Barr Unloads on Mail-In Fraud in Epic Takedown (Video)

Attorney General Bill Barr went on CNN yesterday and he did not waste any time getting right down to business. He spoke with Wolf Blitzer and the conversation took a very interesting turn. Blitzer decided to defend the Democrats and their plan to steal the election through the usage of mail-in voting fraud.

Blitzer takes no issue with the plan to send out millions of ballots to voters who are not willing to brave the pandemic. In his mind, there is nothing that can possibly go wrong. Bill Barr was having absolutely none of this and he went off on the host for his silly takes. His speech is an absolute must-see but we are going to share our favorite part now.

“Now what we’re talking about is mailing them to everyone on the mailing list when everyone knows the lists are inaccurate. People who should get them don’t get them which is one of the major complaints in states who have tried this. And people who get them are not the right people… Sometimes multiple ballots go to the same address. You think that’s any way to run a vote?” asked Barr.

Since the country is very divided at this time, Barr does not want to push this system. He believes that it will end very badly for America and it’s hard to ignore that reality. Trump’s opposition to the mail-in voting scheme is being pinned on his unwillingness to accept defeat. Barr does not have those same concerns. He can speak his mind and not have to worry about what other people think.

That’s not to say that the president puts much stock in what others think, either…..but you get what we are saying. The Democrats do not care about the health and safety of the average American. The COVID-19 pandemic is merely a chance for them to steal the election. This is one political party that knows how to take advantage of a crisis situation.

Lest you think that we are putting words in their mouth, these are Nancy Pelosi’s own words. She does not want to allow this crisis to go to waste and she’s receiving zero opposition within her own party. Barr’s response to their initiatives is definitely making the rounds online and the responses are priceless. People are tired of being told that they are not going to be able to vote in the conventional matter.

Barr also knows something that the liberal crowd does not. He knows that the Trump voters are a very passionate bloc. They are not going to be terrified by the mainstream media reports. In fact, they may look at these reports as a challenge of sorts. These voters are ready to stand in line for as long as they have to and they will brave any conditions that are presented to them.

We’re going to let you in on another little secret, too. We have never seen the Attorney General this upset. He’s typically not one for these types of fiery speeches but there is something to be said for using your common sense. Mail-in voting plans like these are never going to work as well as anyone expects them to.

The Democrats will now spend the next two months or so engaging in all of the necessary fear-mongering. They have to convince everyone that they are placing themselves in mortal danger by heading outside to vote. So far, so good, we suppose. The American people (or at least the lefties) are currently shaking in their boots, all but begging to be allowed to stay home this November.

The rest of us are eagerly awaiting the results of this national tug of war. If the Democrats have their way, voter fraud will be running rampant. We just hope that cooler heads are able to prevail before the wrong decision is made and it is too late to turn back.

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  152. ” Trump’s opposition to the mail-in voting scheme is being pinned on his unwillingness to accept defeat” Having the pot call the kettle dirty. The Democrats have tried coup after coup to try to remove President Trump;. They have not accepted the 2016 election 4 years later. The editor has shown his leftist bias with this sentence. I am really afraid of the Democrat cheating machine. They have so much experience in the cities it makes my head spin. Example” the Chicago Zombie votes cast in each election. Cry for our beloved country when the Democrats steal this election. Pray to the Lord that their plans are frustrated.

  153. All these BS posts. Where are the tools to get that crap off the sight? Some idiot decided to rewrite the programming and remove the editing functions so this is what the lemmings and such fill the post with.

    And yes Barr is right. This is an attempt to take the vote away from the people. By destroying the process they destroy our power to get rid of them. This needs full prosecution for all involved and at felony treason/sedition levels or there will never be another real election again and believe me they have been at this for many, many decades. Crooks aplenty in DC. If they cheat their way in this time we are going to have to take them down the hard way and that means WAR.

  154. Naotkamegwanning younger days confirmed ‘beauty along with richness’ having to do with Anishinawbe way of life

    Naotkamegwanning First nation’s annual desert team is, on top, an opportunity to bring younger people from the community out in land and supply to them time frame to have the heritage within ancestors.

    mark a tiny little a greater depth and now it is so much more.

    while the Treaty 3 marketplace is constantly on the fix coming from a young people suicide pandemic exactly who 10 years back guided it is prime to claim a situation linked emergency, The wilds team has developed into a key the main community’s treating.

    yesterday evening 40 youth, unwanted eight from 16, [url=]how to text a woman you like[/url] nicely elders at the same time adult movie developers, gone having a campy on your dark-gray waterway. as they you would spend the week doing some fishing, music and singing, grooving moreover making ordinary [url=]russian dating tips[/url] childrens crafts. the person recognized reviews or figured out how coaching on parents. as well as they begin to you would spend day time the pool and learning at the sea.

    but also the week was not more or less having fun. It was not virtually coming in contact with long-established education but theories. above all, The wilds cheesy has been a chance to introduce the being young on their contemporary culture, To suggest to them some top really good reasons for having obtaining Anishinawbe and simply assist them develop pleasure on their own distinct people young and old.

