Shocking! Dems Want to Provide COVID-19 Vaccine to Blacks and Browns First, Letting Everyone Else Die

This is a very sensitive topic that our nation is sure to discuss in a calm and rational manner. While there are no vaccines available as of the moment, that has not stopped people from speculating about who would receive the first dosages. It should be pretty obvious how the order of things would go. Of course, children would all need to be vaccinated, so that schools can resume normal functionality.

The elderly and those who work on the front lines in the world of medicine also need to be at the head of the line. The same goes for those who have the sort of preexisting conditions that are aggravated by exposure to the virus. This should all be common sense. Even the president would probably agree. He would even offer up tweets to confirm this logic.

So why are these simple things so hard for the Democrats to successfully grasp? It’s a thorny subject, for sure. No one is saying that there are any easy solutions that can be implemented quickly. It’s a good thing that this conversation is taking place now, though. We don’t need to get too far ahead of ourselves when it comes to this stuff but it still needs to be discussed early on.

Black and Latino people have become infected with the virus at three times the rate of whites, and have died nearly twice as frequently. Many of them have jobs that keep them from working at home, rely on public transportation or live in cramped homes that increase their risk of exposure. They are more likely to suffer from underlying health problems, including diabetes and obesity, that raise the risk of hospitalization and death. Not only do the groups have less access to health services, they have a documented history of receiving unequal care…

[T]here will be a gap between the first doses coming off the manufacturing lines and a stockpile large enough to vaccinate the U.S. population. “I would say months,” Dr. José R. Romero, the chairman of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, predicted…

“I think we need to deal with this issue at this time with the information that we have. And it is: They are groups that need to be moved to the forefront, in my opinion.”…

“It’s racial inequality — inequality in housing, inequality in employment, inequality in access to health care — that produced the underlying diseases,” Dr. Matthew said in an interview. “That’s wrong. And it’s that inequality that requires us to prioritize by race and ethnicity.”

Otherwise, we are going to be left to have these tough conversations once the vaccine has already been released and by then, it is going to be too late. The Democrats have their own ideas as to how the vaccine should be distributed. It won’t surprise you to learn that they are pretty far out and meant as a form of virtue signaling.

When the first vaccines roll off the assembly line, there is going to be a gap period. In other words, it will take at least a few months before they can be provided to the American people. Everyone is going to have their reason why they should be first in line and that’s fairly inevitable. We understand the idea of prioritizing minority citizens who have special needs but telling everyone who is white that they have to wait does not seem like a smart idea.

Can you imagine the protests that would take place if this sort of decision was made? Clearly, the Democrats are saying whatever they have to at the moment but they are still playing with fire regardless. People are sure to remember these statements when it comes time to head to the polls. All of the citizens who were left to die by their Democratic leaders would not be looking to keep them in power.

The general idea makes some level of sense. After all, African-Americans and Latinos are affected by the virus at a greater rate than their white counterparts. There has to be a better way to go about this process, though. The threat of litigation should be enough to scare off the Democrats but they are still going to persist at the moment.

The woke politicians and epidemiologists who were willing to look the other way on large gatherings as long as they are protests are definitely going to test everyone’s patience on this. We can already see visions in our head. It’ll be wintertime and the second COVID wave will be ravaging the population. A vaccine is finally released but everyone is not allowed to receive it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or an epidemiologist) to predict widespread anger in this hypothetical instance.

Fortunately, we believe that cooler heads will prevail and a preliminary plan will be decided upon that works for everyone. A Penn public health expert has the perfect solution: a point system. Under this system, all lower income Americans (including whites) would be given the chance to head to the front of the line. That seems a lot more likely to work than the Democrats’ idea but no one tell them that! They’re too busy scrounging for woke points.

360 thoughts on “Shocking! Dems Want to Provide COVID-19 Vaccine to Blacks and Browns First, Letting Everyone Else Die”

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    1. My mother is white and 80ty old with medical problems. With all the strikes against her,she is to go to the back of the line while young healthy black and lantios get theirs first. I bet none of the older dems will not go to the back of the one such our speaker. I bet she will first in line.

      1. Typical leftist reaction: Put 65% of the population at risk to show they’re ‘politically correct’, regardless of the consequences.
        Sounds alot like sending infected people into senior healthcare center. Who cares how many WHITE people die?

        1. I guess pretty soon democrats politicians will be demanding that white people become slaves to the black. It honestly looks we are going exactly in that direction !!!!!!!, even calling white men, white privileged a real problem !!!!!!! It is time for white people and white conservatives in particular to protest against to all This crap !!!! I keep repeating loud and clear “ ALL LIVES MATTER “, no reason AT ALL for “ black lives matter” more important than “white lives matter” …… this is a joke !!!!!!!!

