Well Done, Cuomo! NYC Has the Worst COVID-19 Death Rate Than Any Nation on Earth

Well Done, Cuomo! NYC has the Worst Covid-19 Death Rate Than Any Nation on Earth

Woo hoo! I did it…I killed the most people. This is what it practically sounded like when Andrew Cuomo held a press conference on Monday to celebrate the response to Covid-19, complete with a poster.

The Covid-19 death rate is skyrocketing across NYC, making it higher than any nation. Normally, having the most of something is a good thing. Death, however, not good. Why is it that Governor Cuomo doesn’t know this?

His poster shows his epic inadequacies as a governor. New York state was not only the epicenter of the virus but also the poster child for other states of “Don’t Be Like New York.” The death tally is over 32,000 deaths.

Whoever created the poster was not only in denial over what was happening but clearly had no guidance, either. At the top, it says “Wake Up America! Forget the Politics, Get Smart!” Too bad Cuomo and his buddy NYC mayor Bill De Blasio can’t take their own advice.

It’s as if they have no idea just how bad things were in New York compared with the rest of the country. They take credit for all the “good” they did, complete with a table at the bottom of the poster with a “New York State Leads Again.” Though, being the leader is not always a good thing, especially with the words only inches from the politicians’ heads that reads, “111 days of hell.”

Congratulations, New York. You’re the leaders. You’re the ones leading your people right to the morgue. You’re leading the United States into the highest numbers around the globe.

Is the governor looking for an “atta boy?” from someone? He’s got Trump pictured sitting on the moon with his feet dangling in the poster with the words “It’s Just the Flu” – though it’s not supposed to be political.

He’s got a picture of the swab that goes up the nose, but that’s not supposed to scare people away from getting tested.

There’s not one graphic or piece of information on the poster that makes any sense. None of it shows New York in a good light. It’s ridiculous – yet Cuomo holds an entire press conference to show it off.

New York as a state had more deaths per 1 million people than any other country. In fact, you could start adding quite a few countries together and New York still takes the cake.

Cuomo sits proudly to show off his poster. He’s truly that ignorant. He has the audacity to sit there and show off a poster that reads “New York Tough” along with the words “smart,” “united,” “disciplined,” and “loving.”

None of those words can be used to describe New York at the beginning of the pandemic or now. It’s as if the poster was drawn by someone who doesn’t know anything about what happened. It’s what they wish happened.

Where was “smart” when Cuomo was tweeting for New Yorkers to get out and see a show? Where was “Smart” when Cuomo said he wouldn’t approve a “Shelter in place” order?

Where was “united” when he let BLM protesters rip apart NYC?

Where was “disciplined” when he allowed protesters to go out without masks? Where is the discipline, still, as budget cuts are being made to prevent discipline with the help of the NYPD?

Where was “loving” when there have been shootings and stabbings throughout NYC as the protests become increasingly more violent?

Cuomo, you’re delusional. The Covid-19 death rate is higher in New York than anywhere else on the planet. You don’t get to hold a press conference to claim how awesome New York is. Yes, you set the standard – the standard of what not to do.

As for that poster – it’s a joke. It is political and it isn’t smart. Send it back for editing to show just how horribly you have completely failed as a governor.

179 thoughts on “Well Done, Cuomo! NYC Has the Worst COVID-19 Death Rate Than Any Nation on Earth”

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    1. Cuomo is a big fool. New York city has become a place of death in the streets and with him and his team the way they handled the covid 19. New York city is run by a team of fools, it has become a place of danger. Cuomo can say America was never that great, that is not words of a leader, that is words of a fool. Cuomo should get out of America if he thinks like that. AMERICA IS THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH. Cuomo should go we do not need leaders of his kind. To say something like that sound like he may not belong in AMERICA. Who is Cuomo that can say things about America???????????????? I will tell you he is one big fool along with his team of fools.

      1. In the beginning of this Pandemic, I hold leadership responsible for their slow reaction. But leadership is not responsible for the spread of COVID 19 since the middle of April. The people who refused to wear mask and take the necessary precautions are responsible for the health and death of others in NY make no doubt about it. Mayor Cuomo put standards in place to stop this rebellious behavior but it take all of us working together that will achieve the most needed goal and will save lives and eradicate this virus.

        1. Governor Cuomo has much blood on his hands. He is responsible for over 6,000 deaths, needless, and preventable. The reason being, not his ignorance or oversight, miscalculation, or any other reason than pure deliberate act so that he can blame this on the President. Doesn’t he know that people are not stupid? I hope that his shenanigans come to bite him big time.

