The Dems’ New Normal: Upstate NY Now Under Travel Advisement Because of Escalating Violence

While this is a local news story, it is still noteworthy. We got a major kick out of it and we thought that you would, too. Of course, everyone is aware of the issues that are taking place in New York City right now. The city has turned into total chaos because of their astonishingly poor leadership. The violent crime spike that everyone predicted has already taken place and shootings are more commonplace than ever before.

City Hall, for their part, is taking away police funding and disbanding plainclothes officer units. New York is a beautiful state outside of the Big Apple, though. Upstate New York accounts for roughly 40 percent of the state’s population and is much larger than New York City, from a landmass standpoint. This particular story takes place in the Hudson Valley, in a small town called Fishkill.

The town is home to roughly 2,000 people and is best known for the prison that is located in their township. Their Village Council is keeping tabs on what is going on downstate and they are not pleased. In fact, they are looking to keep their local residents safe by issuing one of the more bizarre travel advisories that we have ever come across.

Anyone who decides that they are ready to visit New York City is going to have to follow the proper protocol. The violence that is taking place in the city that never sleeps is simply too much to bear. East Fishkill Councilman Anil Beephan issued the warning and he is very serious about the matter. “It is recommended that area residents exercise increased caution while visiting New York City,” said Beephan.

According to statistics that were provided by the New York Police Department, shootings are on the rise and the numbers are terrifying. Shootings went up 130 percent between the months of June and July. When the local news station spoke to Beephan about the order, he broke it down in very simple terms. “I just thought it would be important for residents in my town to know that there is an uptick in crime and they should be careful when they go down there,” Beephan said to News 12.

The advisory was also posted to the councilman’s official Facebook page. Beephan wants people to believe that they are going to be attacked at random if they visit New York City. This is the sort of fear mongering that takes place when people are unfamiliar with the areas that they are speaking about. It’s like Beephan lives in a past decade, when people who are from upstate New York were deathly afraid of the “big city”.

Sadly, this is not the first time that Americans have been told that they need to avoid certain cities in their own country. Amnesty International told their travelers to worry about heading to American cities because of the nation’s ongoing “gun crisis”. Meanwhile, there are a wide range of foreign countries who warned their citizens about traveling to American cities, including Denmark, France and Germany.

We hate to come down on the side of Fishkill here but we have no choice. If we are being completely honest, there is no way that we would be willing to travel to New York City anytime soon. Now that their mayor has given the streets over to the angry mobs, why would anyone want to drive all the way down to New York City? What used to be a fun excursion for upstate residents has now become a living nightmare.

It may sound like we are being snarky about what is going on but nothing is further from the truth. Fishkill’s policies may seem excessive to some but they are merely trying their best to keep their residents safe. We may have joked around about the advisories a bit but putting all of that aside, it is easy to see why this call was made by their councilman.

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