Sure AOC, It’s Bread, Not BLM Terrorism!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs to come up with reason for the crime surge. However, the Democratic Representative decides to blame the spike in crime on unemployed residents who need “some bread” as opposed to the Black Lives Matters protesters tearing the city apart from the inside out.

Those who have lost their job to unemployment have access to unemployment benefits – and generous ones considering the CARES Act has extended the benefits into July at this point. If people are hurting for bread money, there are plenty of government programs to help them.

People are capable of buying bread. That is hardly the reason for the increase in crime – and AOC knows it.

AOC can’t speak the truth, though. She’s the ringleader for the young left. She won’t blame the uptick in crime on the NYPD budget cuts, either. With less police around, people have the ability to commit crimes more freely without the potential of being caught.

This is what the Dems wanted, right? They wanted to cut NYPD budgets as a way to teach the police that they messed up. It should have no impact on the lives of New Yorkers, right?

AOC’s virtual townhall was met with a number of questions, including the uptick in “violent” crimes.

She responded with, “Do we think this has to do with the fact that there’s record unemployment in the United States right now?”

AOC, as usual, has no idea what she’s talking about. There’s a big difference between shoplifting some bread and committing a violent crime. If there are some people who are shoplifting bread to feed their family, as she indicates, they are doing so under the radar. They’re not doing so violently.

Perhaps AOC should look at dealing with that type of NYC crime, then. If she honestly believes that is the reason for the spike in crime, that’s easy enough to fix. Let’s send some of that funding that was taken from the NYPD’s budget and give it to the food kitchens throughout the city. With the kitchens having more loaves of bread, they can give it to the families who are in need. Then, no more crime.

Oh, wait. That won’t work. What AOC won’t admit is that the violent crime isn’t coming from the sporadic families who need to shoplift a loaf of bread.

Meanwhile, the NYPD is increasing an increase of shootings and other violent crimes over the past few weeks. Officials have even gone as far as saying that there’s a “storm on the horizon” with the crime levels – perhaps BLM protesters are planning to turn NYC into the next Seattle, complete with a CHOP zone. Who knows, maybe AOC will be their ringleader, too.

Over the weekend, there were 15 shootings in 15 hours. This is one week following the violent 4th of July weekend with 44 shootings and at least eight dead. But, sure, it’s all over people not getting enough bread to feed their families.

The congresswoman has been a loud supporter of defunding the police. Once De Blasio announced a $1 billion round of budget cuts, she spoke out against it. Speaking out against the cuts is good, right? Nope. She was speaking out because she didn’t think that he went far enough. Instead, she wants to see the entire department defunded.

Meanwhile, when people ask her what a world looks like once the police has been defunded, she says that it “looks like a suburb.” What does this even mean?

Perhaps AOC should spend time in a suburb before she answers with such a ridiculous response. Suburbs have crime, too. They have police, too. The reason that suburbs are the safer place to be are twofold: the populations are fewer and they have police who have yet to be defunded.

AOC may not realize the importance of the police until it affects her personally, as has been the case with other Dems. Once she’s personally affected by the crime, she’ll be screaming to give the NYPD their funding back.

2,069 thoughts on “Sure AOC, It’s Bread, Not BLM Terrorism!”

    1. Hey, AOC, former mixologist, why don’t YOU share some of YOUR bread, with these poor hungry souls????? You make more now, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility for you to do so. Practice what you preach, then lecture the rest of us mortals.

          1. Amen! Hay stupid Cortez why don’t you go back to south america and pound sand. You stupid democrats are are a bunch of commie bastards who need to be put in prison for being traders to this country. BLM is a terrorist organization that should be prosecuted for all the crimes they have committed.

        1. What I don’t understand is why did Americans be so stupid enough across our country(what’s left of it)to elect demoncraps? People are so stupid. How did these pukes even get into Trumps Whitehouse in the first place? The Senate elections a few years ago we voted Republican all the way! We knew something was extremely wrong and monstrous and vicious about that party of hatred! Why are Americans so weak and easily swayed by these vicious insane nutty evil communists? Why would anyone vote them in? That filthy ilk ilhan, ugly monster, that vicious cooky Cortez and puke Pelosi, shifty Schumer degenerate deblasio? Why do brainwashed idiots who can’t see the forest from the trees vote them in? Well! This is another fine mess you’ve all gotten our country into by voting wrong! Wake up America! Before it’s too late! Vote for the red! Red, white and blue striped forever! God help America!

          1. New King James Version Matthew
            and in the morning, ‘It will be foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.

            So which of you is ready for Jesus’ return.??? Your man Trump has just said he wishes well a credibly accused pedifile, has mixed-signaled a national pandemic so that it is now a disaster.. and who “takes no responsibility” *his words, not mine) And that is the news just for THIS week.

            Why are you not talking about Putin putting bounties on the heads of our soldiers.??? Why does AOC even rate a comment, when you have an elephant in the room?

          1. so sam… you have some personal knowledge about this….???? out of the mouth comes the workings of the heart.

    2. AOC doesn”t know shit from shinola. Iam very surprised she is a congress woman.How could anybody in their right mind vote for someone like that.

      1. That’s what I would like to know. Why do any of the liberal Socialists get elected? They have done nothing for the American people, in years, and if they are given control they will finish destroying America. Why in God’s name would anyone with even half a brain vote for the downfall of the US? It’s hard to believe there are that many Dems., that are that stupid. It’s beyond my comprehension.

        1. dear Phyllis,
          are you wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. ????
          Because this nation is going through one of the biggest tests or our personal immune systems ever conducted. Usually being a human guinea pig requires being told you were a part of an experiment. We are not being told. A loss of ethics at the top? Just same old republican disinformation campaign.??

          You really won’t need to worry about AOC if most of you are dead.

      2. Who kept Amozon from bringing in thousands of jobs which equal money for food. That is what happens when people are hungry. These people need jail time and they get fed there.

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    1. I guess CORTEZ never went hungry or had to-do without something she needed or wanted butdidnt have any money. YOU
      sorry SOBB. Cortez and the squad need to. Go. Hungry or have a hungry child and no money.

      1. Seems to me AOC is the perfect example of today’s youth. Mommy and Daddy did all for them, now they don’t know what to do or think, and our education system taught them well.

        1. AOC tries to play the “I’m so pitiful card because I represent the Bronx” when she was actually raised in Westchester County and her father was an architect. She says that her mother was a maid but wasn’t it her grandmother living in Puerto Rico actually the maid? Didn’t she graduate from Brown which is unbelievably expensive and as a Brown business graduate would have allowed her to have any job she chose? Or had she already been picked in a “cattle call acting audition” to run for Congress and she was killing time being a bartender? Good thing she got out of her bartending job when she did or she might be out of work now and having to get her unemployment and her extra $600.00 a week. She blew the Amazon deal. Will her constituents vote her back in? She does appear to be an expert in playing the “race card”.

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  77. This is how the Democrats run things don’t be fooled by the lies.
    They are the ones who cater what ever mob mentality that will get them elected.
    Everything comes as a cost in this world.
    Sure I don’t like everything the president
    Says but policies have been spot on.
    The economy was running good, Democrats had to come up with a way to destabilize that. Sure
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    Defund police that’s dumb unless you want to destabilize government.
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  82. This, this thing, this so called congresswoman is a complete full circle idiot!!! How she received enough votes to get where she is? Must be investigated and votes recounted!!! We The People can’t afford this amount of incompetence.
    Please vote responsibly!!!

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