          1. so if we can forgive Trump for his failures at leadership.. then we can forgive the more minor failures of cuomo.
            But Trump continues….. hope you all wear a m ask and socially distance.

          2. dear stefan,
            you have to admit that President Trump’s disinformation campaign about this virus has contributed largely to this pandemic going out of control. Take, for instance, Trump and Pompeo sending 18 million tons of the nation’s PPE to China on 2/7, same day he was told by World health and his own administration that the pandemic was coming. (see twitterfeed) then “it will go away like a miracle” “it will go away in a few days, like the flu” ” it will not be around in the summer” repeat every few days….then the recommendation to inject chlorox and lysol, which injured some folks…. then forcing/publically pushing rapid reopening of many state’s businesses without reference to the viral load i their communities… one of the key safety points of the administration…. then “there will be testing” which is still not true, unless you are a white house staff member…we are in a covid surge, out of beds, and testing is sent across the state to a remote spot because the city is out of all the ingredients for testing. What is that all about??? I requires coordination at the national level. And then there is the Trump/Pence signa l where, as an example, neither one of them wears a mask.

        2. Do some research on the new surge Jeronda and those masks you are referencing. This is no longer even close to a pandemic execept in enclaves like Cuomos, etc.. And all are dim wit enclaves in states, counties and citiies. Covid death rate is lower than flu. This was and is not a real pandemic. Much ado about nothing except where the old folks and compromised souls and that would exist with flu too. Check the numbers and the facts and then post your thoughts. Guess you a drinking the DNC koolaid.

          1. dear SDOFAZ
            Where is your research? I am in a southern red state with n umbers surging, along with the death rate, EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR PAST 3 WEEKS. It was predictable, based on information from our state governor, working against local governments to try to get masks and social distancing in place. Even with that measure, my bank has been closed now for 2 weeks due to covid contamination, because people entering the bank went in unmasked (a few) and no social distancing. It is very sad, and very scary.
            By the way, flu is scarier than many people acknowledge. Just before the pandemic broke, there were some folks in 30’s who were placed on ventilators, BUT THEY SURVIVED. Death rate for covid exceeds the flu rate of .5%… it is as much as 6 or 7%…. spread across the american population with no vaccine, that could translate into 23 million American souls. I do not wish this on anyone


        4. Thank you Jeronda. The unhappy truth of this pandemic is that we were not prepared, and then did not have leadership for American citizens. We could have known about this pandemic as early as November… did know about it, but had pulled the US task force out of Wuhan late in 2019. A conspiracy theorist could charge that this was a part of a plot to undermine the health of the US, since in February of 2020, the same day US was warned by WHO that there was a pandemic coming, and Pompeo, with Pres. Trump’s permission, sent 18 million tons of the nations PPE to China. No, I do not think this was a coordinated desire to undermine US health, but undermining US health and the health of its frontline workers is exactly what happened. Right now, the red states in the south, encouraged by a confused mixed signal from the top, and no masks and no social distancing when businesses open, are now low in PPE and ventilators again. At least Cuoma placed a roadmap for bending down the curve on disease transmission, but we have “antimaskers” making public statements, and folks with AR15’s showing up at the government houses in MI. For all of those anti-maskers… would you go into surgery if your entire OR team pulled off their masks? I bet you wouldn’t consider it a right of the OR team to unmask, and it is all about prevention of diseases from other people breathing on you.
          For Pete’s sake…. pay attention to good public health information and contact your doctor, not your representative, in a pandemic.
          Appreciate your attention.
          (you can verify on twitterfeed of 2/07/20 about the 20 million tons of PPE going to China, for US stores of supplies.)

          1. Yep. The confabulated data, you know the ones where false test are positive, and all co-morbidity is a listing for 19, yes and all the poor equipment poored into countries from good upstanding communist China, the waffling and lies by models and that facui what’s his name, and that melodrama lady bircha, or something or other; and recall how honest the WHO has always been! It is sure a good thing that the democratic socialist are so smart and all knowing, they are the savants of the universe! Am glad all the would-be marxist, and will-own everything elitist oligarchs of such leftist genius, will convince enough people that hell on earth is a heaven for them! No better masters to become lords than these self-brilliant leaders whose self-gifts are destined to enslave the nations and peoples of the world for their own good, don’t cha know.

