MSNBC: Biden’s VP Choice Disappoints Young Democrats

When Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris as his vice presidential nominee, no one was all that surprised. It’s the choice that was always going to make the most sense. Biden needed to let his moderates know that he wouldn’t drift into leftist hippie territory and Harris has a better chance of claiming the presidency now than she ever did. It’s a marriage of convenience, for sure.

Biden’s announcement was especially funny because he was photographed with a cheat sheet and his phone was also upside down. The choice did not exactly receive rave reviews from the younger members of the Democratic base, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, either. If you had left it up to them, they would have wanted Biden to run on a ticket with Bernie.

The party is going to struggle to enjoy the same level of enthusiasm that existed among young voters before the Kamala Harris pick was made. Why would any of these voters want to cast their ballot for a former attorney general during the height of the “defund the police” movement? Biden does not care about that, though.

He’s making a major gamble here. Biden seems to believe that it is more important to make sure that the moderate voters remain on board, as opposed to courting younger voters that might have felt compelled to stay home otherwise. It’s also a gamble that the voters who cast their ballot for Obama and stayed home for Hillary will return to the polls this time around.

Some are predicting that this will be the final nail in the Biden coffin but that is probably a bit premature. Anti Trump sentiment is riding high and plenty of people are going to vote for Biden and Harris simply because they are not Trump and Pence. The Democrats are also gifted when it comes to getting their constituents to vote for anyone that they place on the ballot.

The “vote blue, no matter who!” slogan that they are bandying about these days says it all. This is a party that steadfastly refuses to live up to the standards that they are setting but they still think that their voters are going to line up to praise them. There are also those who believe that this is all window dressing and the Democrats already have the election in the bag.

Voter fraud is going to be a major problem this time around and President Trump is already doing everything in his power to bring it to everyone’s attention. It’s entirely possible that the Democratic party knows that the fix is in already and that’s why they are not worried. It’s also entirely possible that everything that they have said over the past few years is a total lie.

For starters, this is the party that wanted to act as if they were going to draw a hard line on the #MeToo controversy. When Republicans like Brett Kavanaugh were under the gun, the Democrats were the first ones on the other end of the firing line. Fast forward a few years and they are now standing in solidarity with a man who has more than a few credible sexual assault allegations under his belt.

Kamala Harris is no better and she’s a massive hypocrite as well. She was one of the first Democrats to let the world know that she was supporting the accusers who were coming forward about Joe Biden. Instead of remaining on the right side of history, she abandoned her principles as soon as she sniffed a chance at the presidency.

Let’s be clear here, that’s her sole motivator. She does not care about Joe Biden or America as a whole. Harris was soundly defeated during the primaries and has parlayed Biden’s desire for a black, female running mate into a second chance at the brass ring. The rest of the country now waits to see how things are going to shake out.

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