Delusional Hillary Still Thinks She Won the 2016 Elections

This is a proclamation that may seem outlandish to some but in our humble opinion, Hillary Clinton is the sorest loser in the history of American politics. During a recent appearance on the Daily Show, she spoke with Trevor Noah about one of the more commonly recited leftist fears. They all seem to be under the belief that President Trump would actively refuse to leave the White House if he loses the election.

Of course, Hillary was not content to stop there. She decided to continue with another one of her more common complaints. Clinton is never going to let the 2016 election go, for as long as she lives. This woman will never stop whining about what took place four years ago, even when it is obvious that people are getting tired of it.

The leftists are starting to become exhausted by her constant crybaby nonsense. If you have been paying attention, they are tired of it, too. Trevor Noah and the Hollywood liberals may be on her side but she is not fooling the rest of us. In her mind, the election of Trump is known as America’s original sin.

The liberal politicians seem to change their mind on America’s “original sin” at least once a week. At first, they were saying that it was slavery and telling everyone that America had a long history of neglecting the concerns of various minorities. Now, they are being told that everything was peachy keen until 2016, when the orange man showed up and ruined everything!

“Well, I think it is a fair point to raise as to whether or not, if he loses, he’s going to go quietly or not. And we have to be ready for that,” said Clinton. This is the sort of fear-mongering that the Democrats are peddling these days. They know that no one is going to want to vote for Biden and that no one who is going to vote for him is all that enthusiastic about it.

That’s why they are hammering away at the conspiracy theories about what Trump would do if he’s voted out of office. This is one of those “let’s cross that imaginary bridge when we come to it” type of things to us, but we digress. Biden is probably not going to win but the Democrats are still entertaining fairy tales about Trump’s supposed unwillingness to leave the White House.

Mind you, these are also the same people who claimed that Trump did not actually want to live in the White House because he had supposedly called it a “dump”. Now, they are claiming that he loves it so much that he’ll refuse to leave. These people need to pick a narrative and stick with it because this is getting more and more insane by the day.

Hillary Clinton is also using her platform to offer further endorsement of the Democrats’ phony scheme to fix the next election. They want everyone to simply mail in their ballots and of course, they can’t understand why anyone would see the issue with this. In their minds, this is the best solution and anyone who doesn’t think so is some sort of hater.

They will do whatever they can to make sure that Biden takes home the presidency, even if it means lying to everyone’s faces. Trump is being depicted as a spoiled baby who will refuse to leave and that is supposed to terrify all of the Democrats into falling in line. It’s hilarious and sad at the same time.

How many more times is Hillary going to do the “woe is me, the presidency was stolen from me” routine? We are not even being rhetorical here. It’s something that we want to put an actual number on, so that we know what to expect going forward. With any luck, we are finally done listening to her whine but that’s probably too much to ask for.

1,986 thoughts on “Delusional Hillary Still Thinks She Won the 2016 Elections”

    1. IF she thinks she is the winner, why hasn’t she been in the White House?? She is just another BIG, LOUSY, BLABBER MOUTH and doesn’t know when to SHUT UP!!!! I am SICK of all the CRAP she has done over the years and gotten away with it. I don’t understand WHY she NEVER has to come to Justice?? The Higher Ups must be AFRAID of her to what will happen to them. It is NOT fair for her and Bill to get away with all the rotten things they have done and never pay for it, must be because of all the $$$$ they have (Clinton’s) so they just get away with it all. Some day her time will come–God will see to it!! He is the one in charge!!!!

      1. Think the Hildadud was heavily invested in the pants suit industry but the bottom fell out when she lost the election.The double whammy was just too much for the old girl and shes started drinking the Biden Kool Aid

      2. 100% agreed! Good post. Mrs. Scandalous? Wow! The media outlets and their garbage. CNN, MSNBC all the slander and fake news. Hilary was in the White House to set up Obama to continue his path to destruction. Oh what a shame! The media is busy with their next move into rigging this election. They don’t know what God has planned ahead of them. We din’t mess with God. The bible teaches us to fear him. Lookout Hillary. Your day will come.

        1. Amen, GOD knows everything and is not a mistake that President Trump is the president today . He’s the one that put him in the White House . Actually the democrats are not fighting with President Trump , they’re fighting against GOD that’s why in every turn against the President they lost . Democrats don’t get it!😜

          1. Amen!! GOD put President Trump in the White House for such a Time as this!! Who could have stood in the natural against the evil swamp, Obama left overs stabbing him in the back and Using Generals, Politicians, Attorneys, with threats if they didn’t testify under oath what they wanted said?? You are right Shirley this is Good against evil!! This is the most important election in the History of America for which she stands: ONE NATION UNDER GOD!! So many have lost their way, I pray for Our President, Vice President, their Families, Our Military, it’s Citizens who still believe in Law and Order and the American Dream GOD GAVE US!!