        5. Yes. He has done good to stand against the violent riots of blm and antifa; that took great courage to call out those people for spreading a flu-like virus! And all the families of those in the nursing homes who lost loved ones can give him their thanks as well! Those who lost life because they could not get medical help for other issues, their families can thank the tide Cuomo’s great courage turned! Those whose family was impacted by criminality let lose from prisons and easy bail, they give Cuomo their thanks as well! Yep. The dumbo brothers, the matter rioters, the criminals unleashed, the old folks left to die, the exceptional crisis planning from the previous years, yep, the jackasses have done real well….

          1. Dear terry t.l.
            where are you on first ammendment rights?
            do you want it, that citizens will be pulled off the streets in unmarked cars, taken by unidentified persons in combat gear, held without charges and without known location?
            where is your anger about that?
            clearly you accept information without verification…. about this virus. It is not anything like the flu. I am a frontline worker. After you lose your kidneys, your dialysis machine may not work because your clotting factors are so messed up, your blood clots off the machine.
            that is just one of dozens of reality shows that would go on in the room of a covid 19 sufferer.
            And how are we getting 100’s of covid positive babies? Whereas people with good sense would not be exposing their babies to the flu (cannot be protected, and flu is also lethal in cases”, why do people not care that their babies get covid, and we do not know the long term outcome?
            terry, are you one of those foreign bots, who would like Americans to self destruct on this covid infection?

      2. FACTS: Dr. Fauci praised Coumo for have lowered the number of cases in NY by insisting on wearing face masks, social distancing and gradually reopening businesses, he ordered the NY National Guard to assist the medical professionals, gave a daily briefing, consulted with the medical experts. Compare that to trump’s response: did not listen to CIA in December of last year that China was experiencing the virus or his military intelligence, minimized the virus initially, suggested the use of an antimalarial drug to treat the virus but can cause a heart attack and Dr. Fauci would not approve its us since he did not have any scientific date to recommend its use, suggested the use of an disinfectant to treat the virus, does not wear a mask, pressured state governors to reopen their businesses so he could be reelected and now at least 30 states have had a significant increase in new cases and deaths which he is responsible for since he is so selfish, recently stated the virus will just disappear. He is ignorant, does not heed the advice of medical experts in the field of infectious diseases and he has totally mismanaged this virus to the point that many elderly will not vote for him because of that. St. Mother Teresa: if anyone judges another they have no time for love.

    2. Of all of you New Yorker’s that are complaining about your communist Mayor and your communist Governor. I would ask. HOW MANY OF YOU VOTED FOR HIM? You wanted a communist because you thought you could get more freebies. Now all of you are screaming when you realize exactly what you get with communism, LIBERALISM!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID is as STUPID DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now there is another LIBERALIST, trying to destroy the United States of America. His name is Biden. Remember when he was the laughing hygiene beside monkey boy, Berry Soetoro aka Obama. The two of them almost destroyed America. I HOPE ALL OF YOU FOOLS WILL SOBER UP STOP DOING ALL YOUR MAREJUANA AND WHATEVER OTHER DRUG OF CHOICE THE LIBERALISTS FAVER TODAY JUST LONG ENOUGH SO YOU CAN THINK AND REALLY TRY TO MAKE AT LEAST ONE INTELLIGENT DICISCION. VOTE FOR A CHRISTIAN, LIKE DONALD J TRUMP AND MIKE PENCE. AND DO A LITTLE RESEARCH TO SEE WHO OF YOUR CANTIDATES REALLY ARE CHRISTIANS. Hint, YOU CAN TELL BY THERE WORKS. IF THE DO GOOD you know like Donald J Trump. “VOTE FOR THEM” They will not let you down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I pray to GOD (YHVH) that enough of you fools will get enough since to do the intelligent thing and VOTE FOR TRUE CHRISTIANS! I pray in Jesus’ Name AMEN.

      1. Revelations 7:9 is the views of the Christian God. If you’re really a Christian than please know that every deed and every word that proceeds from your mouth, you will be held accountable for by a righteous God. Obama or Biden may not be Christians but God said respect all men and that applies to those whom you like and don’t like. I didn’t vote for Cuomo the second time he ran for office but his responses to Covid 19 scored him major points. Your comments about monkey this and monkey that doesn’t deserve a response. Over all grow up.

        1. wow. delusion in it’s truest sense. how can anybody with the slightest degree of intelligence applaud cuomo for his response to the covid? and now his response to defund the police, supporting the protesting and rioting and lack of action on the new york crime wave is just absolutely astonishing. cuomo is arrogant and corrupt. he blames everyone else for his massive failures. where is his support for the lackluster deblasio? he hasn’t lifted a finger to assist what is happening to the toilet of nyc.