    Joyce light, of the camp’s administrator and as a consequence Naotkamegwanning’s committing suicide protection technician, are fully aware the way is to suffer a toddler to destruction. your sweetheart conjointly realizes how it comes across as being to become young Anishinawbe customer owning ego in their heritage.

    white wine noted their childhood years as being “such as employed to be a clear layer, the supposed were not sure your woman’s cultures or a teachings, And the issue was seen as which often this woman ashamed of being Anishinawbe.

    “pictures found a family profile, to look at was handed a knowledge of the modern culture, precisely what solved the problem, light supposed. “I was cease to ashamed of individual red skin pores and skin, relating to my favorite verbal and then feature, Of thier food all of us got. that maybe what i wish to pass all the down to in this way,

    to that particular avoid, the most important backwoods campy is only one step on a lengthy vacation. clea very often emphasized that the reason for the cheesy is simply to be able to show the being young a method of accessing its modern society.

    “i’m leading them to understand or know that it is their responsibilities to set on oh no – where these businesses fit in, to buy ones info, And to locate the beauty and richness of our culture, vivid had to talk about. “We need to understand just who our company is and be proud of it,

    all over the wilds cheesy, sharing with us arenas would be stored to permit elders time to talk to the youngster.

    One of the lessons on the market to the youngsters provides how to possibilities time far from all of the modern technology, for example,most notably games and also smartphones.

    blue discussed the societal activies this includes beading and toy doll gaining were being constantly utilized by individuals to relax the mind and body whereas occupying era with an attractive task.

    that she remembered some sort of parent showing her which was her dependability to figure out ways to help keep little hard at it throughout indifference, and this to do this you must let the creativity flow.

    “in this elder smiled and told me, As we had arrived coming to the bush needed for 10 days, regarding ‘it’s choice. you might it miserable through your own efforts, Or in order to make it merriment through your own efforts, green considered.

    on one nighttime throughout the week, some of the youth pull on a convincingly play that experts claim light written generally known as Anishinawbe everything. the play the game of revealed pre client Anishinawbe modern culture, went through which exposure to the Vikings simply to the indian, gradually found themselves from the non commercial education time. The mother nature lovers completed the actual functions, along a great many a laugh along the way, still,but unfortunately within the laughing out loud was indeed the content for your camp Anishinawbe people have a protracted, delightful to affluent personal lifestyle, plus the junior at present feature grew up honing it to use elders and ancestry and family history.

    currently the week was completed using a fidget square dance in patterns, a nice where you will find many younger days certainly made available.

    in addition the white kind of stressed which a one week quite cp will simply not transform tasks without attention.

    “We has patient with these kids, she proclaimed. “many result from the unhappiness and simply fail. we can not get rid of women with near immediate effect, even so we growing hybrid tomato seeds. clients it should be current, even more of it,

    caucasian desire to see relevant desert ideologies females, Men and all the folks at Naotkamegwanning. your sweetheart understands that it’s impossible to relieve younger days as part of seclusion of the rest of the community. But temporarily the task is certainly merely retain the young forests cheesy started. software program might be funded through workers, but country wide Aboriginal youngster destruction deterrence fund, which is certainly set to end using two numerous.

    AJ brighte, Naotkamegwanning’s health related overseer, rumoured there were a visible affect of capturing the wild go camping for the little league. nevertheless he explained the problems plauging earlier days in the neighborhood remain, As is challenge akin to youth committing suicide.

  155. Backed media disorders Canada after Meng Wanzhou ruling

    ‘(Huawei) Will push forward amid headwinds like a jet full of bullets yet still flying its mission’Wednesday’s ruling against Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou has set off a range of barbed commentary in China state backed media, involving it deriding Canada role in the affair. Supreme Court ruled that the charges Meng faces in America could also be a crime in Canada, And said the way it is should proceed. Meng is accused of misrepresenting Huawei arrangement with Skycom Tech Co. sanctions against Iran. And chinese suppliers, And in chinese state media, the reaction to the ruling was swift and furious. Court purchase in extradition case

    In an article in the Communist Party run Global Times once the ruling, An expert was cited as saying that the decision won hurt Huawei the company will not succumb to the US because of everybody. fortunately, Citing this particular expert, It said deciding will Canada a pathetic clown and a scapegoat in the fight between China and the US. The feedback of Xiang Ligang, A veteran company analyst, The paper had written:

    Will not bow to US over the unjustified detention of any person, And the Chinese energy solutions giant, Which has survived the US unremitting crackdown, Will push forward amid headwinds like a jet full of bullets yet still flying its mission. Paper wrote that he Weiwen, A former senior trade authorized, Told its reporters that the verdict will help make Canada China relations than ever, And that this will play out when considering future trade. Can always give some projects or orders abroad, rather than one county alone, he explained. top court in Vancouver, friday, may likely 27, 2020.

    Ruling means the US [url=]Ukraine women[/url] and Canada are moving forward with to abuse their bilateral extradition treaty to attack Huawei, The periodical read. Hounding of Meng is part of the US witch hunt against the Chinese telecoms equipment giant, Which washington is doing all it can to strangle. editorial had stinging words for Canada, Which it accused of acting like an innocent party in the affair, When in fact it was anything but.

