Trump’s Exposing Pelosi’s Scheme to Keep American Workers Suffering So They Can Win in November

Americans have been watching the news closely over the past week or so, hoping that the Republicans and Democrats would be able to come to an agreement on a second stimulus package. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have decided to strong arm the Republicans, keeping a deal from being made. Now, President Trump has finally decided to step in and put a stop to this madness.

Four executive orders were issued by the president over the weekend that were designed to provide Americans with some much needed relief. If these executive orders are allowed to pass, they will offer the necessary assistance that so many citizens require. Modified unemployment would be given, eviction protection is going to be granted, student loan debt relief will be continued and payroll taxes for employers would be suspended.

This may not work for some but guess what? This is a better offer than anything that the Democrats were ever willing to put on the table. They are playing a dangerous game with American livelihoods. From where we are sitting, they are perfectly willing to gamble with everyone’s potential aid. Instead, they are hoping for some “big win” that they can claim over the Republicans.

Trump wants to offer up help right now, the Democrats are crossing their fingers that they can claim a victory in November. It should be beyond obvious to anyone who pays attention to the current state of affairs. As you may have imagined, Pelosi and Schumer were displeased by the announcement. They wanted to be the conquering heroes who rode in to save the day.

Now that their thunder is being stolen by President Trump, they are seething with rage. In fact, Pelosi is referring to the $400 unemployment benefit that Trump has offered as an “illusion”. We’re going to go out on a huge limb and say that the money is still very real even if the Democrats are the ones who are unable to claim responsibility for it.

The president has now fired the most crucial salvo in this crucial battle. The Democrats have been boxed in and they will now have to answer to the American people if they decide to fight back against these executive orders. They are going to have a lot of explaining to do once the Democratic voters want answers about the lack of funding that they are receiving.

Is Nancy Pelosi going to start housing people? She’s probably too busy stocking her costly freezer with all sorts of expensive ice cream to care about the problems that the American proletariat is experiencing. The president understands the urgency of the current situation but the Democrats do not.

This is clear as day to see. The legislation that will help Americans overcome the financial issues that have been posed by the coronavirus pandemic needed to be passed quickly. The Senate has now pushed things to the point where they are forced to push back their own recess. Even with these sacrifices being made, there is still no deal in sight.

Schumer and Pelosi are currently looking to stonewall the negotiations, so that the American people are made to suffer until election time rolls around. Once November is here, they will play the blame game and tell everyone that the Republicans are responsible for the predicament that they are in. Their priority is a simple one: remove President Trump from the White House at all costs, even if American workers have to pay the cost for their hubris.

The Democrats should be confident that they can beat Trump, with or without any additional assistance from a pandemic. When they decided to put the kibosh on this potential deal, they sent a strong signal to the rest of America. The American worker is going to be left to fend for themselves while the nation is stricken with the worst crisis that most of us have ever seen.

365 thoughts on “Trump’s Exposing Pelosi’s Scheme to Keep American Workers Suffering So They Can Win in November”

      1. The Dem House passed a great Bill 12 weeks ago that would not only help American families, but would also boost the economy. (A gift for Trump), but they felt it more important to step up and keep American families in their homes with food on the table. It is the GOP that will not pass this great Bill. Even when Pelosi offered to reduce the Bill from 3 trillion to 2 they said no!. I cannot believe people believe this article. Look it up for yourselves…Please

          1. poorlosser is a COMMUNIST and wants to take AMERICA THAT WAY!!!
            A VOTE FOR HER IS A VOTH TO BE RULED BY A COMMINIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            phyllis ann elliott CHRISTIAN!!!!! BOW ONLY TO MY GOD!!!!!!

        1. They dumped the bill because it was loaded with trillions of dollars that had nothing to do with the pandemic relief. The tax payers don’t need to bail out cities because the cant manage their funds. We do not need to be paying stimulus money to illegal immigrants either. We also do not want our tax payer funds funding planned parenthood, how is killing unborn babies going to help the pandemic?

        2. They wouldn’t pass it because MOST of the money was going for Democratic pet projects. Not the Americans who need it. You look it up!

          1. It was not intended to help the unemployed but get money to badly run democrat cities and states like New York, Chicago, Portland, and Seattle because as the American people are now seeing and loaded with their pet projects.

        3. You are a kool-ade drinking brainwashed idiot. There are many many publications disputing your fallicious position. It is the dimwit democrats who are playing games with the stimulis package, not the Republicans. You better do some unbiased research and come up with the truth or remain forever franchised within the confines of your paultry, feeble thoughts. I truly feel sorry for you.

        4. You mean the great deal that included the New green deal, and full immunity with path to citizenship, benefits for all illegal immigrants and open borders for any and all. Yeah thats, a great deal all right, if your an immigrant, who came here illegally. Pelosi and her minons have done anything for the American people in years.

        5. Pelosi’s bill had more to do with funding a Dem wish list of agenda items than helping the American people. She wants to bail out bankrupt states ( all Dem lead BTW) and fund abortions among other things like ballot harvesting and bulk mail voting. She cares less about helping the general public than in rewarding the Dem donors like Planned Parenthood or Dem Governors like Newsom and Cuomo.

          1. All you people young and old you better think before you vote Democrats They tell you nice Story’s
            Socialism if that what you want????? free free free nothing is FREE
            I am 82 years old I Grew up in HITLERS TIME It was Hell on earth
            Go in to read about the World War two it was like Socialism you are told what to do cant do what you do now your Gates will be in the past for Believe me I know
            If you vote democrats remember what I said

        6. lynne gillooly as you’re not very bright, it was a three trillion dollar bill, that nancy nut case wanted to fix the broke DemonDORK states. As a taxpayer, I don’t want one dime if mine to fic the fucked up states of NY, CA, or any other piss poorly run DemonRAT state. Her bill had nothing in it for the people of this country.

