Dems’ New Normal: St. Louis Reports 163 COVID-19 Deaths This Year, but 161 Homicides

When it comes to all of the cities that are being run by Democrats, there is a pandemic that is flying under the radar. No, we are not talking about COVID-19. We are here to discuss the waves of violence that are bringing these cities to their knees. For example, the city of St. Louis is reporting a relatively equal number of homicide-related deaths and COVID-19 related deaths.

In July, St. Louis actually experienced four times as many homicides as COVID-19 related deaths. There were 47 homicides in the city over the last month but only 12 deaths that were related to COVID-19. So far this year, St. Louis has had 163 COVID-19 related deaths but they’ve also had 161 homicides.

Kim Gardner is the same corrupt St. Louis circuit attorney that is looking to prosecute the McCloskeys but she is not doing anything about any of this. The McCloskeys were only trying to protect their property in the midst of all this madness and the investigators concluded that one of the guns was unable to even be fired.

Instead of doing the honorable thing and allowing the couple to receive a more minor punishment, she is looking to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that she is failing to bring any of the actual murderers in her city to justice. Out of the 161 homicides, guess how many Kim Gardner has been able to file charges on?

A whopping 33! Now, to be fair, homicides are not the easiest cases to solve. We already saw a major confrontation between President Trump and Baltimore authorities over their low number of clearances. Most cities would probably be thrilled to file charges on at least 50 percent of their homicides. Gardner’s too busy using the McCloskeys’ case as a means of drumming up political support.

At a time like this, the nation needs to be coming together. Gardner and her cronies would rather turn this into an us against them thing. It’s easy to see why St. Louis residents are spooked by what they see in their streets every day but the corrupt authorities would rather let their city decay. This is what happens when you allow the Democrats to make all of the decisions.

They will turn a blind eye to the real violence and try their best to politicize anything else that goes on. A white couple “brandishes” a gun in hopes of protecting themselves and their property during a terrifying riot? Well, they are clearly racists and they need to be locked away forever. This is how they think and it is terrifying to watch them in action.

The citizens of St. Louis have to be wondering when they will ever receive another moment of peace. It feels like the city has been on fire all summer now. Even those who try their very best to defend themselves from the onslaught are treated as if they are some sort of villain. This is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

It’s all just another day at the office for the Democrats, though. They pretend that they have everyone’s best interests at heart but everything is a political gambit to them. Gardner wants to use the wrong example as to why the city is crumbling and the leftists are eating out of the palm of her hand. They love any narrative that allows them to feel as if they are the media’s chosen ones.

Our hearts go out to all of those who are suffering right now in the Democratic led cities that are being overtaken by violence. To be fair, there are probably some leftists who are getting tired of the nonsense that they are being fed on a daily basis, too. That’s why they need to stand up for what is right and start voting these charlatans out as soon as they have the chance.

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  30. Kim Gardner is the same corrupt St. Louis circuit attorney that is looking to prosecute the McCloskeys but she is not doing anything about any of this. The McCloskeys were only trying to protect their property in the midst of all this madness and the investigators concluded that one of the guns was unable to even be fired.

    1. Exactly right. Kim says she needs to “fight back”. Really? She’s the one who started the fight. Upside down speak and upside down realities are rampant in Kim’s world. I seriously doubt that any of the people who marched ILLEGALLY through the McCloskey’s gated community were charged with trespassing or charged with conveying threats to the McCloskeys. It’s no wonder that crime continues to run rampant in St Louis. The real criminals are protected or ignored while the victims or potential victims are targeted by Miss Gardner’s office.

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