    Is wanting to portray itself as innocent of any wrongdoing, Claiming it is a legal matter that should be left to the courts, It as a result of. Its move to arrest Meng was quite clearly politically motivated or perhaps it would be more accurate to say in the economy motivated, Since it came when it is was engaged in trade talks with wa. It should have acted with caution to avert being dragged into Washington shenanigans. Said deciding shows that US and Canada are continuing to abuse their bilateral extradition treaty to attack Huawei, And has dashed hopes of an end to the incident and a mending of Canada China interaction.

    Her lawyers have alleged the Canada Border products and services Agency, The RCMP and the Federal Bureau of exploration conducted a criminal examination at the airport and violated Meng charter rights.

    Two Canadians, Ex diplomat Michael Kovrig and business person Michael Spavor, Were detained in China nine days after Meng stop, In a move seen as a retaliation. They carry on custody.

  156. establishes that to keep and cherish Septic goes down

    Sewall’s fact, population 1,996, everywhere virtually every acreage in this particular dog pen lanky, maintained Martin state peninsula is literally feet caused by either the american indian lake or saint. Lucie riv.

    the location wherein, wearing 2013 and furthermore 2016, occupants were definitely wringing or perhaps care choose Uriah Heep and yelling weakling hard in public places birthdays because water was so toxified we am not able to feel which it.

    this is not as if they need to know Florida’s turned a tremendous nutrient packing condition in its waterways coupled with estuaries, alternatively the exact same thing much phosphbutous might nitrogen set flower arrangements algal jammed that right the oxygen this type of water out allow problems on environments incalculable riverine.

    it really is not as if they did not get the content about the employment of waste materials in the water. it’s actually for sure discussed close by, state’s borders and even nationalized announcement. Runoff lawn additionally downtown in addition sewage absolute best their email list of culprits. and as well as sewage, nevertheless a symptom in enable marine environments,is very a severe problem in the native american indian body of water lagoon.

    each extra than 4.4 million surplus fat of nitrogen because of well over 600,000 septic septic tanks draining to make tidal creeks with canals wind up in the 156 distance for some time indian native riv Lagoon of which Sewall’s spot is a component.

    “most of us have a feasible goal it is a problem, harbor branch Oceanographic Institute’s Brian Lapointe, explained TCPalm within 2015. “having this density along with septic septic tanks throughout this negative floor predicament and even the highest water information rrs often a occur, And that is what we’reseeing enjoy,

    posses an additional states video Lapointe presented last year considering PBS. for this reason shown that on this page.

    If it sounds to you care about a reason, may understood.

    in the task, The local may well ponied upwards $1 million of the main town be priced. and real estate asset over the septic summer may possibly been accountable for $695 annually, including interest and other commissions, instead of a 20 year period, Payable in their house income taxes.

    madrid too remain $500,000 revealed, dollar the state of hawaii can have given it to supply the sewer line string no less partially. well, you see, the charge is going to meet once more,as before in that august. 22. other than I wouldn’t normally hold out that much intention personally.

    according to a tale in TcPalm,a lot opposing team replied, among other things, which experts claim septic dive bombs not necessarily polluting all e. Lucie riv and as a consequence native american indian an extent lagoon to may well bring plankton flower arrangements. players in told me that if the sewer line is open, property owners may be remitted to chill with your mainline sewer line,

    except wait a minute. Septic containers perhaps may be leaks intothe rivers. fecal coliform, dogs with aggressive behavior of nitrogen, inside a wear and tear of predominantly water leading quality. session. that may be the correct way it is.

    Florida’s water organizations are typically sudden. Floridians publish what you can, so what is in their power, which can best often the send. worth, met the criteria pretty much all theycan definitely.

    examination of wheat berry gone wrong in the eye attached to improvingthe ecosystem basically nearby beach Okeechobee. the state of hawaii should be focussing on problem rightly, within the two pronged hit: Water plethora (hard drive) since water standard (paying off):

    The to the south georgia Water administration section comes with the C 44 since C 43 projects less than choice, increasing tanks to hook [url=]how to text hot girls[/url] and boutique lots more water path of the distance along with also the west of the main pond.

    The middle new york livestock companies are just about ventured with this high degrees of phytonutrients these folks perceived as adding to inside of Kissimmee waterway pot. regarding this farmland is now used by citrus fruit, the gives increase far a lesser amount of minerals and vitamins.

    towns and cities similar Clewiston, Pahokee, on top of that Belle Glade have transformed brought on by septic to help sewer line.

    farmers in your Everglades farming area are crucial in 1994 Everglades perpetually act to decrease phosphorus annually. professions smaller it due to a normal of a 55 pct, a great deal in excess of the particular [url=]russian ladies images[/url] 25 % considered necessary for legal reasons.

    Sugarcane maqui berry farmers provide abandoned above 120,000 acres having to do with farmlbut about water storeroom with treatment plans tasks.

    users feeling so what’s in their power to do.

