Video: Do You Recognize This Suspected BLM Supporter Wanted in Murder of 8-Year Old?

The death of Secoriea Turner in Atlanta has caused many protesters to stop and take stock of their cause. She was murdered in her mother’s car on July 4th, as protesters decided to open fire on the vehicle because they attempted to pull into a parking lot that they were guarding. The Atlanta police have zeroed in on a suspect in this case and video has been released.

According to a police spokesman, there are at least three other suspects that are believed to be involved. When questions were asked about the case, the police began to address various claims that have been circulating in the streets of Atlanta. There is a vicious rumor circulating about the people in the car at the time, as there are some who believe that they pulled a gun on the protesters first.

The police officers stated there is no video evidence that such an event occurred. Meanwhile, there was another rumor about the car. Stories have spread about the car ending up in the middle of a crossfire that was taking place between two different vehicles. The police spokesman confirmed that this rumor was also false.

The car was specifically targeted and none of the aforementioned narratives have any truth to them. Why did this horrific tragedy even happen? As it turns out, there is no real mystery to it. During the previous two weeks before the murder of this small child, there were issues brewing when it came to the roadblock that was set up by the local Wendy’s.

A group of armed citizens are said to have taken over the area and roadblocks were set up on University Avenue. They have been shooting at local residents lately, too. “My husband literally just missed getting caught in the crossfire when he was on his way home,” says Kimberlee Jones. What kind of world are we living in when people are not able to make their way to and from work without having to worry?

The area has been a magnet for shootings lately and we are tired of hearing about it. Not in the sense that we are going to ignore these issues but in the sense that we are fed up with seeing honest, hard working Americans suffering because a few folks feel like it’s their personal right to go around tearing things up and shooting anyone who disagrees.

A group of people has taken over the burned-out property of the Wendy’s on University Avenue where Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed. They have refused to leave.

People who live in the neighborhood said they are no longer protesters, but people using the space for their own gain…

They said that people block the street, and sometimes will not even allow residents to pass.

“My husband literally just missed getting caught in the crossfire when he was on his way home,” said Kimberlee Jones. “And people have been shot and have been hurt.”

She lives about a mile from where Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed, and said it’s been difficult to get through her neighborhood since a group of people took over the parking lot where it happened.

We are well past the point of peaceful protest here. Innocent citizens are fearing for their lives and they are wondering where else they can turn. Authorities were well aware of what was taking place and they were not willing to do anything about it. They allowed the violence to reach the point of no return and now everyone else is being made to suffer because of their delays.

Emotions may have been raw but what about the families that are forced to bury their loved ones? Their emotions are probably raw right now, too. Even the city’s council members are not safe. A city councilwoman claims that she was also stopped by the protesters when she attempted to pass through the area.

The situation was described to the interim police chief and they were told that the group had essentially taken over the streets. From the looks of it, the citizens of Atlanta are dealing with their own version of the CHOP situation. Police monitored the situation from a respectful distance but they were not able or willing to intervene when officers were assaulted.

Protesters at the scene are calling the mayor of Atlanta a liar, claiming that they had nothing to do with the shooting. This begs the question: if the protesters weren’t responsible for the death of a small child, who is? The police are doing their best and gathering information wherever they can. That’s the only solace that we can take in what is going on right now.

146 thoughts on “Video: Do You Recognize This Suspected BLM Supporter Wanted in Murder of 8-Year Old?”

    1. Black lives matter is all B.S. ALL LIVES MATTER. The dems play dirty and start all this B.S. THIS NEEDS TO END, AND THE DIRTY DEMS NEED TO FACE JUSTICE. THE AMERICAS NEED THIS JUSTICE IN AMERICA. Why is nothing done about all of this ???????????????????? The 2020 election will show result on this matter if the dems are not exposed, so lets stop the talk and bring the dems to justice, I’m sick all the B.S. AS MANY AMERICAN. THIS NEEDS TO STOP IF WE ARE GOING TO WIN IN 2020. THIS IS B.S. TO LET THIS GO ON LET US AS AMERICAN SEE SOMETHING BEING DONE I’M SICK OF ALL THE TALK I WANT RESULTS. I THINK THAT ALL THAT ARE FOR TRUMP AND AMERICA ARE PUSH OVERS. IT IS TIME FOR RESULTS SO GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND DO SOMETHING

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  51. I am amazed that it is a Negro. This is first evidence EVER…of a Negro committing a crime…especially one of murder !

