This Is Crazy: DeBlasio Details 27 Police Officers to Protect BLM Mural While Leaving the City and Its Citizens Unprotected

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is quite the character, isn’t he? Lately, it seems like he is actively trying to annoy everyone who lives in NYC, in one way or another. His attitude makes no sense and the policies that he comes up with are even more nonsensical, if you can believe that. His priorities only get stranger and stranger by the day.

The city is spiraling out of control, as murders and crimes start to pile up at a rate that is too high to keep up with. Millions and millions of NYC residents are out of work at the moment, too. What are they supposed to do while the mayor sits on his hands and keeps twiddling his thumbs? Businesses have been devastated by the riots but they are not receiving any sort of assistance.

Even though the city is shedding police officers left and right, de Blasio has decided that he needs to retain a couple dozen for one very important purpose. 27 police officers are now being asked to stand guard over a Black Lives Matter mural. It was painted in front of Trump Tower and the officers are trying to prevent the inevitable standoff that is sure to take place.

The liberals who paint these murals are being protected by the mayor and the conservatives who think differently are being demonized. If there had been a MAGA mural at the same site, it would have already been taken down. The “hate speech” accusations would be flying around left and right by now.

A mural that has been painted on the street now receives more attention from the police than all of the destroyed businesses that are being left to figure things out on their own. We would love to act like this is some sort of surprise but it is par for the course. de Blasio is making his lack of caring very obvious to anyone who is paying even a little bit of attention.

De Blasio would struggle to win the competition for the country’s worst mayor, though. He’s got a lot of other silly, liberal mayors to contend with. Lori Lightfoot is definitely chief among them. She’s allowed her city to decay to the point where her officers feel compelled to go over her head and ask President Trump for help directly.

Lightfoot is taunting her citizens in strange ways, too. She told everyone that they needed to stay inside until further notice. Meanwhile, she was out getting her hair cut and pretending that everything is hunky dory. As for de Blasio, the Black Lives Matter brand seems to be more important than the lives of actual black people. That’s how it goes when you are dealing with the liberals.

It’s all about the symbolism with them and they are not here for logic and reason. The 27 officers who are being asked to protect this mural could be out protecting the lives of black citizens who are being placed in danger by the rioters. No one tell that to de Blasio, though. He is far too busy with his latest round of virtue signaling.

Why is the city of New York willing to endure this sort of behavior? What could possibly compel them to make these types of decision? They are losing control of their city and there is very little that can be done. New York City has not had a worse mayor for as long as we can remember. This city is in a lot of trouble but their leaders are not worried in the least.

De Blasio is too worried about appealing to the woke contingent, which is keeping him from making sound decisions. There’s nothing wrong with standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. The problems arise when murals are given a higher level of priority than the citizens of New York City who are being terrorized.

1,907 thoughts on “This Is Crazy: DeBlasio Details 27 Police Officers to Protect BLM Mural While Leaving the City and Its Citizens Unprotected”

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    1. Forrest Gump would of replied to Communist DeBasilo; “momma always said stupid is and stupid does,” truly a moron. I hope they used only the guards use as his body guards, since the city no longer needs the heroes amongst the braves cops ever the New York City Police officers.

      1. You’re so right, Moe, De Blasio is a fool and a complete idiot. He has no business being the mayor of New York City. I hope Trump sends Federal troops to New York like he’s done in in Chicago. I don’t know how this man could ever be reelected, he obviously has no interest in the safety of New York City and its citizens. Ge completely ignored the murder of that one year old baby in Brooklyn last week. He should be ashamed of himself.

        1. Please remember these are the same people who elected AOC, Hillary Clinton as their US Senator, and Robert F Kennedy as their senator-and all they had to do, Hillary and Robert, was move to New York for the time required to be a resident…….they also elected Cuomo as their governor. None of this surprises me.

          1. Suave, sophisticated NYers allow this crap to ruin their city….wake up people, before you don’t have a city. Get rid of this asshole and others like him, ain’t nothing for free yet you think so.

        2. You are right to that he should be. Can’t the citizens of nyc get together remove him from office? They need to wake up and realize this is not a play on Broadway. Pray for TRUMP in 2020.

    2. It’s up to the New Yorkers to take the Bull by the Horn. It’s time now to fight back & take over your city. Especially our Black people. Don’t you New Yorkers accept all the liberals leftists globalists the fake news, the rhetoric from a Mayor who is so deeply involved with the lying demons who are trying to take over our Country. We all need to fight back against these socialists, communists.
      The lying socialists as Hungarian George Soros. I would wager that most of all New Yorkers can see now the type of dysfunctional Mayor DeBlasio you all put into serve, run & manage your city turned out to be a lunatic.
      When I saw Mayor DeBlasio appointed a crew to help him Paint in front of Trump Tower ”Black Lives Matter” at that point you should have rounded up all your other New Yorkers & go after his place the Mayor’s Quarters, show him what its like to act like a dictato, so stop taking all his abuse. Grow Up my fellow patroits, & defend your rights, freedoms, liberties. Make it a point to show this Mayor that you will not be intimidated by his personality & his deplorable character. This man’s crooked attitude has to change. It’s up to all New Yorkers to take back your city. Good Luck

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