        2. Wow!! Keith, you are so right! GOD knew America couldn’t withstand 8 more years of Obama Policy thru Hillary. It’s sad they sold out to the highest bidders, Uranium One Deal, corruption, Burisma, China, & the coverup for Benghazi!! These and their deep swamp do not care about the American People or our Military who fought for our freedom and gave their Lives! Her entitlement mentality, pay to play, hit list for those who tried to expose them is ALL COMING TO THE LIGHT, God’s Light!! They went in making a few hundred thousand a yr. came out Millionaires??? The swamp is not GOD FEARING and will surely reap what they have sown! The Worst is turning their sins around and blaming Our President after thinking they got away with trying to dismantle a Duly ELECTED President!! Have you noticed every accusation against Trump is something they’ve already done or getting ready to do!! The delusional minds of these in the swamp makes me wonder if God has tried so many times to reason with them, they refused. Now they’ve been turned over to a delusional reprobate mind!! You’re right, the Just Judge GOD, will have HIS final judgement on them.

      3. you ignore the fact that trump is guilty of attempting to bribe the Ukranian government for political gain as reported by two Republican senators who said he was guilty of the crime but did not want to impeach him since they did not want him be removed from office. Why did he not surrender his phone calls and documents if he is so innocent?
        Why did he not reveal his tax returns? What is he hiding? He is a liar and anyone who believes him is a fool. You judge the Clintons but conveniently ignore trump’s more grievious faults.

        1. you ignore the fact that Joeseph Strychasz is guilty of giving illegal blowjobs to the Ukranian government for pleasure as reported by two Republican senators who said he was guilty of the crime but did not want to inprison him since they did not want him be removed from giving free head. Why did he not surrender his phone calls and documents if he is so innocent?
          Why did he not reveal his tax returns? What is he hiding? He is a liar and anyone who believes him is a fool. You judge the Clintons as pedophiles but conveniently ignore Joeseph’s more grievious faults.

          1. He did surrender the phone calls. It’s the left who deal with Russia. And why are they after his tax records now? Why not before the 2016 election? They’re fishing and you know it.

          2. Why should President trump reveal his tax returns? His returns are just like yours; Private. They are none of anybodies business but his and the IRS.

          3. Suckme, you are right on. The only thing Joseph Strychasz needs to continue living is to hold that baby down, torture, rape and kill. He lives for that. Him and all the Democrats that are destroying our beautiful America. I demand that this Joseph show the entire country his tax returns. Oh, he says, it’s not a law and I don’t have to. Well neither is it a law for Trump to do it. It isn’t even a rule. It is something that most Presidents do just because they do. No President has to do this by law. The Democrats are just being snobs, and cry babies. I demand Joseph give us all the names of all the women and children he raped during his life time. I demand that he PROVE he is innocent of all crimes and to PROVE Trump is guilty of all crimes. Everything the Democrats have done to hurt Trump has been legally proven to be false. So whom is the real guilty party here? It is Joseph and all the Dirty, filthy scum slugs that crawled out of the sewers-the Democrats! I am praying for the torturous death of Joseph and the Democrats! Because I am sick to death of people that hate so deeply as to hurt everyone and that IS a crime!

        2. You still into the Ukraine non-scandal & impeachment farce?. Get a life & go fly a kite for some useful activity than obsessing with nonsense conspiracies.


          1. Couldn’t be said any better Alex! Sleepy Joe admitted it and it was recorded. Wonder what else he might slip up & admit about Hunter, Obama, Obamagate, Burisma if Trump pressures him for answers in Presidential Debate?? That’s exactly what Dems are fearful of & trying to use virus to keep him in basement!! Even if Donna Brazille steals the questions for him like she blatantly admitted giving to Hillary, he’ll forget them or how to answer!! Pop the popcorn, sit back enjoy the Dem circus like we’ve been seeing on National tv for almost 4 yrs. Maybe they’ll ask crooked Schiff to interpret for Biden!! LOL

        4. So how is helping Ukran going to get him more votes. to my knowledge they can’t vote in our election. But dems what to let people that are not citizens vote for them. were do you live. I only ask because you must be ok for me to come into your household not being part of family and tell them what to do and how to act.

        5. Oh you misspoke I guess your mind is damaged Joesph you have President Donald J. Trump, the PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT mixed up with sleepy joe and his son Hunter! Wake up sir.

