Watch: Not in My Neighborhood! Seattle Residents Stand Their Ground Against Domestic Terrorists

Seattle police chief Carmen Best’s Snohomish County home was the site of yet another “peaceful protest” recently. A group of Black Lives Matter protesters arrived on the scene and things got ugly quickly. Best did not want the protesters to set up shop in her yard. That’s her right as an American citizen and no one can take that away from her.

That’s why she decided to contact City Council, letting them know what was going on. She wanted them to “forcefully call for the end of these tactics” and it’s pretty ironic. The leftists love saying “burn it all down” until they are the ones who are face to face with the protesters. The tune changes at that point and all of a sudden, the police are their best friends.

Radical left wing officials are trying to pave the way for a new world order but there are a wide range of citizens who are standing in their path. They are not going to be bulldozed by the protesters and they are willing to place themselves at risk. Best’s neighbors were not in the mood for these malcontents and they were sure to let them know.

These demonstrations are causing all sorts of issues for the city of Seattle, as the protesters continue to target any public figure that they can find. The neighbors took to social media to let everyone know more about what was taking place. They called out the protesters for blocking the road, referring to them as terrorists.

This is the sort of domestic terrorism that residents of liberal cities are forced to deal with. The large group was not allowed to engage in any illegal behavior because the neighborhood would not permit it. Best also referenced the incident in her letter, claiming that they were preventing from being able to “trespass or engage in other illegal behavior in the area, despite repeated attempts to do so.”

According to Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney, the protesters were already starting to disperse by the time the authorities arrived. That was probably the best decision that they could have. While the leftists who run this city are still enamored with this movement, the residents have had more than enough. Why should they continue to have to deal with this type of disruption to their daily lives?

All of the liberals who are standing in solidarity with the protesters are not going to say the same things if their neighborhoods are being terrorized. Kudos to this neighborhood for coming together to put a stop to the madness. There’s one exchange that is standing out. One of the protesters claimed that they were being peaceful and yelled at a resident for pointing a gun at their face.

“That’s why you are peaceful,” they retorted. Violence is always acceptable when it is coming from them but when someone replies in kind? They are not as quick to offer their praise. All of the folks who want gun control are now going out to buy a weapon in record numbers and it is very easy to see why.

The country is headed in a very uncertain direction. People are feeling marginalize by the protesters and that is causing them to seek weaponry. There is a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home and personal property are as safe as possible. Luckily for the city of Seattle, these protesters were not met with gunfire when they arrived in this neigborhood.

How long are people supposed to continue to give these protesters the benefit of the doubt? They are not going to be able to continue to get away with this. The president is in the process of sending in federal officers to stop the violence. We’ll see how tough these protesters are when they are staring down the Feds. It’s not as easy as standing tall against your neighbors.

252 thoughts on “Watch: Not in My Neighborhood! Seattle Residents Stand Their Ground Against Domestic Terrorists”

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    1. Kill them now, or kill them AFTER they kill our Children and pets and destroy our homes. I choose NOW! while I STILL have the Arms to do the job with. Later, we may have to soak them in Gasoline to KILL ’em…

      1. Who are all these commentators with last letters agede? Must be antifa, thugs that dont have nothing intelegent to say. When someone stood up to their pathetic bs, they cried for the same organization they want to defund. I’ve seen where other people are starting to standup and kick their asses. They run for cover, or call on their entire group for help. They will not confront you alone. They are only strong in numbers, but two can play that game. Time to put a stop to this bullshit, lie.


        2. It appears that all of these. XXXXagede are drug culture users/enablers in addition to being AntiFa thugs. Nice resume!

      2. You’re doing the right thing to resist the evil we’re facing now. This Vietnam vet is ready to back you 110 % !!! God Bless America through this !!!

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