Dems Fight Hard to Let Rioters Continue to Terrorize Innocent Citizens

The United States is experiencing a major shift and it is disconcerting to any conservative citizen who feels like they are being crowded out. After months of being told to stay inside and slow the spread of COVID-19, Americans are now being given different marching orders. If you are willing to go outside and topple statues and attack police officers, you are A-OK.

At least that’s what the liberal mayors want you to think. Law abiding citizens need to stay home but those who are looking to break the law can head outside at their leisure. It’s a strange juxtaposition and Americans from all regions are doing their best to make sense of it. It is not always easy to make sense out of nonsense, though.

Sometimes, our initial instincts are correct. Anyone who is not happy about what is taking place is justified. Residents of New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle and other major cities are experiencing the wrath of their liberal leaders and the results are saddening. Their mayors are standing in solidarity with the rioters. The rest of these cities? They are being told to stand down.

Citizens who abide by the law are now the enemy, apparently. Trump administration officials recently received a letter from 15 of these mayors, asking them to remove federal agents from these cities immediately. The letter was also sent to Attorney General William Barr and acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf.

Not only are these mayors looking to remove the federal agents that have already arrived but they are also asking for any future deployments to be canceled. That’s probably not going to happen but we can see why they would ask. They need to put a show for all of their liberal residents and let them know that they are standing up to the mean orange man.

The list of cities from the letters will come as a shock to no one. All of the usual suspects are there. Portland, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Denver, San Jose, Oakland, Tucson, Phoenix, Sacramento, and Kansas City are making their feelings known. Many of these cities have become epicenters for the violent protests and law enforcement officials are being attacked on a regular basis.

“Federal law enforcement is being deployed for political purposes,” the letter reads. The White House is not making these decisions with any political purpose in mind. They are simply tired of the nonsense that they are seeing on television every single day. Politicians have let their pursuit of the progressive vote cloud their judgement, causing them to stand in solidarity with dangerous leftists.

Mayors are also shying away from supporting their police forces, when they are not threatening to disband them. Mayor Jenny Durkan did not miss out on a chance to go against the president, quoting one of his tweets with a snarky comment about being afraid of democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth but we hope that Durkan got all of the necessary retweets and likes from liberal tweeters.

Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland is also standing in opposition. He does not believe that his city needs assistance from federal agents and wants them to leave immediately. Mayors like these do not care about law and order, they simply want to pander to the progressives and they do not care what happens next. It’s all about going against the president at the moment.

No one actually has a plan for the future. Seattle tried to let their citizens establish an autonomous zone and they were repaid with a pile of dead bodies. Portland has been experiencing violent protests for nearly two months straight now. Why should the peaceful citizens of these cities be forced to deal with this type of violence? They deserve better than their typical liberal mayors, who are putting their own whims and desires over the needs of their cities.

148 thoughts on “Dems Fight Hard to Let Rioters Continue to Terrorize Innocent Citizens”

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    1. “Federal law enforcement is being deployed for political purposes,” the ‘letter’ reads.

      Federal law enforcement is being deployed because all these liberal mayors and demon leaders are ‘deploying’ their demon-hoards (peaceful protestors).

      The demonrats hate Trump more than they love their country. They are willing to sacrifice their citizenry to obtain the ultimate goal of reclaiming their powerbase, to continue their wealth-building on the backs of taxpayers.

      Antifa and BLM are domestic terrorists, but they “have no central command” (BS). The reason for no “central command” is to keep the feds off.

      They hate America.

      Thankfully, they are an extreme minority; compared to the remaining population. If they don’t like America, they could leave; but they know anywhere else on Earth they’d be put-to-death, or at minimum imprisoned for their actions they enjoy here-and-now.

      The only answer to the demon hoards is a bullet, electric chair, or a noose.

      If Trump doesn’t get a handle on these domestic terrorists, we may end up in another physical civil war.

      The leftists are the new Confederates, seeking to re-segregate America based on race, welfare laziness, and victimhood issues. The rest of us are the old Union, who respect the Constitution and the original founding of America.

        1. WSJ sage Dan Henninger deems riotous Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NYC as lost liberal cities (add Baltimore, St.Louis, Phillie, lately Minneapolis & Atlanta) voting in hapless politicians by it’s residents, are best left to their own devices if the helpless ruling Dems allow the lawlessness to fester unabated all these many years or months. Either Federal & local policing agencies should not be unduly jeopardized unless their aid is requested
          or it’s citizens rise up themselves in righteous revolt to protect their person/property.
          Why isn’t this site filtered?

      1. awesome post. i agree with you 100%. could you imagine what would happen to these so-called protestors if they did this shit in china or russia?

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