        6. Before the telephone transcript was out Schiff made up his version but that did not help him. The lying liar has been recognized and didn’t too far. If Trump did what Hillary did all his team and himself would be rotting in prison. But the leftist lying liberals are Scott free (so far) because they are democrats with privilege.

      4. They just can’t decide, Is Hitler-y president or is Ovomit? Both of them are still playing WHITE HOUSE MUSICALCHAIRS….TRYING TO OUT DO EACH OTHER BY DEMANDING PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION TO THEIR RANTINGS AND RAVINGS. But the only ones that still cow down to them are the media and OLD EX-WHATEVERS.

      5. Well she dosnt have to face JUSTICE because she is a liberal SHI*BAG and for anyone to truly believe she wont the election(any part of it) is more then wrong but has forgotten or purposely neglected to remind everyone how many “dead people”voted for Hillary as well as “illegals” and democrats voting multiple times on top of it so i wonder how many times the dead people voted?So right there is 10s of millions of votes that were actually Fraud and she is still free….not to mention Wasserman-Schultz the Traitor her self fixed the primary for her! So on top of all that bit of crime wave to get her in the race there were 10s of millions of mail in ballots that were meant for Trump that were Trashed!!! HELLO? What part of the election did Killary win?As far as i can tell not any part of it!!!?!!! Wake up shmucks and stop listening to the dribble out there!??!?!?!

      6. The only thing the fool lost was her credibility, what little she had, and what little bit of brain she had. The only ones who voted for her where either drunk all the time, stoned or totally uneducated. Popular vote means nothing and she knows it.

      7. Yes I agree and that BS about Trump calling the White HOuse a “Dump” is a lie. He never called it a dump in fact the only one who called it a dump is Barack and Michelle Obama. They didn’t want to live there until they converted it into an African decor palace for them. MIchelle was always griping about it.

      8. Yes I can’t understand why her and her so called husband are not behind bars, I heard she was killed along with Obama for the crimes against humanity and that there’s a double made of her living at their home with their daughter Chelsey just so all her fans don’t freak out from her death (WHY?)she’s the work of Satan and she needs to be handled and removed for the face of the earth from all those horrific crimes and death she’s caused even treason against our country that’s the least of them but the punishment for treason is death , I know our president has been working around the clock with the CIA , FBI the military all of them trying to bring all these evil corrupted people in can meet the maker, it cannot be room in our streets, Hillary Bill Clinton, Bill Gates crimes against humanity Obama George Soros Dr Fauci,NIH,CDC,all the News and social media Mark Zuckerberg and the Democratic Party for lying about black lives matter and screwing people out of all their donations which they had never intended to help the black community in which they’ve been trying to do genocide on them since the thirties and I’ve seen videos of victims that has been sterile said that they can’t produce babies any videos where vaccines is killed these black mothers babies intentionally and it’s still going on oh, I know the cabal cult has sucked in a lot of movie stars and people all over the world for the human trafficking I’m divorcing clinic and all them millions of mothers and children that came across the borders and all of them that they’ve been captured and held in cages for years underneath the cities of New York and California that’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever heard in my life and every one of those people’s names of me news about this are involved, stop the news paper for discriminating against our president I’m passing fake news about covid-19 and the rioters from an Tifa and upward together which is Hillary Clinton’s game that she got together and understand Depart of the Muslim Brotherhood communist gang that’s what’s disturbing our country and Hillary Clinton’s Bill gotten money did she worked with Jeff Epstein still in it all these babies my children and women put on Epstein’s Island when Hillary burned up all her emails and computers Bill Clinton had to go out and do seminars for all them sick pornographic from children that these men or women or whatever paid him $25,000 and up for a night or weekend on the island with any child age colors that excrete whatever of their choosing and I know Maxwell has been captured and now she has some stuff coming out her mouth about some of the horrible things that has been going on, I never president can’t do it all but he’s doing amazing job and God bless him and I know God picked him for us and also know that Joe Biden it’s in their shape or form to run a Boy Scout group that he’s just deployed for the Deep state democratic party Global Elite the one that’s running the government they just needed a body to go up against President Trump so they can turn us into a communist Nation along with the rest of the world I believe everything I said I believe with my heart I may be wrong but I’ve been following up on Illuminati the Freemasons the ball called all these people some for years I don’t believe I was sidelined I believe this is truth and I think American people we need to know the truth all of the truth please God please help our president and all the good people that he’s chosen to battle them alongside of him keep them safe the Harm’s Way and guide them to get rid of the evil in this world Amen

    2. You’re definitely a delusional insane sore LOSER.Don’t tell President Trump to go quietly for what? The whole knows you’re the Confirmed LOSER, so why not GO QUIETLY??? The President
      will REMAIN in the WH with LANDSLIDE WIN. Please EVAPORATE now. By Amelia

      1. The majority of Afro Americans and Hispanics will not vote for him due to his racism, some women who voted for him will not due to the way he treats women, and even the elderly will not vote for him due to the way he mismanaged the corona virus. you also ignore the fact that he is a narcissist, liar and bully

        1. The majority of Afro Americans and Hispanics will not let Joseph suck their cocks because he sucks so many white boy’s cocks. Boohoo, Joseph.