  52. Being a parent, I feel for the girls mother. To lose your child in such a manner is devastating. This was nothing but complete lack of concern for humanity. How can anybody shoot at a moving vehicle without concern for those inside?………. I would not trust any of the people hanging around in that neighborhood. The government needs to step in. Check all the area carefully. Especially Wendy’s. Something is going on. The DEM’s are mixed with the Left/Marxist. The BLM is Marxist BLM were the ones that supplied the bricks placed by the “protestors” routes so that they could break windows n then the looting would start. They also seem to have supplied the fire crackers you could hear late at night in neighborhoods, just for the fun or to prevent people from sleeping. Something heavy is coming down. The Wendy’s building needs to be checked from top to bottom. Make sure they are not hiding any weapons inside. A nice cache of weapons that can be passed easily to awaiting Antifa black wearing soldiers. I might be paranoid, perhaps but a BLM leader did state that they would get what they want or they will burn the system down. They are waiting for the elections. There will be war. It won’t matter who wins. The DEM/LEFT will start the battle whether Trump wins or not.. Everybody knows that the DEM contender is not all there. Even if he chooses a female for Vice-President., he doesn’t cut the mustard. The DEM’s lost to their infiltrators…….. who is really goin to rule? the Lefties? BLM with their muscle Antifa?……… The excrement is going to hit the swirling blades, my friends. Get ready for the clean-up 🙂

  53. If the Protestors feel they are not a part of this carnage then they should stand up and root him out for punishment. But if they don’t, and they know who the killer is then they are considered accomplices in this crime. I am sick of them and cannot understand how any person who is in charge of the safety of their State can sit by and let this go on. But if the citizens do just sit by and watch that Mayor or Governor let this happen then they deserve what they get BUT the sad part is it is not them that’s hurting it’s the innocent little children who have no opportunity to grow up and have a choice.
    I say get out of the Democrat Party before you doom yourself. See what Jesus Christ has to say about your actions or inactions. He is the one you will answer to.

  54. By now, every law abiding American Citizen knows that ANTIFA and the BLM are nothing but DOMESTIC TERRORISTS! As they threaten, intimidate, riot, burn, assault and murder innocent citizens, they’re only goal is to rob and steal under the guise of social injustice. These individuals, all of them, are vicious criminals and if the Police can’t stop their reign of terror it will be American Patriots that will! My best advice to the people in Atlanta and the other cities under attack is to arm yourselves and shoot to kill if you are attacked by these animals. It’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. We, all of us, have to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our property and our neighborhoods against these lawless animals! We cannot afford to cower in our homes, while they run rampant and continue their lawlessness.

  55. Unless somebody in the BLM movement was there, at the time of the shooting, and they know who he was, this video is worthless. His own mother wouldn’t be able to recognize him by facial features. His coloring is hidden by blending into the background. Unless there is a way for authorities to enhance his features, there is no way anyone would be able to make a positive ID.

  56. this in NO Way shows this black man is guilty of killing that little girl. You Republicans will say and do anything to blame it on BLM. Grow up you jerks. Trump is the one who is destroying the USA by any means that he can get away with. A group of mental health Psychiarists ( on Facebook ) has identified Trump as having serious mental health problems and he is getting increasingly out of control. ( And taking our country down the tubes with him ). And you guys are indicative of a dangerous group of people whose rhetoric supports him.

  57. Yes, but the inhabitants of Atlanta voted in unison for defund the police , instead of demanding police reinforcements. Didn’t these inhabitants know that the gangs of ANTIFA and BLM prey on children in Seattle, Minnesota, Chicago, Los Angeles? they shoot at those who are most dear to us.

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