Trump Calls Out Biden’s Decades of Selling Out America to Chinese Communists

President Trump has had enough of all the pro Biden rhetoric lately and he’s decided to start shedding his nonsensical policies. The Rose Garden press conference was an absolute doozy….if you are a Biden supporter. The whole agenda has been annihilated and we are 100 percent here for it. Trump spoke out about Biden’s relationships with the Chinese and he also spoke out about Hong Kong.

“Joe Biden’s entire career has been a gift to the Chinese Communist Party and to the calamity of errors that they’ve made. They made so many errors and it’s been devastating for the American worker,” said the president. China’s relationship with the World Health Organization was another point of contention.

Trump referred to the relationship between Biden and the WHO as one of the biggest economic disasters in the world’s history. The geopolitical effects were discussed as well. He left no stone unturned during his diatribe. Biden may have thought that he was safe from the harangue because of the social distancing policies but nothing could have been further from the truth.

According to Trump, Biden is responsible for the Chinese entitlement that he has been forced to deal with. He was the spearhead of the movement to provide China with favored nation status. Very few countries have this status and those that do are believed to be very lucky. The United States does not even have this status at the present time.

That’s how difficult the process is. In Trump’s mind, it is something that should have been asked for already but the nation was not led by people who actually knew what they were doing. Trump also had some choice words for Biden about his support of the Paris Climate Accord. This agreement is costly to our nation but Biden did not care at all. All he cares about is virtue signaling.

His whole campaign seems to be based on one simple idea: vote for me because I’m not Donald Trump. Biden does not have the ability to explain what he can actually do for the country because he is too busy trying to position himself as the anti Trump guy. He referred to the accord as one final gift to the Chinese. Biden has definitely been in the CCP’s pockets for some time now.

Trump also pointed out another fact that the leftists are not going to like. When Biden was vice president, over 10,000 factories departed. They all decided that it was time to take their business elsewhere. How can a man who has spent half a century working in the government be this incompetent? He wants everyone to believe that he has all of the answers but he has yet to make any real changes.

Trump was not content to stop there. He decided to come for Biden’s failures that are associated with foreign policy. Trump is mad that he has had to clean up the mess that Obama and Biden made when it came to their decisions in this regard. Our precious secrets have been stolen and our factories are being pillaged. If you would like to see the entire interview for yourself, this clip is a great watch.

The whole press conference is well worth your time, though. Biden may have thought that he would have the chance to skate before the general election rolls around but that is not going to happen. He is going against the sort of opponent that always pays attention. Trump is not about to fall victim to the leftist media spin like all of the others.

Biden’s days are numbered and we hope that this election is the last time that we have to endure his ramblings. The performances that he is putting on to try and make people forget about his failures are epic but they are not fooling anyone with a brain. We look forward to watching Trump put him in his place over the next few months.

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