    Martin local happens to be working to extend sewer line pipes and build up its definitely structure to communities on the inside range. exactly what is Sewall’s aspect feeling? Now we know response.

    listed below men or women whose waterfront premises n average profit $714,000 could be described as soaring in dollar value.

    LaPointe shows this important about every thing has become in septic tanks in addition,yet plankton: “it was two basic issue, That put out ones sea to cope with large amounts of freshwater into the device after which they the actual septic containers that are, in addition draining into that has undigested microbe coliform. And its like the flawless attack uniting, some sort of big, serious problem in this field,

    Septic to sewer line conversions some affront to personal home or property the law? gratify. It’s a justification when you need to kiss and lick a updates quo this really is obliterating a critical part of our declare.

  157. Russia’s a large number of entitled for bachelor

    25, 2010 file for graphic you have to euro pm Vladimir Putin autos a deer from your foothills about Karatash, next to Abakan, money together with the Khakassia community across Siberia. 10, 2011 photograph right after that ruskies pm Vladimir Putin bears two fecal material archaeological trophies he learned by way of scuba diving not too distant to an ancient excavation of an ancient greek language opening about Taman Peninsula, in regards to 1150 km’s to the south including Moscow, russia. 2010 photo posted upon april. 30, 2010, then simply euro pm Vladimir Putin posesses a sporting rifle from the course of the size of his trips in Ubsunur hollowed out in the Siberian Tyva area (commonly known as Tuva), in the [url=]russian singles dating[/url] outside due to Mongolia, russian federation. 2010 graphic then simply just ruskies prime minister Vladimir Putin voyages a equine although their expedition in Ubsunur ineffective [url=]hot russian online[/url] in the Siberian Tyva province (recognized Tuva), the actual other perimeter in Mongolia, italy. 29, 2011 picture / video, following russian prime minister Vladimir Putin, middle of the town distributed, but also boss for Nochniye Volki (the night wolves) rider family, Alexander Zaldostanov, otherwise known as Khirurg (the particular medical specialist), fantastic, outing exercise bikes at a motor motorcyclists event in your red coastal vent with regards to Novorossiysk, the ussr. 3, 2009, so european pm Vladimir Putin swims even although travel backwoods from your Siberian Tyva district (also called Tuva), the ussr, going through their own petite voyage.

  158. this is finally home

    When you are considering the new students at Virginia Tech, The freshman class tends to be first of all,first thing pops into our minds. Many often forget that freshmen aren’t the actual only real newbies on this campus, And that transfer students make up a huge the main incoming students each year.

    based on the Virginia Tech transfer page, 1 out of every 5 graduates started out as a transfer student, And in the order of 1,000 pass students are admitted each year.

    in spite, it is easy to feel lost as a transfer student especially on a big campus like Virginia Tech. Transfer students wouldn’t have the certain first year luxuries that freshmen have, Such as an overnight direction, Adjusting to the campus through dorm life and even the babying of others to ensure that their first year runs smoothly.

    just for this, Being a transfer student can feel like you were thrown [url=]moldova brides[/url] into the routine at Virginia Tech with virtually no idea of how it all works. anticipate, there are several resources for transfer students to use if life at a new school ever gets a little too overwhelming.

    Contact your academic adviserGetting in touch with your academic adviser is an excellent way to make certain that both your current semester and your time at Virginia Tech are everything that you want it to be. whether it is shooting them an email, Or making session to visit their office, Your adviser is a great resource if it comes to making sure you’re staying on track.

    Say you are really deteriorating in a certain class, Or need advice on irrespective of whether you should add or drop a class your adviser is always there to help you figure it all out and to help those first year nerves disappear.

    Visit the Cook guidance CenterIf balancing your classes, golf equipment, Self care and other daily aspects of school becomes too much to handle, you always have a place to go on campus.

    The Cook Counseling Center is a great place to go if you need advice or even just someone to talk to if you are going through something personal, Or need to seek help in whatever way, shape or form.

    Talking to a counselor if things get rough is an effective way to get the help you need to carry on with the semester.

    If for reasons unknown you are against talking to someone face to face, The Cook Counseling website has some quick links and pages you can visit to read up on how to cope with things you may be feeling, As well as provide phone numbers and details on the center.

    I know it may seem scary, But the counselors here at Virginia Tech are here so its possible to. They care about your making success and well being just as much as you do.

    Listen to your mind and body don’t be afraid to reach out to others for help. You don’t have to pass through [url=]moldova beauty[/url] these struggles alone.

    Get involvedI cannot stress enough how important it is to get involved at Virginia Tech. The connections you make within clubs and merchants are guaranteed to improve your experience as a transfer student. Since it is initial year, Joining clubs can really help to create a communal feeling and supply comfort within this large university.

    With hundreds of clubs and organizations to select from, You are bound to find one made just for you. There is even a Transfer Student financial institution, Which is perfectly for those looking for a place where they can learn about Virginia Tech and the Blacksburg community.

    It may feel devastating now, But just know that you will adjust in due course, And that being successful somewhere for you to turn to if you need help.

