Report: Leftwing Billionaire Soros Funded Groups and Individuals Behind Riots Since 2014

Back in 2015, two different organizations decided to fund the protests and riots and the news is finally coming to light. Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment and the Organization for Black Struggle both provided travel funding for any groups that were looking to protest. $300 was provided to individuals and groups received $1,000 apiece. MORE even decided to release a list of the folks who received this funding.

Some are probably wondering where these organizations were getting the money to fund the protesters’ travel. This is an obvious question that needs to be asked. The Open Society Foundation is responsible for offering up the monies. It will probably come as a surprise to no one that George Soros is the one who is funding that group and all of the protesters were receiving a handout from him.

That’s what he does. He uses his money to sow further discord in America and he does not care who knows it. There’s very little effort when it comes to concealing these actions. It’s like he is rubbing his money in the faces of all the conservatives who cannot afford to emulate his actions. The Open Society Foundation provided roughly $3 million in funding to those who wanted to travel to Ferguson.

Jeff Ordower is the man who received the funding and he was also responsible for distributing this money to the protesters. Soros tries to keep his own hands clean during these instances but the money trail always ends up leading back to him. The work that he did during the protests netted him enough cash to purchase a sizable home in the city of St. Louis.

These people need to stop pretending that they are trying to help out the folks who are being mistreated. It’s time for the Ordowers and Soros of the world to admit that they are only in it for themselves. Now that Ordower has a large home that he purchased with the money that he was collecting on behalf of the movement, people are finally willing to ask the right questions.

They should have been willing to do so from the very beginning, instead of blindly believing in these charlatans. Jeff was compensated handsomely for his work and provided with various bonuses. Does this sound like something that makes any sense to you? If he was willing to pocket the cash and buy himself a house, who knows how much more money was stolen from the people who actually need it?

If billionaires like Soros are looking to help out, why don’t they offer up their billions to the people who are most in need? We are sorry for the parade of questions but they are the furthest thing from rhetorical. It’s always interesting to see billionaires pretending that their money needs to be spent on items that do not go directly to the causes that they claim to be championing.

Palestinians were even paid to participate in the riots but apparently, they were not paid well enough. They had serious issues with their compensation. The riots that are taking place in the United States right now are operating under the same blueprint. The rioters receive money from the liberal billionaires who just want to see the country burn. The system is backed by these “well-meaning” people and the rest of the nation is too dumb to realize it.

The riots are being sold to the people as a necessary element of society but in reality, they are just another reason for the liberal elites to keep flexing their muscles. We feel sorry for all of the protesters that are being swept up in the current mania, under the belief that they are actually contributing to the betterment of America. Soros and his cronies will only continue to benefit from their extreme naivete going forward because they refuse to wake up and properly engage with the facts at hand.

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