Well Done, Cuomo! NYC Has the Worst COVID-19 Death Rate Than Any Nation on Earth

Well Done, Cuomo! NYC has the Worst Covid-19 Death Rate Than Any Nation on Earth

Woo hoo! I did it…I killed the most people. This is what it practically sounded like when Andrew Cuomo held a press conference on Monday to celebrate the response to Covid-19, complete with a poster.

The Covid-19 death rate is skyrocketing across NYC, making it higher than any nation. Normally, having the most of something is a good thing. Death, however, not good. Why is it that Governor Cuomo doesn’t know this?

His poster shows his epic inadequacies as a governor. New York state was not only the epicenter of the virus but also the poster child for other states of “Don’t Be Like New York.” The death tally is over 32,000 deaths.

Whoever created the poster was not only in denial over what was happening but clearly had no guidance, either. At the top, it says “Wake Up America! Forget the Politics, Get Smart!” Too bad Cuomo and his buddy NYC mayor Bill De Blasio can’t take their own advice.

It’s as if they have no idea just how bad things were in New York compared with the rest of the country. They take credit for all the “good” they did, complete with a table at the bottom of the poster with a “New York State Leads Again.” Though, being the leader is not always a good thing, especially with the words only inches from the politicians’ heads that reads, “111 days of hell.”

Congratulations, New York. You’re the leaders. You’re the ones leading your people right to the morgue. You’re leading the United States into the highest numbers around the globe.

Is the governor looking for an “atta boy?” from someone? He’s got Trump pictured sitting on the moon with his feet dangling in the poster with the words “It’s Just the Flu” – though it’s not supposed to be political.

He’s got a picture of the swab that goes up the nose, but that’s not supposed to scare people away from getting tested.

There’s not one graphic or piece of information on the poster that makes any sense. None of it shows New York in a good light. It’s ridiculous – yet Cuomo holds an entire press conference to show it off.

New York as a state had more deaths per 1 million people than any other country. In fact, you could start adding quite a few countries together and New York still takes the cake.

Cuomo sits proudly to show off his poster. He’s truly that ignorant. He has the audacity to sit there and show off a poster that reads “New York Tough” along with the words “smart,” “united,” “disciplined,” and “loving.”

None of those words can be used to describe New York at the beginning of the pandemic or now. It’s as if the poster was drawn by someone who doesn’t know anything about what happened. It’s what they wish happened.

Where was “smart” when Cuomo was tweeting for New Yorkers to get out and see a show? Where was “Smart” when Cuomo said he wouldn’t approve a “Shelter in place” order?

Where was “united” when he let BLM protesters rip apart NYC?

Where was “disciplined” when he allowed protesters to go out without masks? Where is the discipline, still, as budget cuts are being made to prevent discipline with the help of the NYPD?

Where was “loving” when there have been shootings and stabbings throughout NYC as the protests become increasingly more violent?

Cuomo, you’re delusional. The Covid-19 death rate is higher in New York than anywhere else on the planet. You don’t get to hold a press conference to claim how awesome New York is. Yes, you set the standard – the standard of what not to do.

As for that poster – it’s a joke. It is political and it isn’t smart. Send it back for editing to show just how horribly you have completely failed as a governor.

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