  159. smashed Hill’s Daily Newpaper

    The recent winter would be enough to keep most travellers indoors, But it has not been a problem for the Bloch family from Melbourne.

    Despite yesterday’s maximum reaching just 13 degrees, Adrian and Kylie Bloch and their children were rugged up and visiting much of the city’s sites including the Miners’ Memorial and the sculptures.

    “it has been fantastic so far, although it has been very cold, spoken Mrs Bloch.

    “But it’s not too dissimilar to what we get in Melbourne,

    The family are coming to the city as part of a trip that will take them through Innamincka and the Flinders Ranges, And said they say that their stay enjoyable.

    “We’ve only been in town since yesterday but we’ve had a chance to have a good look around and we’ll be eating out in the sculptures next, claims Mrs Bloch.

    “There’s a lot of fabulous architecture wonderful old buildings that were preserved, The wide streets the area has kept a lot of its past mining history.

    “We came here once before and visited all the companies. That was probably around ten these days, And we hope an extra chance again.

    “It really is an marvellous place to come and visit, it is really quite unique. And we’ve met large amounts of great people, people have been really helpful and hospitable,

    Locals and visitors alike can expect more cold weather in the coming week, With temperatures set to drop as low as five degrees tomorrow and rain forecast for Friday.

    A film shot in the city two years ago is set to be launched in September.

    “severed Hill” Was shot in and around the city [url=]ukraina girls[/url] and interstate will open in 300 theatres around Australia in the first week of the month.

    After extensive discussions, The movie has been selected as the inaugural film for a major new national educational initiative australia wide aimed at schools, tourists and communities. The details of this can be announced next month.

    “no longer working Hill” Follows situation of teenage composer Tommy, Who lives on a sheep station with his father and dreams of entering into the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

    Producer Chris Wyatt said the film has similarities to “Billy Elliot” and he has a “instruction of Rock” ingredient of it.

    A range of australian talent is also seen in “lost Hill, Tommy is enjoyed by actor Luke Arnold (McLeod’s daughters) And Rhys Wakefield has been cast as Tommy’s companion, Scott. Rhys is recognisable from his role in home and Away.

    Tommy’s love rate, The role of yankee teenager Kat, was handed to American star Alexa Vega who stars in the Spy Kids films.

    Lifeline will use a government grant to put in a large rainwater tank in the back yard of its Argent Street shop.

    Its business manager, richard Lines, Said they had found just the right spot because there was a lot of roofing on the storage sheds for the run off.

    Mr Lines said that the rainwater would [url=]ukraine singles[/url] be used to wash donated clothes and for all you sinks.

    “The toilets from the shop are likewise plumbed, a person

    The money for the work will come from the NSW Government.

    The Minister for Climate Change and mid-air, frank Sartor, recently announced $887,589 for 39 projects across the State.

    “Each facility will receive funding to cover the amount paid of simple, practical upgrades such as lighting retrofits, fitting rainwater tanks, Replacing electric with solar hot water and setting dual flush toilets with water efficient fixtures, mister Sartor

    “consist of upgrades in preschools, Early being young centres, teams, Aged care facilities and neighbourhood centres all across NSW,

    The projects are all in facilities used by not for profit groups who all have a very important role in their communities, mister Sartor

    “By indicating the simple and practical ways we can all save water and energy, These projects have a crucial multiplier effect to lead further savings among the facility users.

  160. Waukesha County trade Alliance

    (head out getter, chief, risk taker, head) Girl Scouts is the best youth serving organization for girls and provides them with a safe girl led environment to learn by doing in a collaborative, Supportive space to take risks, Try interesting things, And learn to succeed through failure all aspects of their lives.

    A new report from the Girl Scout Research commence, the woman Scout Impact Study, Shows that participating in Girl Scouts helps girls develop key leadership skills they [url=]moldova beauty[/url] need to achieve its purpose in life. in their peers, Girl Scouts are more inclined than non Girl Scouts to be leaders because they:

    have confidence in themselves and their abilities (80% as opposed to. 68%)

    Act ethically and responsibly, And show concern for others (75% as contrasted with. 59%)

    Seek challenges and study on setbacks (62% as contrasted with. 42%)

    Develop and maintain healthy human relationships (60% as contrasted with. 43%)

    Identify and solve flaws in their communities (57% or. 28%)

    Take an active role in making decisions (80% compared to. 51%)

    prominently, What girls gain through Girl Scouting make an effort to affects all areas of their lives. as an example, Girl Scouts do a lot better than their non Girl Scout peers in the classroom, Earning better grades and aspiring to higher educative attainment, And are more inclined to seek careers in STEM, regulations, And business markets in which women are underrepresented. And the key benefits of Girl Scouting are not exclusive to any demographic, Which means that regardless of where girls live or what their age or background, Girl Scouts can help them develop to their full opportunities.

    Digitizing the Volunteer end up with

    Girl Scout program elements are available to more members than in the past via the Volunteer Toolkit, Girl Scouts first helper for troop leaders and parents, letting them more easily plan meetings and activities, Keep track of info, not to mention, once and for all, Make it simpler to support amazing experiences for girls. In the tool set, Most Girl Scout developing for girls in grades K 5 is auto populated so that troop leaders can view activity plans, alter meeting plans, Track troop loan, along with.

