Sure AOC, It’s Bread, Not BLM Terrorism!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs to come up with reason for the crime surge. However, the Democratic Representative decides to blame the spike in crime on unemployed residents who need “some bread” as opposed to the Black Lives Matters protesters tearing the city apart from the inside out.

Those who have lost their job to unemployment have access to unemployment benefits – and generous ones considering the CARES Act has extended the benefits into July at this point. If people are hurting for bread money, there are plenty of government programs to help them.

People are capable of buying bread. That is hardly the reason for the increase in crime – and AOC knows it.

AOC can’t speak the truth, though. She’s the ringleader for the young left. She won’t blame the uptick in crime on the NYPD budget cuts, either. With less police around, people have the ability to commit crimes more freely without the potential of being caught.

This is what the Dems wanted, right? They wanted to cut NYPD budgets as a way to teach the police that they messed up. It should have no impact on the lives of New Yorkers, right?

AOC’s virtual townhall was met with a number of questions, including the uptick in “violent” crimes.

She responded with, “Do we think this has to do with the fact that there’s record unemployment in the United States right now?”

AOC, as usual, has no idea what she’s talking about. There’s a big difference between shoplifting some bread and committing a violent crime. If there are some people who are shoplifting bread to feed their family, as she indicates, they are doing so under the radar. They’re not doing so violently.

Perhaps AOC should look at dealing with that type of NYC crime, then. If she honestly believes that is the reason for the spike in crime, that’s easy enough to fix. Let’s send some of that funding that was taken from the NYPD’s budget and give it to the food kitchens throughout the city. With the kitchens having more loaves of bread, they can give it to the families who are in need. Then, no more crime.

Oh, wait. That won’t work. What AOC won’t admit is that the violent crime isn’t coming from the sporadic families who need to shoplift a loaf of bread.

Meanwhile, the NYPD is increasing an increase of shootings and other violent crimes over the past few weeks. Officials have even gone as far as saying that there’s a “storm on the horizon” with the crime levels – perhaps BLM protesters are planning to turn NYC into the next Seattle, complete with a CHOP zone. Who knows, maybe AOC will be their ringleader, too.

Over the weekend, there were 15 shootings in 15 hours. This is one week following the violent 4th of July weekend with 44 shootings and at least eight dead. But, sure, it’s all over people not getting enough bread to feed their families.

The congresswoman has been a loud supporter of defunding the police. Once De Blasio announced a $1 billion round of budget cuts, she spoke out against it. Speaking out against the cuts is good, right? Nope. She was speaking out because she didn’t think that he went far enough. Instead, she wants to see the entire department defunded.

Meanwhile, when people ask her what a world looks like once the police has been defunded, she says that it “looks like a suburb.” What does this even mean?

Perhaps AOC should spend time in a suburb before she answers with such a ridiculous response. Suburbs have crime, too. They have police, too. The reason that suburbs are the safer place to be are twofold: the populations are fewer and they have police who have yet to be defunded.

AOC may not realize the importance of the police until it affects her personally, as has been the case with other Dems. Once she’s personally affected by the crime, she’ll be screaming to give the NYPD their funding back.

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