          1. Works 4 me…let blacks and latinos b the guinea pigs 4 the testin’…then mayb If no1 dies, I might try…hahaha…stupid dems….👱….

            The dems. r now pushin’ a slave ‘Reperations’ prop. that will eventually cost $6 quadrillion…yeah, u read that right…quadrillion with 15 zeros….every pimp, every stripper, every prostitute, every drug dealer, every crackhead, will all b demandin’ their share….

            The 1st. slave holder n the Colony of Va. n 1630 was a BLACK MAN, Anthony Johnson—held 5 slaves—4 WHITE, 1 black…

            Ck. it:



      2. dear Carol,
        these argument are poised for political controversy… so here is what is factual:
        the person reported is not a democrat, but is a member of a multiphysician team within the CDC. They regularly make recommendations, which are not law, as to how to deliver vaccines. So they recommended infant nasal spray for flu vaccines , at one point in time. That would not mean that nasal spray was not allowed for others, but in that age group, nasal spray provides an ease of administration, and in a shortage, infants would go first.
        In this viewpoint, one cannot say the democratic party , or the republican party for that matter, has promoted any view at all.
        However, I am over 70, white, and will have to think about whether I want to be among the first to get a vaccine. Not that I would wish a new vaccine on anybody, because there are always risks, but this is an opinion piece and opinions are cheap. My opinion is, for me and my family, I will continue to use a mask and use safety hygiene practices. I work with covids,so I know it works.

      3. Blacks and browns first? What kind of joke is that.
        After all, what could possibly go wrong with an untested vaccine?
        We should all hope Nancy pelosi is first in line but I’ll bet she won’t go near it.

        1. dear Stephen;
          “blacks and browns” innoculation is not a policy, and not real at this point in time.
          It will be tested, but for me, I will watch it awhile and wear a good face mask and socially distance. Even tested vaccines are not 100% safe, and may/may not be able to confer immunity, judging the speed with which they are trying to whip this out.

          And of course, check out the preservative. I have had problems with the preservative, and NOT with the vaccine in many cases. Just a little FYI… most vaccines come as a “preservative free” option, but you will have to chase it down.

      4. I’m close to 80 and like your mother have some underlying problems, but I do NOT want that shot! I won’t take it. Over many yeaers, of my friends who got the flu shot? They got the flu. I didn’t get the shot and I didn’t get the flu. There’s been hundreds of comments over the years on different sites who all say the same.

        An article came out recently stating that all those who got the flu got the flu shot.

        I suggest you check out the ingredients in the vaccines made today. Look at the rise in autism because of all the inoculations that children are forced to have to go to school. Hopefully you’ll change your mind.

        1. Dear Sharon…. I am not seeking to change your mind on vaccines… but to enlarge your options just in case….. I used to have problems with flu vaccines, and found it made a difference when I got a vaccine that had NO PRESERVATIVES. You can’t get those just anywhere , either. I couldn’t get it at my doctor’s office, for instance. Not at CVC. Not at WAlgreens. However, your local hospital might carry a preservative free vaccine.

          The most common preservative is mercury.

          1. as a follow up… look up mercury, and you will see it associated with neurologic damage. …. like may autism, for one.

      5. These democrats will do anything for power. What if the vaccine turns out to be worst and deadlier than the virus? They want to make sure blacks and Hispanics are used as gienepig. One way of getting rid of overpopulation. And those whites that were complaining for not getting it first, well just thank us Democrats for not risking your lives, so vote Democrat.


      6. I think this is racist and as a white man, I think you should all be deported. There how do you swamp rats like this? Some more division here {*j*} You are running our country like a bunch of JR High school kids. FU. Whoever is in office right now with these warped ideas needs to be replaced.

      7. Count on that !! And you can bet that the rest of Congress and Hollywood (among other “special” woke folks) won’t have to stand in any lines either !!

      8. Pray for your mom and do everything to keep her safe and comfortable.

        Let them run this Minority FIRST vaccine program.
        First- its a rushed vaccine and will most likely be USELESS in treating COVID.
        Second- the elitists like Bill Gates PLAN using vaccines as a DEPOPULATION tool, so sterilizing or killing off their recipients.