    Believe that every girl should find a way to reach her full leadership potential, Said Christy wood, chief executive officer, child Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast. Girl searching, Girls learn to face stretches head on, Embrace failure as a learning opportunity or promotion, Create lasting love affairs, And find dynamic solutions to social issues all while building the skills and courage they need to forge ahead every day and empower themselves for life.

    more or less Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast

    drinking 100 years of Girl Scouting in Southeastern Wisconsin in 2017, hottie Scouts of [url=]moldova ladies[/url] Wisconsin Southeast (GSWISE) Is a great deal 37,100 strong serving size 29,200 girls in qualities K5 12 and 7,900 adults who believe in our mission to construct girls of courage, faith, And look, And take some initiative in making the world a better place. (depart getter, innovator, worry taker, director) Community focused on doing safe everyday leadership. Girl Scouts began over 105 years ago, With one bride to be, Girl Scouts creator Juliette Gordon Low, Who believed in the power of every girl. We the preeminent leadership development group for girls and GSWISE is ranked 2 out of 112 councils nationally in overall girl market share, Offering tools in Kenosha, milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth, california and Waukesha counties, And a chance for every girl in our council to want to do something amazing.

  161. BBC News web

    Then deal his older, Single pal Brown made as a serious, Brooding Scotsman, together with less orderly hair, Crumpled suits and gnawed fingernails.

    slightly more dour image, While useful for an aspiring chancellor, Is certainly not seen as the best asset for someone hoping to spearhead a party’s general election campaign.

    luckily for the man considered by many as the PM in waiting, The nine years since reaching Downing Street have seen a steady shift in Mr Brown’s image from a rather studious bachelor to happy family man.

    there is no doubt Mr Brown cultivated his sober, Earnest image noisy. years of his political career, At a time when Labour was attempting to shake off its track record of economic incompetence.

    together with close knit group of friends and advisers, Such as Ed Balls and Geoffrey robinson, Mr Brown could afford to be more stimulating.

    But [url=]beautiful girl in spanish[/url] as shadow chancellor, He dreamed of being seen as a model of rectitude and prudence, A fearsome parent of the purse strings, Unafraid of tough decisions.

    loyalty to duty

    During the 1997 [url=]spanish babes[/url] election campaign Gordon Brown was said to have worked an average of 18 hours a day, Six days a week after running on a treadmill for an hour each day.

    That devotion to duty was underlined by a comment from his former ex girlfriend of five years, princess Marguerite of Romania, The eldest son of ex King Michael of Romania, Who said a attachment with him was “governmental policies, money, the government,

    His lasting bachelor status had, at the same time, Sparked rumours he was gay something he politely but firmly denied when inquired about it by Sue Lawley on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.

    He had in fact been seeing PR executive Sarah Macaulay at that moment, But chose not to draw attention to their link.

    And this low key approach continued when the happy couple got married in 2000, After going out with the other person for six years.

    Mrs grey

    Their’s has not been a flashy, Hello magazine incident. Instead the pair wed quietly in Fife, Scotland, With close friends, Before jetting off for a honeymoon vacation in Cape Cod.

    standing out from Cherie Blair, Who works under the work moniker of Booth, Sarah told guests she had decided to drop her maiden name, Wanting instead to be medically known as Mrs Brown.

    along with 28 December, 2001 the happy couple became parents, With the premature birth by Caesarean a natural part of Jennifer Jane, balancing 2lb 4oz.

    during sleep, Mr Brown’s serious exterior was replaced by big smiles and joy as he told the his daughter was the “Most beautiful in today’s world,

    But tragedy struck just 10 days later when the daughter suffered a brain haemorrhage and lost her fight for life in her parents’ arms at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

    the actual of a heartbroken chancellor, Who described Jennifer as an “getting ideas, Touched area.

    “Our baby is brilliant, He’s beautiful, He’s really full of energy and I think he’s going to keep me awake for a large number of days, Weeks in addition to the months, he was quoted saying.

    using July 2006, the happy couple had a second son, 8lb brandon Fraser, forcing the normally reserved chancellor to exclaim: “I just adore being a dad, It’s great fun irritating more important,

    Four months soon after, Mr Brown’s spokesman confirmed a newspaper report that young Fraser, As he is thought, Had been identified as having cystic fibrosis.

    The Browns received numerous messages of support once the news about Fraser, Who was reported to be “in, Healthy and making all the progress that you would expect any little boy to make.

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    Finding Russian Singles Through Popular Dating SitesRussian singles more often than not find their partners through other possible Russian dating services available online. Check ways to make Russian women for dating and marriage laugh and get a Russian wife. listed below are two ways of meeting Russian singles [url=]ukraine girlfriend[/url] for a charming date. Read on the tricks. Many guys seek help from Russian dating operating systems to meet Russian girls. When dating russian women online, There are things we must always notice for a charming date. Some have a successful date on Russian dating site. Some were not successful. The world is getting more and more individual every passing [url=]russian babes[/url] day. It has become extremely hard of get a dependable life partner. One of the options that a lot of men in the world are opening to is dating Russian women. But it may also be helpful for those in relationship trouble during dating and marrying Russian girls.

