Democrats Under Pelosi & Schumer Play Politics With Workers’ Livelihood

The talks between the Republicans and Democrats have broken down entirely. While the two sides agree on some basic elements of the next coronavirus stimulus bill, they are far apart on the unemployment enhancement that Americans were receiving over the past few months. Trump, McConnell and Pelosi are all struggling to see eye to eye on most aspects of the bill. though.

The unemployment question is the one that needs to be answered first. Otherwise, millions and millions of Americans are going to be struggling to pay the bills. Congress decided to take off for the weekend but a few of the power players remained in town, in hopes that a deal could be made before it is too late.

The deadline for an uninterrupted unemployment schedule has come and gone. The 1st of the month has passed, leaving Americans without valuable funding to secure a residence. Evictions are going to skyrocket, thanks to the laziness of Pelosi and her cronies. They do not wish to come to the table and have a real discussion.

Instead, they are of the belief that their party is holding all of the cards. Now, there is speculation about the GOP and Trump becoming more and more nervous. Supposedly, they are going to be willing to add some sweeteners, in hopes of getting the deal done in a timely manner. At first, the GOP was staunchly opposed to the $600 unemployment benefit.

That stance is starting to soften. The GOP was not willing to extend the benefit but President Trump has decided to undercut that stance. He knows how dire the situation is for the American people. Getting them a check as quickly as possible is his main concern. As for Nancy Pelosi? She is already crowing about victories she hasn’t even had the chance to enjoy yet.

“There are two things to remember. One is the person you’re negotiating with has to want something. And they have to know you will walk,” she boasted. That has to make the American people feel really good. This is a bunch of nonsense but she seems pretty pleased with herself. That’s par for the course for Pelosi.

She says whatever comes into her head and she does not think about how it is going to reflect on her. When it comes to these agreements, there are three different governing bodies who must get on board: the House, the Senate, and the Oval Office. The Democrats do not have unilateral control, no matter what they may say about the matter.

The Speaker has also blown off a number of proposals. For starters, the GOP offered to keep the unemployment benefit alive, at a reduced rate of $200 per week. That was a no go for master negotiator Pelosi. The offer was doubled to $400 and a four month extension of the benefits was ready to be put into place. Pelosi said no to this idea as well.

The GOP came back with yet another offer: $600, for one week. This would allow Americans to keep receiving their benefits while the rest of the proposal was hammered out. Pelosi wasn’t going for that either. She let the benefit expire on purpose. It’s more fun to her to play a deadly game of chicken with Americans’ finances. She does not care about people’s inability to keep a roof over their heads. All that matters to her is “winning” the negotiation against the Republicans.

Democrats like her are so far removed from the daily concerns that cause so many others to struggle. In their minds, it is more important to claim a victory, so that they can tell their voters that they dominated the Republicans. One side is looking to help people right now and the other side is clearly hoping for a November victory. Pelosi and Schumer have a lot of explaining to do this week, especially now that everyone is about to go without that pivotal $600 pandemic credit.

109 thoughts on “Democrats Under Pelosi & Schumer Play Politics With Workers’ Livelihood”

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    1. Looks like the GOP or the WH is willing to reinstate the $600 fed Unemployment stimulus, but that to me would be a big mistake. When you know something is wrong and you do not fix it what is that saying? It is time the government started thinking whose money they are spending.

      I am sorry there are people who are unemployed, I have no idea what the states unemployment rates are, but even so $600 in addition is a lot of subsistence. Actually it seems greater than what the states pay? Figure it out, $600 is $31,200 a year which amounts to more than the national poverty and the $31,200 does not even include the states payments.

      Being fair is one thing, but let’s also consider who is filling the bill. It is wrong and the GOP needs to stand firm! but fair.

        1. I agree with both of you, we cannot keep giving them $600.00 per week on top of their Unemployment. That was just a bad move when they did it in the first place. I think that the ones that keep backing Nancy Pelosi need to stop and think for themselves for a minute. Nancy knows this is here last year and that she will be out is such a BIG way, that is why she is destroying absolutely everything that she can and doesn’t care a bit that she is. However some of her backers are going to want to be voted in again so they better back off if they want any kind of chance for that.

