with the results because he is now pivoting to left wing lunacy. It was only a matter of time, though. He was always going to embrace the movement to defund police departments.

It was a matter of when, not if. Biden bumbled and stumbled his way through yet another interview, sitting down with Ady Barkan this time. He’s a health care activist who speaks with a computerized voice because of complications related to terminal amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Biden was quick to let him know that he’s finally giving in to leftist demands.

Ilhan Omar and her ilk are sure to be proud of themselves. They finally broke Mr. Moderate himself. He went on to say that he “absolutely” supports all of the defunding of American police officers. In his mind, the police have become an enemy to the American people. “They don’t know anybody! They have become the enemy — they’re supposed to be protecting these people,” Biden said.

He also complained about the “up-armored” equipment that officers are allowed to use, comparing the presence of police officers to a military invasion. Barkan asked Biden if he would be willing to redirect the police’s funding to other causes and he agreed that this would be a great idea. These are not the only anti police beliefs Biden spouted off with during the interview.

If you take the time to watch a longer clip, Biden says that Rayshard Brooks should have been tended to by a mental health counselor on that fateful day in Atlanta. He blames the police for what took place. We figured that we could get through the summer without witnessing a total Biden capitulation but here we are. He’s already pandering to the hysterical left with zero qualms whatsoever.

The Democrats are clearly going to double down on the current anti police mania that is sweeping the nation. That’s their only hope of gaining any meaningful traction in the upcoming election. We are already wondering if Biden is going to be singing the same tune once he receives feedback from his voting base, which tends to be moderate in nature.

There is plenty of time for him to flip flop on this sentiment before the election takes place. We are willing to start the betting pool now. Will it take an extreme act of anti police violence for Biden to walk this back or is he going to try his best to continue to appeal to moderates? Only time will tell if he maintains this stance or if he is bullied into another one before too long.

Biden has a lengthy track record of saying whatever he thinks will get people on his side in that moment before backtracking completely. To make matters worse, the rest of the country now has to wait in fear. If he gets elected, he is already making noise about being a one term president. He would be over 80 years old by the time his first term ends.

That means Kamala Harris or Stacey Abrams could be running the country within four years. While Harris’ past as a hard charging prosecutor might reassure some, she is probably looking to rehabilitate her reputation with the leftists. She’s not going to waltz into the White House and start preaching about the importance of law and order.

Harris (or whoever else ends up in the role) will want to make sure that the status quo remains intact. If Biden says that the police are bad and they need to go, that’s what will happen. Meanwhile, those who are standing in solidarity with the police will be waiting anxiously to find out more about what the future holds. Things are certainly tense at the moment and no one seems to know what will happen next.

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