  163. Cyberthieves still rely on human foot soldiers

    Within minutes of casting their electronic bait they caught what they were looking for: A small Michigan company where an employee unwittingly clicked on an official looking e mail that secretly gave cyberthieves the keys to the firm account with a bank.

    Before company executives knew what was happening, Experi light weight aluminum Inc, A suburban Detroit generation company, Was fell apart.

    In aug, the Catholic Diocese in Des Moines, Iowa, Lost with regard to $680,000 more than two days. Officials there aren sure how hackers got onto their accounts, But took all they could before the bank noticed what occuring, based on Jason Kurth, Diocese vice chancellor.

    The diocese and the Detroit company were among dozens of people, Businesses and cities around the country victimized by one of the largest cybertheft rings the FBI has uncovered.

    In september, The bureau and its brethren in Ukraine, holland and Britain took down the ring they first got wind of in May 2009 when a financial services firm tipped the bureau Omaha, Neb, Office to suspicious buys. ever since then, The FBI Operation Trident Breach has exposed losses of $14 million and counting.

    Overall within the last few two years, The FBI has opened 390 cases against schemes that prey on businesses that process payments electronically through the Automated Clearinghouse, Which manages 3,000 deals every five seconds. in these cases, Bureau agents have open attempted thefts totaling $220 million and actual losses of $70 million.

    But the court records of Operation Trident Breach reveal a surprise: for any high tech tools and tactics employed in these computer crimes, Platoons of low-level human foot soldiers, identified mules, Are the key cogs in the cybercriminals money machine.

    A dozen FBI criminal complaints filed in New York provide an inside look at how this cybertheft ring worked:

    working from Eastern Europe and other overseas locations, The thieves used destructive software, termed as malware, To infect the computers of unsuspecting users in the states by e mail. The malware infected e mails were written to are similar to they came from a company manager or colleague who might send an e mail message to everyone in a company, Such as the head of human resources.

    When the e mail recipient clicked on an embedded link to a website or opened an attachment, A Trojan horse virus called Zeus put itself and gathered usernames, Passwords and financial account numbers typed by the victims on their own computers. The hackers then used this information to move the victims money electronically into bank accounts set up in the by the money mules.

    The money mules set up shell bank accounts to receive the money. Then they withdrew the funds from the shell accounts in amounts they thought were small enough to elude detection by banks and public. for some patients, The cyberthieves bombarded telephone numbers attached to the targeted accounts with calls to block the company from calling to verify the transactions.

    The mules sent most of the stolen funds overseas in electronic format to accounts controlled by the ring leaders; The mules usually kept 8 to 10 percent as their cut.

    reminiscent of, The FBI said money belonging to one TD Ameritrade customer landed in the bank account of a fake company, The Venetian Development creating Service Corp, Which was subscribed at an unmarked, Two story brick establishing in Brooklyn. The sole name on the building account [url=]moldova dating[/url] was that of one of the money mules. Eventually a number of the money wound up in accounts in Singapore and Cyprus and some walked out the bank door in the pockets of mules. TD Ameritrade spokeswoman Kim Hillyer said private information has reimbursed customers who lost money

    just like in the illegal drug trade, The ring leaders offshore reaped the big profits but relied on the mules to do the risky, unclean work.

    each and every shell account, A mule had to pretty a bank, In full view of surveillance cameras and leave copies of personal individuality documents. The [url=]moldova dating sites[/url] ring leaders hid behind computer screens overseas. On fellow student visas.

    Among the accusations in the FBI criminal complaints:

    One mule was an immigrant from Moldova who within a few months of her arrival in New York this year had opened at least six bank accounts using a trio of names. an additional mule, A Russian country wide, Opened eight accounts at three individual banks using five a range of aliases.

    The criminal networks used so many money mules that full time recruiters were needed. visas.

    A pair of Russian roommates moving into Brooklyn worked together. The other roommate opened accounts with fake names and false passports in New York and nj-new jersey this summer.

    This cybertheft ring zeroed in on individuals and small and medium sized businesses because they as a rule have fewer computer security safeguards than huge companies. Among its finds: cities in Massachusetts and New Jersey, The account held by a hospital at plastic ban bank and the computers of at least 30 customers of E Trade Financial Corp.

    Like a great number of victims, Experi Metal has sued its bank across the thefts.

    a law firm for Experi Metal, richard Tomlinson, Said the thieves emptied the company account and then tried to siphon another $5 million out through an empty savings account of an Experi Metal employee. these people transferred another $1.34 million ahead of bank shut down the mystery wire transfers, Tomlinson thought.

    According to court public records, organization bank, kansas city based Comerica Inc, Has recovered all but the organization original balance of $560,000. Tomlinson said the bank should be liable for the particular business losses because the wire transfers were obviously dubious organization hadn made any transfers in more than two years and never to Eastern Europe.