      1. Dear Richard,
        where were you when we bailed out the billionaires, who did not reinvest in their workers???? We needed your strong voice calling your senator and congressman.
        What can be said about this is that it at least benefits workers…. as it is going to people who worked for a living but lost their livelihood through no fault of their own. People who follow such things find that this, and prior bills, is a direct boon to the economy and will create another 1.4 million jobs. To not do it will deepen and lengthen the recession. Additionally, most people in this situation are pedal to the medal looking for jobs,not staying at home…. there are now not enough jobs, unless you want to talk about McDonald’s jobs… I am not even sure if McD’s jobs are available, since it doesn’t pay a living wage and is largely held by teenagers…. maybe someone here knows about the availability of $7/hour jobs.
        However, bet they are not having extra money. Any of you pay for cobra insurance for a family medical policy? I used to pay$937 / month for me and my husband…. this would now cost upward of $1900/month…. so with a cheap rent being $1000/month, food at $800/month for 2 or three people, utilities another $200 or $300… medicine, incidentals, cannot be afforded since we are already at $3900+ this package would pay either $2400 plus $280 a week in Oklahoma, to a max of $380/week plus $2400 in most other states…. so anywhere from $3480/month to approx $3840/month. And then we have uncosted education coming up.
        What we don’t want is millions of fellow americans with children and elders being dumped out onto the streets. I don’t know about you, but it positively rips the rental industry…. people have been booted out of their homes all over my neighborhood, and the houses are not selling.

        1. Dear Nely, jobs are there. Democrats are scared to open the economy and not because of the pandemic. They are afraid that Trump will come out triumphant after telling Pelosi and America that we should open it. A lot of small and large businesses want to open, it’s the Democrats that are scaring the people. And they believe that by offering them more money than what they earn working will keep them in line with their agenda. I know the China virus is dangerous, whether you stay at home or not. Staying at home is not going to prevent you from getting it. Staying at home is not going to help pay the bills. We Americans have gone through a lot of tough times, but we can not let this virus destroy our country. Paying to stay at home is only making us dependent on hand outs, but who is going to pay for all of It? Opening the economy will bring those jobs that were flourishing before the pandemic. I rather take my chance going to work so I can pay what I owe, and by doing the right thing of protecting myself and family. Follow the business policy if I have to wear a mask. Clean after myself and respect others space. It’s easy, but then again we have the Karens and Kevins to deal with. Let POTUS open the economy and things will slowly come back. Let businesses open the doors to jobs and prosperity, it’s time to take a stand and prove to the Democrats and the rest of the world what Americans are made of.

      2. Considering that many Seniors make far less than the Unemployment Welfare recipients that have yet to earn their way, I would say that your position is quite accurate. A very big mistake for people that last year were so worried about the legacy of the children. Hypocrites all around.

      3. Remember when Dems were fighting for the min, wage to 15.00 an hour. Well math is math 600.00 dollars = 15.00 an hour. Which they turned down

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        1. Yes Arrest Them and then Dismantle the Democratic Party, because the majority of them cannot think for themselves, but instead follow these three, and to their bidding. Really Not Smart.

          1. Dear Peggy, Karole, and Dora,
            what you are suggesting sounds a bit like the Chinese governent,who regularly removes pesky critics of their regimes to labor camps or worse. Perhaps you could rephrase you response so it would appear that you come from a republic, not a communist/fascist regime? Just sayin’

        2. You forgot a few…like the squad, Nadler, Cuomo (both), and nitwits from Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, California, just about anywhere that Democrats that fail to Lead are in power. They have yet to figure it out that US Citizens of all colors and cultures are sick of them. They will be gone come November. No doubt that there are Dems that care & have their heads in the right place, but they are not in the House of Representatives, neither Congress nor The Senate.

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    1. Just so you know what is really going on, news from THE HILL:
      Schumer said the GOP plan also fails to address housing needs.

      “Not only do they have no rental assistance for people who need help, but they didn’t even put, evidently, a moratorium [on evictions], so hundreds of thousands of people could be kicked out of their houses next week,” Schumer said.

      Pelosi criticized the GOP proposal for including a provision to allow the expensing of business lunches while leaving out an increase in funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that Democrats have been calling for since March.

      “They have something in there like a tax credit for expensive dinners and lunches but no money for food stamps or nutrition assistance,” she said. “Right now we’re at a time when children are food insecure in our country. People are hungry who never thought they’d go to a food bank.”

      “If they’re not even getting to the fundamentals of food and rent and economic survival, they’re not really ready to have a serious negotiation,” she added.

      Another sticking point for Democrats is a provision that would provide $1.75 billion for rebuilding the FBI headquarters, located on Pennsylvania Avenue near the Trump International Hotel.

      Democratic leaders suspect Trump wants to rebuild the FBI’s existing headquarters so that the aging building doesn’t get torn down and allow for a competitor to snatch up prime real estate so close to Trump’s business.

