Must See! Biden Voters Throw Objects Onto Trump Supporters’ Vehicles From Overpass

On Saturday, Portland residents decided to showcase their Trump support by starting a massive vehicle parade through the city. Of course, this is where we will point out the obvious. Joe Biden has never had this level of support in his life. If he can’t be bothered to leave his basement, why would anyone want to hop in their car and support him?

Portland has been suffering a great deal over the past few months. For three months straight, their citizens have been watching untold amounts of violence take place. Black Lives Matter protesters and Antifa members are making their voices heard. Once it came time for Trump supporters to do the same, the reception wasn’t nearly as pleasant.

Several leftists decided to position themselves in a manner that would deliberately miss up the convoy. As if this were not enough, they stood on an overpass and launched objects at any pro Trump vehicle that they saw. These people probably should have been keeping their behaviors to themselves. Leftists sure do love to film their crime sprees, though.

They thought that they we were going to get all sorts of likes and shares online but in reality? People are wondering why this crowd could be so deranged. Imagine if Trump supporters showed up to any leftist event and started hurling projectiles. The news would be much different. The president himself would probably be blamed, whether he was present or not.

Oh, who are we kidding? There’s no probably about it. Trump would be blamed and we would never hear the end of it. These actions were very dangerous but the crowd did not care one iota. Bottles were thrown at cars and anyone who had an American flag on their vehicle was immediately pelted. This is the America that Joe Biden wants.

The mainstream news media refuses to cover these types of stories because they do not align with their chosen narratives. Conservatives are evil and liberals are good……even when they try to cause 20 car pile ups because they do not agree with someone else’s political beliefs. To say that the leftists are treated with kid gloves is putting it mildly.

If you are waiting for CNN or any of the other liberal outlets to carry this story, you are in for a long wait. The videos are disturbing, to say the least. We are just glad that no one was seriously hurt because a group of lefties decided that they wanted to mess up someone else’s day. The water bottles that were being thrown may have even been frozen.

Let’s say that they were and someone was badly hurt or killed. Would they have stepped forward to take responsibility for what had happened? No, they would have blamed the right wing like they always do. You see, nothing that the left does is actually their own fault. If they do something wrong, they simply say it was because Trump pushed them to that point. It’s a pretty nifty gimmick, to be honest.

Fortunately, these people saw fit to record their crime spree. It probably won’t take long for the authorities to catch up with them. They have been finding people from the protests for months now, mostly because they are all too stupid to conceal themselves. This is how you know that these people have no idea how to stand up for what they believe in. The protests are now little more than an orgy of destruction.

That’s not what the liberals claimed that the protests were all about, either. It was supposed to be about getting justice for the victims of police brutality. It’s quickly turned into liberals vs Trump supporters, round 1,000. The upcoming election is definitely making everyone retreat to their ideological corners. In a perfect world, everyone would come together and share ideas. We are a long way from that sort of world at the moment.

1,448 thoughts on “Must See! Biden Voters Throw Objects Onto Trump Supporters’ Vehicles From Overpass”

        1. screw direct tv and all the tv outlets that decide on what you are ALLOWED to watch!! Go online and google OAN, one america news . You will get the news. Real news, which is actually happening. Unbiased. Good luck, be safe.

      1. It’s no suprise that the mainstream media would support this criminal behavior from the “usual suspects”, aka low intelligence Democrats who want nothing more than a socialist nation so they don’t have to be responsible for themselves and their families. Let the government pay their way and that’s what destroyed Greece a few years ago. Their stupidity about just what socialism can do to a country can be informed by the history of Naxism,, Fascistism, Communism, etc. However they prefer a handout at the expense of the hardworking Americans who have families to support and are willing to work as hard as necessary to do so. BLM and ANtifas are supported and encouraged by those who would destroy our democratic republic and our Constitution. Remember that when you vote.

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        1. From your lips to God’s ears! But we need to maintain the Senate and take the house back so President Trump can really get things done!