        2. I am one of the elderly and a disabled veteran and to be sure I WILL vote Trump in November. The potus you have described is no longer in office and most of the problems of today where his fault. Wake up and take your head out of your a**.

        3. Pro-Trumpers are just like Trump? Hell NO! These anti-American, pro-Trumpers are Putin’s boys. Everyone knows that without Russia helping him out, ol’ Trump would have gone nowhere except the garbage pail where every real American, now knows that he belongs! The FBI knows how the Russkis ‘helped out’. They WERE better computer-riggers than we, back in 2016. Vladimir was that afraid of Hillary. But now it’s time to kick the Russkis (who wrote excellent English here, btw, congrats on that) the hell out of our elections! Dosvidanya, you Russki, anti-Hillary fools!

    3. Hillary Clinton would have made a Great President if stupid Russian President Putin had not interfered in the 2016 election!!!!! Putin needs to be dealt with and I pray when Joe Biden becomes our President he will make Putin Pay big time!!!!!

      1. thank you Ronald – trump is out of his league with Putin, a former KGB officer, who orders the murder of anyone who is opposed to him. trump worships him and Putin has manipulated him and he does not even realizes it. The CIA had credible evidence that the Russians interfered in the 2016 elections and he believed Putin because he did not want his election to be compromised by the Russians and then people would believe that the Russians were partly responsible for his win.

          1. Joseph is the typical internet Rambo. He probably lives in his mommy’s green vinyl trailer, has no friends, most likely has never served one day in our Armed Forces, and has an IQ of his pet rock. Judging by his comments, he was most likely one of those dorky kids who picked his nose, ate the boogers, and all the other kids picked on him because of it. His mommy was most likely one of those reprobates that thought blowjob bill was a great man. The difference between clinton and ovomit is that bill liked to get BJ’s and ovomit liked to give them!

      2. And he will use Chinese money with child sweat shops to make them pay. Have libs totally forgotten about the way way China treats their citizens. You us to see it on the press. Joe Biden loves China that <remember, allows one child per household and kills unauthorized. Fact most of the time it's a girl. In Biden's lovely China boys are more likely to find work. Even if the first born is a girl she will be killed in hopes of a boy. If you get of the press tit and read something you would know

        1. AS AOC would say, the Dem., Party is filled with 75 to 90 year old political old cow farts. Hillary and Sanders, Biden and CBC are the front runners of the past.

      3. Your kidding right? That charge against Trump was proven false. The collusion with Putin was Hilary and Obama who gave him everything he wanted and where very friendly with him. How soon we forget. IF Joe Biden gets in the oval office Putin will be running this country along with Soros. Then you can kiss ALL your freedoms good by.

      4. Sleepy Joe Biden has a snowballs chance in hell of ever becomong POTUS. Do you really think the people of this great Nation would ever vote the Socialist-DemocRAts into power ??

    4. I do really feel bad for Hillary. It’s obvious she has a mental disorder which seems to be some voice that keeps putting strange ideas in her noggin’. Perhaps it’s time for her to visit a Psychiatrist for an evaluation. Then again she may feel the Doctor could possibly commit her to the Psych Ward at Walter Reed. There are most likely other issues as well which would be uncovered which would precipitate her commitment.

      1. since when do you have a medical degree in psychiatry or one in psychology or clinical social work? If you do not you are diagnosing her without having the proper credentials. If anything, trump is a narcissist and I can say that because I am a clinical social worker who can diagnose people. His behavior proves this: has no compassion, requires constant adulation, only thinks of himself, and thinks he is doing great which he is not.

        1. No, Joey, Hellary Clinton is a dirty cocksucker whore with shit for brains. She and Billy are pedophiles who should be locked away in prison for the rest of their lives. You must lick Hellary’s pussy. Gross!!!

        1. Kiss my ass, you little fucking faggot motherfucker. You must be a shit for brains Democrat. Liberals suck cocks.

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