      “They don’t have money for food stamps, but they have money for an FBI building just so that they can diminish competition for the president’s hotel,” Pelosi said.

      Democrats are also lining up against a Republican proposal to shield businesses from COVID-19-related liability protection for businesses, schools and other organizations, something Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) insists must be part of the legislation.

      Democratic leaders report ‘some progress’ in talks with White House
      Senators holding behind-the-scenes talks on breaking coronavirus…

      Schumer said the $105 billion for schools included in the White House-Senate Republican proposal won’t be enough to allow for the safe reopening of schools in the fall.

      The GOP proposal doesn’t include any new money for state and local governments, which Democrats have long identified as a top priority.

      1. State Demon rat Politicians have money squandered away they just want more to deposit into their bank accounts!!! Lately there has been quite a few Demon rat Governors,Mayors and Senators being arrested for a verity of crimes involving Tax Payers Money.And of course the Demon want to give them more money someone has to pay all those rioters…. As far as giving people on unemployment 6 hundred dollars a week over their regular unemployment is totally foolish ! Those people are more than likely receiving snap (food stamps) giving them a bonus will only lead to them not going back to work . Question… why is it so important to reward people to stay on don’t offer any enhancement to people on social security,ssi or the disabled WHY ? don’t our lives matter as much as your Rioters and illegal aliens do ????? You may be able to buy some votes but you won’t buy any real American PATRIOTS….WE LOVE AMERICA AND OUR FREEDOM AND WILL NEVER BE BULLIED INTO COMMUNISM !!!!!!

        1. if there were 25+ million jobs to go back to right now, “those people” would be glad to go back to work, just like the 2-3 million that did go back to work in May and June. “Those people” did NOT ASK TO BE FURLOUGHED OR LAID OFF from their jobs, their government did it.

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  12. Both of these sewer rats need to be removed from our
    Congress and sent home in disgrace never to be seen or
    heard from again. They are both disgusting power-hungry

    1. dear Sandra…
      sewer rats? Anyway, what did you want to have happen? GOP has muddied the water with how to expense business lunches, have not reinvested in children’s nutritional programs, have not protected folks from eviction… and let us not forget King Trump wants property near his Trump hotel in Washington DC protected… how did that get into the bill??? Any ideas why that would even be in the bill?
      Let us not forget that one key “support” item would only apply to folks who managed to hold onto their jobs… by allowing a postponement of taxes until next year… WHEN THOSE THOUSANDS OF TAX DOLLARS WOULD SUDDENLY COME DUE… if you have a job, you are not in the kind of jeapardy of the jobless american citizens.
      In fact… Sandra, do you have a job? Might help to know your perspective.

    1. Dear William…. let’s say I’m new in town. Based on what. ??.. are disparaging Pelosi and Shumer. Your ease with using the B word would ordinarily make me think you have hostility toward women… and nothing else……so what is this based on , so I do not think you are violent, low information, loony and invested in your own reality. Thanks. Would appreciate knowing what you are referring to.
      And… as compared to others across the aisle? For instance, there is being promoted someone to oversee federal lands who plans on selling them off. Republican. Donor class…. conflicts of interest… why aren’t you outraged at that? I personally like being able to visit what is left of America. You know…. all of this is done with a republican congress.

  13. if there were 25+ million jobs to go back to right now, “those people” would be glad to go back to work, just like the 2-3 million that did go back to work in May and June. “Those people” did NOT ASK TO BE FURLOUGHED OR LAID OFF from their jobs, their government did it.


  15. We all need to tell the republicans dont give in to these idiots. You knew the democRATS were going to do this so dont give in to there stupid rants. Let the american see what they r doing and what they have done to this Country. They r not for the people only there own pockets they lie, cheat, steal , rip off the people any way they can been doing for years. We can stop this Nov 2020 vote TRUMP 2020 TYRUMP

  16. All people can see that the Democrats under the rule of Pelosi and Schumer are playing politics – they have fun, just as little children have fun when smart, serious people watch their games.
    But America is now not up to the children’s games of Pelosi and Schumer. Our country is in a serious crisis. And only Trump can get us out of this crisis; and he already proved it once. Victory to you , Trump!

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  23. I have a good idea, nothing new. Lets drop the dems salary to zero, they haven’t earned it anyhow. The make too much money to be given free range to do nothing. Shame on them.

    1. I actually think they should have to pay all of it back to the taxpayers, for all the years they have done nothing. They should also lose their benefits. Being in Congress was NEVER intended to be a full time job.

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