        3. Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21 are THE REVEALED will of the LORD God, the whole of it- read it through. That Lamb is the Son of God, God come in the flesh to tabernacle among us, to seek and to save! Do you really think the Father of Light, Truth, and Life stands with the things the socialist democrats stand for? You fool yourself if you do. Those who believe that Jesus Christ is the lamb slain before the foundation of the world shall stand in his overcoming this world! Only Behold, Jesus stands at the door and knocks!

          1. Dear terry,
            praised God you believe in Jesus. On the other hand, early christians shared everything in common… a practice that is often despised in the way “socialists” handle personal property.
            By the way, democrats are not socialist necessarily, you would have to be specific, I am just answering the charge that sharing all things in common is somehow “unchristian”.

      2. Dr. Bruce, I am a christian and Trump is not. clearly you have drunk the Jim Jones koolaid… many people thought Jim JOnes was christian also.
        You know a christian by their works.

        1. you can’t possibly be a christian. you are too much of a hypocrite. keep drinking the dumbocratic koolaid. seems to serve you well

          1. a hypocrite based on…..? let me help you out with a definition:
            What is being a hypocrite?
            noun. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

          1. I do not support the lock-em-up baby jailers in the trump administration, and I do not think you should grab women by the p…sy.

        2. It is sad that you believe this drivel. It is amazing that you know the heart of another person, and speak for God Most High!

          1. terry
            we are called to “test the spirits and whether they be of God”. Trump does not conform to any sign of Christian goodness that I have learned:
            Not separating families at border and locking up babies
            Not grabbing women by the pussy
            Not sending the nation’s PPE to china at the known beginning of the pandemic
            and still lying about availability of PPE, ventilators, testing
            Not spraying peaceful protestors with pepper spray and tear gas
            not lying about known truths * ref Wallace interviews on Fox News^
            *which shot of Wash DC mall showed the bigger crowd?* Inaug-
            uration crowd…. Trump’s was not larger
            Not pursuing his enemies with vile accusations and the US Justice system
            because if he believed in God, he would know that it is God who avenges,
            and we are instructed to not take vengeance
            Not pulling out the embedded research team at Wuhan, months before the
            crisis…. and “takes no responsibility”
            Much else besides… and these are not the marks of a christian. By the way, the most notorious anti-abortion leader in the last few decades was ADOLF HITLER, who made it a death penalty offense. So do not tell me that your stand on abortion (against it) means anything, when you do nothing to protect women, children, access to healthcare , food, shelter. Not christian.

      3. There are many many Christians in New York State. Don’t throw all of us under the bus. I believe 49% of us voted for our President Donald Trump. I really don’t know of any who voted for Cuomo, The democratic party has ruled N.Y. S, for many yrs. that’s why were in such a mess. But we really have some very good, & hopefully Christian people who are still here. I would like to leave here & get away from all the taxes we pay.. but alas were too old. Sally

      4. trump a true Christian? you are delusional! Prove that Cuomo is a communist and do you know why Marx wrote Das Kaptal, have you read it or do you know the two philosophers he relied on for his theory? If not, please be quiet for you only show your hate and ignorance. Trump is supported by the KKK and Neo Nazi hate groups the latter were responsible for the murders of Jews, Mexicans and Afro Americans under trump’s watch, the FBI reports and increase in hate crimes since he took office and the Jewish survivors of the Auschwitz death camp celebrating their 75th anniversary of their liberation expressed their concern that the US and Europe were leaning towards Nazism. trump’s statement: there are some good people in both the Nazi and Americans – tell that to a Jewish survivors of the death camps. He has totally destabilized the Middle East: moved our embassy to Jerusalem – forget peace between Israel and Palestine, abandoned the Iran nuclear treaty, now that country is developing its nuclear arsenal, abandoned our Kurdish allies; now ISIS and Russia have more influence in that area, abandoned Syria against the advise of General Mathis, totally mismanaged the corona pandemic; When trump wanted to send federal troops into Portland, General Kelley, his former chief of staff, said when we vote for a candidate we need to check our his ethics (morals) – trump has none, e.g., cheated on his wives and fondles women without their permission; disrespects veterans, e.g., Senator McCain, a true patriot and hero, who spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton and trump states he is not a hero because he was captured – tell that to the many former POWs when trump never served. His niece, Mary, in her recent book points out he was never loved and demand constant adulation. He has alienated our allies who think his ignorant or a clown. Over 70 of his staff were either fired or quit because he would not listen to their advice, e.g., General Mathis, Kelley, McMaster, etc.
        Finally, he is opposed to medical care for the poor, care for the environment and lies about
        the asylum seekers from South America being all criminals contrary to a report by the FBI
        and these issues are want Jesus wants us to care for as a way of loving our neighbors by doing this. Jesus would not approve of his behaviors or policies. St. Mother Teresa: if you judge anyone you have no time for love. Nemo dat quod non habet – you cannot give what you do not have: trump has no compassion, is arrogant, a racist narcissist and a bully which behaviors are not in keeping with the gospel values – by your fruits you shall know them I will pray for your conversion to the true values of the gospel.

