Biden Rushes To Defend Kenosha Riots Without Regard To Facts (Later Meekly Condemns Them)

We knew that it wouldn’t be long before Joe Biden had to weigh in on the Kenosha riots. He loves taking these opportunities to let the world know just how woke he is. The man won’t leave his basement to attend a protest but he is definitely paying close attention. He wants everyone to think that he has his finger on the pulse when it’s jammed squarely up his….you know what, never mind.

Anyway, Biden jumped into the fray without having all of the facts which is also classic Joe Biden behavior. Why take your time and gather information when there are liberals that need to be appeased? The Kenosha riots were a response to the shooting of a man named Jacob Blake. The officers shot the man seven times in the back while he was ignoring officer requests.

According to reports, the man is now paralyzed from the waist down. He did have a laundry list of past offenses and there were numerous run ins with authorities. Meanwhile, the attorney general and governor of Wisconsin will not comment on the reports that Blake was reaching for a weapon inside of his vehicle at the time of the confrontation.

Biden didn’t have all of the facts either but he never lets that stop him. These officers were racist before he even had the chance to do some research. The perpetrator was black and Biden has to show everyone just how down he is. It won’t be long before he is saying that anyone who does not stand in solidarity with these protesters isn’t actually black.

Sorry, sorry, we had to do it. We couldn’t resist. “Once again, a Black man — Jacob Blake — was shot by the police. In front of his children. It makes me sick,” the former vice president said. “Is this the country we want to be?” he asked. This was the most predictable tweet in the history of tweets. It did not take long before he issued a very meek condemnation of the violence (because he saw the same polls that had Don Lemon freaking out before).

Biden does not care about anyone or anything, except for advancing his own level of power. If the polls showed that everyone was tired of the riots across the board, guess what? He would be the first one on television acting like they need to end right now. Biden is little more than a leaf, heading in whatever direction the wind happens to blowing in during that moment.

His prisoner of the moment mentalities are going to cost him dearly. The Democrats may believe that they have the election sewn up already but there’s plenty of time for Biden to have more gaffes. He’s barely been outside but he’s already managed to annoy the heck out of a lot of people. It’s a certain gift that he has.

This is what the Democrats wanted, though. All of the other candidates that they had seemed to be gathering more steam than good old Sleepy Joe. All of a sudden, Barack Obama swoops in and promises everyone cabinet positions. They all step aside to make life easier for the doddering old man. This is how he is repaying them. Mind you, this was the candidate was deemed the most “electable” choice.

At this point, they may as well have chosen Mayor Pete or given the nod to Kamala Harris outright. She’s already the one who is going to get stuck making all of the speeches at the moment, since Biden is unable (or unwilling) to leave the basement bunker. Harris is pretty good at charging into conversations without having all of her facts, too.

Biden may believe that his weak condemnation will assuage the fears of those who are worried that he will move too far to the left. The choice of Harris was also meant to ease those concerns. For now, he’s content to pretend that he understands both sides of the conversation when he can’t even be bothered to actively participate.

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    1. Biden has been hiding in his basement and knows nothing about the wanted criminal who had a warrant out for his arrest, sexually assaulted a woman and put his own children in danger. Biden parrots whatever his handlers tell him. He is an addled old man suffering from dementia.

      1. The mayor of Kenosha basically said the same thing as Joe, but much earlier. He tried to give the impression he was friends or acquaintances of Blake and that he was a good, solid citizen of the great city of Kenosha. I would be willing to bet that that is total BS. He has probably never met him.
        It is amazing to me that all of these incidents show the perpetrator trying to resist arrest. If they were to give in as they should, they may well be alive to see the next day. However, most of them are so hyped on some form of drug, they do not know what they are doing.

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  30. Angel Jacob Blake assaulted two women. Sexually assaulted a.minor. Of course Perverted Joe will back him up. All these Preditors stick together.

    1. Noticed how all these agede names dont let others comment? Must be Biden or Bernie followers. Either way Biden should be honest and express just the way these people do. All mumbling and no sense.

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  32. biden is braindead ,, he cant see anything but internet porn,in his basement,! never looks for facts , cant make up his nomind ! the guy was a thug with a knife on the floor of his van !if you look at the video hes not reaching towards the steering wheel ,hes reaching low on the seat! reaqdy to stab anyone trying to stop him!biden ais a lowlife asshole!

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