The Irony: White Liberal Terrorist Blames Their Own Crimes on Blacks

Back in May, Samantha Shader decided that it was in her best interests to whip a Molotov cocktail at a police car. Of course, the police did not share her level of enthusiasm about what took place. Four officers were inside of the car at the time and fortunately for them, the cocktail did not have a chance to ignite. We cannot begin to imagine how scary this must have been for them.

Shader may have believed that she would be let off the hook because the Molotov did not explode but the law is never going to judge you by the outcome. You are going to be judged by your intent at all times. She was arrested and now faces a litany of charges because of what she did. Shader pleaded not guilty last week.

The indictments that came down in June should have been enough to scare her out of that plea but she’s still fighting to prove her innocence. To make matters even worse for her, the incident was even captured on video. We’re not sure how she could possibly believe that a not guilty plea would work out well for her.

She clearly wanted to cause harm to these officers and their vehicle. That’s why she is going to be punished for her actions. As you already know, the liberals are not big on taking responsibility for their actions. This woman is already trying to claim that a black man made her do it. She didn’t want to throw the Molotov cocktail, you see.

Someone else made her do it! It’s the “I was just holding it for a friend” of legal defenses. We will see how that one works out for her. “She was approached on the street and given ‘the bottle’ by a black male, who was in a group with one other black male and a black woman,” according to the newspapers who are going along with this malarkey.

She even attempted to describe the man, like that is going to help her cause at all. The police are not exactly breaking down doors looking for this mythical figure who is going around handing out Molotov cocktails to white liberals. Shader also wants people to believe that she only took the cocktail because she was the only white person in the crowd and she wanted to protect the black people who were present.

No one is buying this story and we are unsure why she is selling it. Maybe she believed that she would be able to get away with what she did because of her skin color? That would be pretty ironic. Investigators have started to pick her story apart. It did not take much for all of these lies to start unraveling once people were willing to tug at the obvious dangling threads.

For starters, she is the one who drove to the protests with a car full of weaponry. Her car was chock full of the same bottles that were thrown at the cop car. A note was found in Shader’s car that makes her whole story look like a bunch of hogwash. “I found a few more glass bottles Than I thought I had, Though still not many. Wish I had more. BE SAFE Please. Really[.] Good Luck, – Love Tim,” the note read.

Timothy Amerman was immediately identified and is trying to claim that the bottles weren’t going to be thrown at the police. The amount of lying that took place here is ridiculous. Will these people ever shut up and accept responsibility for what they have done? It’s not too much to ask.

We cannot get over the irony of someone who claims to stand with Black Lives Matter protesters behaving like this. She’s down for the cause, until she gets in trouble. At that point, its time to blame imaginary black people for what went down. If convicted on all charges, Shader will face up to 20 years behind bars.

147 thoughts on “The Irony: White Liberal Terrorist Blames Their Own Crimes on Blacks”

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  65. I think that a war just starts between two equal terrorist organizations – between ANTIFA and BLM – over the sphere of influence. But the innocent police and innocent citizens suffer in this massacre.

  66. Don’t you just love it? With friends like her, BLACK LIVES MATTER is domed!! What a piece of white trash!! This is what comes of allowing PEACEFUL PROTEST to continue when we all know it isn’t peaceful! There are so few peaceful protesters that you’d think they themselves would round up the real trouble makers!!!

  67. Most white liberals are racists who think black Americans are too stupid and incompetent to compete with white Americans, which is why they push Affirmative Action and racial set asides. And now we see the white libs out showing blacks how to demonstrate violently against the social (family and private property) and safety (police and first responders) structures of our society. “Burn it down!” they cry. And replace it with what? Totalitarian rule.
    Liberals want poor Americans to stay poor and dependent, because as long as they do, they’ll keep voting for the Democrat Party, as their narrative goes. The new totalitarian rulers.
    Surprise them again! Vote Trump in November!

  68. Do the moron posters on this article have a clue that no one gives a damn about their gobledegook. Get a life dim wits. And loved the article, it shows how stupid this white brat is! Maybe mommy and daddy can bail her out of this one!!

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