      5. Hint… to bruce andrews
        a christian who has handled the Good Book before, would not hold it upside down. The man (Trump) has never handled a Bible before.
        Please pay attention to Timothy 2….”in those days, they will not listen to sound doctrine but will follow their own desires”

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    1. You are kidding with this article, right? I am NOT a fan of Cuomo at all, nor a liberal, but your stats are not proving your case. To say NY has a death rate higher than the world is not in your stats, in fact, NJ has a higher rate according to your chart. Cuomo is a preposterous phony and horrible governor, no doubt, but your article doesn’t make your case.

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  62. what a bunch of lies: trump initially did not believe CIA report in December of last year that the corona pandemic was present in China nor his military intelligence report in January of this year of this phenomenon and he did nothing about it.
    He promoted an antimalarial drug which can cause a heart attack and Dr. Fauci indicated that there was no scientific evidence that this drug was effective and did not have any harmful effects. He even suggested research in using a disinfectant in treating this virus. He rarely uses a mask, had a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma which was having an increase in new cases and deaths due to the virus. He has encouraged the reopening of businesses too soon and now these states: California, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, etc., have an increase in new cases and deaths to the point that in some of these states, they do not have enough room in their hospitals to care for these people. Governor Cuomo’s management of the virus was much better, informing people daily, relying on expert medical advice, moving slowly and in stages to reopen businesses and calling out the National Guard to assist. As for all these riots of the BLM protesters – there were few and many protesters discouraged others from looting and burning including George Floyd’s brother. Whites, blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Muslims, people from different ethnic backgrounds and religions all standing in solidarity in the cause of equal justice of laws by the police. Trump had a fence built around the White House, did not meet with the leaders of this movement, held up a Bible near a church while police were shooting the protesters with rubber bullets. Biden med with members of a black church, listened to their concerns and prayed with them – that is leadership, something trump does not possess.

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  66. cuomo is a complete and utter leftist, dem as*……The police should gather together and put his butt in jail……He seems to be a power hungry Idiot like his cohorts in congress…..STOP killing Americans and step down from office or people please vote him OUT…Save yourselves…..STUPID is as STUPID does.

  67. People may want to start worrying about ALL the UFO’s the military are seeing…..The World should start addressing this IMPORTANT issue….Or none of us will need to worry who wins the election.

    1. that comment is more appropriate for trump since the KKK and Neo Nazi hate groups support him the latter were responsible for the murders of Jews, Mexicans and Afro Americans under his watch,
      the FBI reports an increase in hate crimes since he took office. Dr. Mengele – trump: he pressured governors to reopen businesses in their states and now there has been a significant increase in new cases and deaths in those states, e.g., Florida had 15,000 new cases yesterday and now have no room in the hospitals for those infected – trump fits the bill for this one and is responsible for their deaths – is he trying to kill more that the Nazi did in the death camps? seems like it.

  68. I am yet to understand what kind of people would vote for Cuomo and DeBlasio. These guys are real idiots and if you voted for them or appointed them to any public office then your also an idiot. They have totally destroyed NYC.

    1. trump is the champion of all idiots – he has totally mismanaged covid 19; recently he stated the virus will just disappear. Now that is the mark of an ignorant idiot. At. least Cuomo was praised by Dr. Fauci for the way he managed to decrease the number of new cases and deaths caused by the virus. trump is responsible for the murders of man Americans since he pressured governors to reopen their businesses, e.g., Florida reported 15, 000 new cases in one day yesterday and they have no more room in their ICU’s to treat these patients.

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  70. Listen up/read! Cuomo is a Democrat, which means, he will not take any responsibility, specifically negative mishaps, under evaluating circumstances of any measure, but being a Democrat, they will always blame someone else. My bet, it will be President Trumps fault for Cuomo’s bad policies and decision making!

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