    Was caused solely by the actions of that (Experi material Inc.) staff, A lawyer for the lending company wrote in a court filing. Criminal that accessed Experi Metal accounts could do so only because Experi Metal gave him its key.

  164. Williamsport people

    a healthcare facility building of the Mt. Vernon Division of the rhode island Infant Asylum. The shoot is from the [url=]moldova ladies[/url] 1884 annual report of the asylum.when 1885, medical professional. Caroline Gould Marr became the fourth female physician to employ in Lycoming County. Her [url=]moldova women[/url] story is a cautionary tale of the bigotry that festers decades after a privileged group is opened to others, And the innocent people this bias often wounds.this kind of Drs. Jean Saylor Brown and Rita house of worship (charm of 1874), Caroline Marr managed to graduate from Woman Medical College (lesson of 1880). numerous men still believed women were intellectually, emotionally and physically unsuited for medicine. The women responded by escalating their skills. Woman Medical College expanded its curriculum from two to four years and post graduate training became more in demand.As a mature, Marr worked hours at a healthcare facility for Women and Children, Philadelphia. She interned the next year at the renowned New England Women and children Hospital, celtics, And this is why filled a temporary assistant physician position at a pediatric hospital.In properly 1883, Marr was named the resident clinical of the Mt. Vernon division of the rhode island Infant Asylum, A large residential home for children without parents. Five months afterward, She had been censured by a coroner jury in the lethal poisoning of an infant.The irritant that evolved into a legal battle was a decision made months before Marr attained Mt. Vernon: medical professional. edward cullen F. airbrush, A local health care professional, Accepted a brief position as the resident physician. He had been advised of the association preference to have a woman doctor in that role, So it was hardly surprising when, After the is recommended Caroline Marr applied and interviewed well, She was delivered his job. Brush was dispatched, With two months added bonus pay. He made a comeback to the Mt. Vernon drugstore he owned and fumed.It wasn the decline of the $500/year position that fueled his anger; It was the loss of revenue from a scam that the asylum didn uncover until June 1883: As a physician he ordered pain medications and then as a pharmacist he supplied them at a large mark up. Especially profitable was a supplements called koumyss a fermented milk that Brush pharmacy manufactured.That summer months, the infant asylum endured two epidemics pertussis (Whooping hmmm) And a virulent sort Rubeola measles. And as if battling lethal microbes weren enough, Marr had to help remedy Brush berating her for her inexperience and lack of skills.When the epidemics receded, Marr took a leave to get to sleep. In her absence Brush was quietly reinstated as resident specialist by his cronies. Koumyss asks for rebounded.Marr, just learning of Brush return, Ended her leave and advised him that she was back available. He distributed, Warning her can be expected an autopsy, looking to find clinical errors, On each and child who died. Meanwhile koumyss orders plummeted.True to clean threat, The coroner performed autopsies in fatal cases even when there were no suspicious instances surrounding the death. Then a night nurse claimed that she misadministered one teaspoon of aqua ammonia in preference to quinine. She warned Marr of her error, But Marr promoted nothing, Believing that the amount wasn a problem.The child died morning and an autopsy was scheduled. Marr request to neutral physician present was denied. The coroner report ruined Marr inaction, initiating an inquest. Three employees testified to many times smelling alcohol on her breath, Adding further shame. Marr herself testified that she was a non drinker.The rubber stamping jury concurred when using the coroner, Saying our outlook [the small child death was caused by the inexcusable, responsible, And criminal neglectfulness of Dr. Caroline g. Marr, while using New York Times, released Nov. 10, 1883. in addition they condemned the asylum administration for mismanagement in retaining Marr. Allies of Brush fed the headline making story to the New York Times and the former Boston medical and Surgical Journal, Now the New England Journal of drugs. The articles forecasted her imminent arrest.The asylum came to her a good defense. Prominent physicians spoke to light beer both the asylum management and Marr, Especially given the difficult situations that prevailed, Including the interference by people who clearly put their spiteful needs ahead of the youngsters interests.The judge described Marr as worthy woman who had suffered the grossest injuries and wrongs during the divorce proceedings brought for malicious reasons. Neither purchasing nor the Boston Journal reported Marr exoneration.on 1885, Marr returned to Williamsport, Where she had almost adults. Her grandfather, Isaac Gould, And uncle Stephen had run a sawmill in Loyalsock Township near Canfield of the islands in the 1850s; Her brothers Elijah and Robert had worked the mill into the 1870s.Marr attempted medicine for two years, First on Pine Street and subsequently on East Third Street. In 1887 she married her neighbors, Simon Keller. They relocated to the south, Eventually reducing in Waynesville, nc, forgetting long winters and, sorry to say, the concept of medicine.Gouldin is a retired physician who put to use nuclear medicine in Lycoming County. Since retiring, She has pursued her desire for history, Including preserving local health background. Sieminski is a retired librarian and manager of the Lycoming County Women History accumulation. Hurlbert is a teacher Emeritus of Library Services at Lycoming College.

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