          1. Dems don’t remember that socialism is so old, it was in vogue when the world was flat.
            Socialism is slavery for those that don’t recall.

        7. That ‘great bill’ would have given dems a TRILLION dollars to spend ANY WAY THEY WANT. Had nothing to do with helping struggling americans.

        8. Nonsense. The Democrat’s bill was three times as expensive for the taxpayers and gave billions to organizations that have nothing to do with the coronavirus. It was filled with Democrat pork because the Dems have a habit of throwing taxpayer money at every problem in an irresponsible manner.

        9. Lynn why do they feel it’s necessary to add requests to their bill that isn’t related to the COVID-19. At this point they should only be concerned with the American public and not passing something hidden within for their on political benefit. They alway go home to their plush, wall secured homes when the public needs them There working. I have a BIG problem with that.

        10. demoCRAPS are the enemy of the people, enemy America……..Hey, Lynne, take your head out your ass and realize that…….they, the demoCRAPS, are all phonies………especially, NUMB NUTS NANCY, miss ice cream of 2020…..and I hope she chokes on her ice cream…….

        11. Don’t plan on getting another nickel from the DC goons – both sides – they dangled the carrot and let you take a few nibbles and now they’re going to make you beg for some more nibbles – that’s how socialism works – stop the blood clot crying and get off your couch and get a job.


        13. The Democrats aren’t giving anything to the President or the American Patriots they want extra perks in the bill for their evil reason and will hurt the Middle income American. Let’s get our facts straight.🇺🇸

        14. Hey looly, please go and check the facts? You claim that the GOP is stopping a good bill? What a joke. The demons bill was packed full of pork jobs that had nothing to do with the pandemic. That is the truth for the rejection. The demons need to learn how to manage resources instead of wasting them. Reduce the debt as and become fiscally responsible. Pull your head out.

        15. The vile democrats want to fund the fraudulent mail-in voting when even the quack fauci is testifying that there is no reason why people cannot vote in the polling stations. the democrats had done nothing but obstruct so they can win the election. if people really want to, they will vote for worthless democrats. but even the democrats know that their voters are vastly outnumbered by Trump supporters. You don’t know how the money rolls around, so use a little bit of common sense. Don’t be so greedy like the democrats!

        16. You need to do the research buddy. It is definitely the Dumocrats that are holding this up ! The 2 main reasons are 1) they want all illegals to get a stimulus check and 2) they want to give 100’s of billions to the Dumocrat run states where all of the rioting has been, to help them. Well it is not the American citizens fault that they just stood back and let the damage happen and refused to charge any one for it, just let them go. Don’t you dare blame the Republicans for the Dumocrats stupidity!!!

          1. I have a QUESTION if Biden is for all the people How come he does not recognize his GRANDCHILD IN ARKANSAS he will not do anything for the BABY what makes you think he will do anything for us DNA does not lie LIKE SON LIKE FATHER Znot a very nice family

        17. You’re the one believing their lies!! Look it up, the Dems want you shutdown, demoralized w/nowhere to turn but the Dems!!
          WAKE-UP AMERICA!!

      2. Well she is an Ass. Look how she will not even try to come together and try to get America back to work and she is not alone on this. Chuck Schumer and all the democrats are behind letting these riots to go on and destroy buildings, business and statues they don’t like. their party name should be changed to The socialist communist party against America and our constitution.

        1. And AOC was recorded as saying ” it is a small price to pay to get rid of Trump”.She took that comment down as soon as she realized what she had said. Sure, it’s a small price for her. She has already gotten very wealthy from her position in Congress.

      3. I don’t understand why she is still speaker. She ripped the State of The Union Speech which is a federal crime. Section 107 says that that person shall be removed from office, never to hold one again. Get her out this way and she cannot be a thorn in Trump’s side again..

        1. that is why our country is in so much trouble now. these animals were allowed for so long to abuse power and get away with it. the deep state promised them that they will never be held accountable for.

      4. She is just another crooked politician who is “OUT OF TOUCH WITH REAL PEOPLE” …. if you gave her a broom, she would probably would NOT know what to do with it. At this point, how many hours, weeks and months has she and other Democrats spent actually “WORKING”. The “HOUSE” needs to get itself in order and “GET BACK TO WORK” like most our citizens are doing. She and most of the Democrats are “TOO DAMNED BUSY STIRRING UP TROUBLE” and are not focusing on what is best for the USA. While they are busy conjuring up lies and trying to manipulate the system to suit their needs, running their mouths about promoting their “PACK OF THEIVES” for the next election, they need to “GET A GRIP ON REAL LIFE…..SOMETHING THEY WERE HIRED or ELECTED TO DO”……. or is that something else they have forgotten about. While OUR PRESIDENT is trying to make us stronger, Pelosi and her cronies, such as Biden, Obama and Clinton are determined to undermine OUR DEMOCRACY for their own personal gains. I think that people with any common sense should say, THE HELL WITH THEM” and if they want SOCIALISM OR COMMUNISM, let them move to another country! What they are actually doing is trying to reorganize their criminal organization to repay the debts they have not paid to other criminals both here and in other countries and think they can sell us out……..and we say, “Not No, but HELL NO!!!”

    1. Simply put, this looks like an ad from BIG Pharma; supported by the Demon’s Party. And speaking of a party, Bill Gates and his evil provocateur friend Chip isn’t invited.

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