The Real America: Black & Minority Voter Approval of Trump at Record High

While those who oppose the Trump campaign are often pointing out the lack of support that he has from non white voters, the numbers are telling a completely different story. Rasmussen Reports has released its newest polling information and likely black voters are coming around on Trump. Their approval rating has risen to over 40 percent.

The black approval rating is at 43 percent and other non-whites are at 55 percent. It’s a far cry from what the liberal media would tell you about these matters. The Democrats’ approval rating has sunk to roughly 30 percent, as people are getting fed up of watching cities burn to the ground on a constant basis.

The mainstream media will come up with ways to diminish these numbers but they are getting hard to ignore. According to various pundits, the polls are great news for Donald Trump. If he is able to take home at least 20 percent of the African-American vote, he will cruise to victory in a major landslide.

Of course, the Republicans know that they are never going to get a sizable percentage of the black vote. They have the self-awareness to realize that this is not something that they should be aiming for. That does not mean that they are struggling to sway potential non-white voters, though. The recent riots are changing hearts and minds everywhere.

Even after the tragic events that have taken place this summer, the black community is not turning their back on the Republican party. George Floyd’s death may have led to riots and protests that are still taking place as we speak but that does not mean that the whole country is blaming Trump. If he’s able to boost these numbers to least 25 percent? Biden won’t be able to compete.

As it is, Biden is looking shaky. He’s trying his best to position himself as the woke candidate but anyone who has been paying attention to his policies over the past few decades knows better. He’s a charlatan who is going to say whatever he has to. Meanwhile, Trump has been overcoming all sorts of issues ever since he first set foot in the Oval Office.

The fake Russian collusion accusations were levied against him almost immediately. As we all know now, they were proven to be false. That did not stop the mainstream media from trying their absolute best to speak a violation into existence. They broadcast their desperation to remove him from the White House, to the point where their ability to remain unbiased is questioned.

The coronavirus pandemic has given him another obstacle to handle. He had just gotten finished with the phony impeachment when the virus arrived and put a major damper on daily living. The Democrats may have believed that Joe Biden was the best candidate for the task at hand but he is proving to be easy pickings.

The media spin when it comes down to who is voting for who is ridiculous and we would like to think that the liberals have learned their lesson. Their polls told them that they did not have anything to worry about back in 2016. Hillary Clinton was going to cruise to victory and Donald Trump was not going to be anything for the liberals to worry about.

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