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    1. Reflecting on a wikipedia excerpt about governments and violence, referring to the Romanian government of years past…. sounds familiar? Realize that this type of confrontation between protesters and government guns has been played out before:

      Mr Ceaușescu’s (read republican_)o verthrow followed a week of carnage in which thousands of men, women and children protesting against his regime were killed in cold blood, and probably tens of thousands wounded. Teams of doctors with emergency medical supplies were being flown in from Geneva last night

      The new committee declared its immediate aim was an end to the cult of personality which had developed around the Ceaușescu ( read TRUMP) family. Free elections would be held as soon as possible, and independent media would be established. The notorious programme of razing villages in the countryside would be halted.

  8. 7 shot at Kentucky protest over fatal police vitality of black woman

    At least seven individuals were shot Thursday night in Louisville as protesters turned out to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, A black woman fatally shot by criminal court in her home in March.

    Louisville Metro Police confirmed in an argument early Friday that there were at least seven shooting victims, At least one of whom is in critical talk about. The statement said ended up being “Some arrests, But police didn’t supply number.

    “No officers wiped out their service weapons, Police spokesperson Sgt. Lamont [url=]latin brides[/url] miami wrote in an email to the Associated Press. miami said that all seven were civilians.

    About 500 to 600 demonstrators marched with Kentucky city’s downtown streets on Thursday night, The Courier Journal informed us. The protests stretched for longer than six hours, Ending in the early hours of Friday as rain poured down.

    Police in body armor and face shields held batons and arranged around Louisville City Hall. They seemed to fire rubber bullets and deploy tear gas canisters, Fogging the air and inducing coughs among the residual members of the crowd.

      1. Dear crackerjack,
        actually, the white police and even the Kenosha shooter DID USE LIVE ROUNDS pEOPLE WERE PROTESTING THE USE OF LIVE ROUNDS ON ORDINARY CITIZENS. either at sleep in their homes (Breonna Taylor) or periphery to a march…. the vigilante of Kenosha. How is it that you are promoting use of lethal force outside of a court system???

        I am reminding you that your wish for live rounds is already being played out, and those who live by the live round will also die by it… meaning, that this is government practice. Live rounds will be used on EVERYONE at some point, if you right wingers keep brining your AR15’s to the sidewalk. .I would like you to see what happens in countries that are about to go through a violent purge such as what you suggest. Like, for instance, the over throw of the Ceauscesu government of Romania….. hint…. US is becoming a satellite of soviet Russia under trump.
        Clearly, you do not want a democracy with representative government.

        1. No, we have a Constitutional Republic in which we have the Bill of Rights. By the way the shooter who you call a vigilante was trying get away from the criminals who would have killed him if they would have got a hold of him. He fired in self defense only after having been attacked as seen in all the videos and you do know that all those attacked him had criminal records, right.

          1. Nellie calling anyone a cracker who does not believe her rendition of events in the riots is actually funny. I don’t mind the knickname, reminds me of deplorable. But reality is far from her rendition or should I just call it what it is, her story, a big whopping story.

            She can say what she wants since she has that right although she seriously wants my free speech curtailed; but, I have not seen a real truth, fact or proof of her story and likely stories for all the riots in every state and city so far. I actually try to make no judgement until the whole situation is off the wild media rides. Facts and truths as well as lies float to the surface then. But the snap judgements must be Nellie’s immediate reaction and I wonder if that would be by intent to jen up anger. Who are you really Nellie? A reporter, an activist, antifa, BLM or worse an agent of another unfriendly country? We must always be suspicious of today’s posters sadly.

            In fact, in every instance used to justify the rioting, looting, attacking and harassing criminally there has been no truth in the claims. Body cams, evidence, etc. have all made lies out of the liars version or rendition. Sorry Nellie, darling, but you are full of BS! So care to cross swords on facts that with every incident put you on the hot seat of liars and your own prejudice?

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