        REMEMBER when they all start to SUE, that they insisted on being first, hoping to kill whites that they ordered to wait at the back of the vaccine line. It’ll be KARMA

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  36. Hello Blacks, Browns, and everyone else – even anyone with purple skin with pink polka dots, if any should appear from outer space,
    Trust not these deep state establishment INSIDERS,. Beware of any covid 19 vaccine and all other vaccines until all the deep state establishment INSIDERS have been weeded out of all depts. of the federal government. Don’t ignore the allegation that expert Dr. Fauci who has been in the NIH for 40+ years, when ordered to shut down his study on coronavirus #2, instead he illegally signed it out & shipped it to Wuhan labs along with $3.7 million of what was probably grant money for them to finish the study. Other information found on line said $3.7 million was only a drop in the bucket because Dr. Fauci had used the Wuhan labs often in the past. Dr. Fauci also stands accused of drastic measures to cover up a study that found mouse RNA particles in the vaccines in 1993. Anyone think the mouse RNA particles got into the vaccines accidentally?? Mouse feces, maybe! However those RNA particles would most likely have to be extracted from the mice in the laboratories and added to the vaccines in s laboratory . Until this questionable expert Dr. Fauci has been thoroughly investigated and exonerated from both the covid 19 & the mouse RNA particles in the vaccines being Dr. Fauci’s brain children – beware of all vaccines. This scare mongering is being done to push to mandate that everyone has to take all the vaccines! BEWARE1
    Before you decide to take the covid 19 vaccine, look up the study that said 36% of our military troops who took the 2009 SWINE FLU (H1N1) vaccine also got the swine flu. Anyone else remember that despite all the attempts to scare monger us with the Swine Flu, as they have with the covid 19 – it flubbed because so FEW of the tests being run for the Swine flu were positive for any type of flu, they ended all testing for the swine flu? LOL
    This raises the question that since we already have been told we were given false statistics by the Drs. Fauci & Birx, can we trust what we are now being told about the covid 19. A lot of what we have been told recently has already been refuted and true statistics to date state that this plan-demic is no worse than any other flU AND IT IS MAN MANIPULATED!
    Another thing found on line is even more startling! It said any flu shot in the past makes you more prone to any flu that appears in the future.

    1. When are they going to notice they are always chosen to be the first to be exposed and targeted for new technology, 5G, vaccines, close to abortion facilities in the guise of “women’s health”, denied school choice because of tuition expense, etc.

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    1. You could be right. Will these new COVID-19 vaccines be safe? Will they have been thoroughly tested before being distributed to people? Are the black people and the Latinos just the guinea pigs for preliminary safety testing? All prospective recipients of the new COVID-19 vaccines should first demand to know what chemical and biological ingredients are in them so that they can make informed choices about either accepting or rejecting whatever vaccines are offered.

  225. This is all very similar to the thirties of fascist Germany, when the Gestapo introduced exactly the same points system: – to whom – to live, and to whom – into the gas chamber. Then, in Germany it was called – “social democracy”. Going back?

  226. Dems are claim to be the party for Latino’s and Blacks…but the past proves that is not correct! Just like they are NOT the party for the whites….they’re the party for the elite. We will never have Unity when they accept division! Imagine if a white group came out and said…White Lives Matter! They would be called racist and “White Supremist!” More Whites were killed by police than Blacks and Hispanic’s. Makes me wonder how many Whites were killed by Black police officers. But those lives don’t matter? Imagine painting roads with “Latino Lives Matter”…”White Lives Matter”….”Asian Lives Matter”….what would Blacks think? I am a 4th generation American. My family is mixed with my Latino heritage, White…. Black…..Hispanics! The American potluck. What the Dems is creating is “Black Supremacy”….all I can say is…WHY? Even my Black family realizes this is bad for ALL ppl. We want to see Unity for all our loved ones! Liberal politicians are not mixed and blended to understand what this means to us. Dems use division to gain votes…and then what happens after the election? They go back to their rich world surrounded by the Elite. They don’t care if our police are liquidated, our homes are ravaged, women are raped and our loved ones killed. WHY? Because they live protected and secure… in gated communities, surrounded by walls…. with security guards! It is racist and prejudice to vaccine a particular group of ppl first! The weak and most vulnerable should be vaccinated first… regardless of skin color. White is not a race…but a mix of many different nationalities! I’d like to see my elderly grandparents and all the seniors vaccinated first. Second should be those with health issues and underlying issues. This is the right thing to do! Dems don’t think about ALL the ppl. That’s sad!

  227. Isn’t choosing who gets vaccinated first by color? RACIST? Or are black and browns responsible for the spreading of the virus? Which is it???

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