Dems Open New Front in War Against America. Liberal Unions Call for Nationwide Strikes To Help Biden Amid Pandemic and Riots

At the moment, we do not have any information about when these strikes will eventually take place. Democrat allies are currently cooking up the plan as we speak and no one knows what the start date is going to be. This is one of the most shameless political plans that we have seen in some time. The Democrats want to win the election so badly, they do not care if they have to cheat.

In their mind, this sort of strike would bring the current president to his knees and allow Biden to serve as the hammer of justice. Or, the olive branch of empathy. Who knows when it comes to the Democrats? They seem to change their minds on these issues on a daily basis. Biden’s poll numbers have now started to slip, so they are taking the time to reconsider certain strategies.

The labor unions that are aligned with the Democrats are claiming that the strikes would enhance racial justice in this country. We are not so sure. If you take a closer look at the list of unions who are doing their best to support the initiative, you can see exactly what is going on. The companies and organizations that decide to pull this off will be giving the economy yet another gut punch.

Voters are going to be headed to the polls in the next few months and Democrats are well aware that they do not have this thing in the bag just yet. The statements from the labor leaders were first shared with the Associated Press. When there is smoke, there is fire. In most instances, the Associated Press is not going to entertain foolishness for the mere sake of doing so.

The unions are claiming that they want to force federal and local lawmakers’ hand. They believe that a general strike would force them to come to the table and take decisive action against systemic racism. The walkouts, if they actually take place, are going to take place for as long as needed. Of course, the Democrats could always decide to chicken out.

That’s not a surprising outcome for this whole kerfuffle. The Democrats may want people to believe that they are looking for racial justice but that is simply not true. Their true objective is to put a major damper on the upcoming election. In their minds, a strike would be blamed on the current president and Biden would have the chance to cruise to a certain victory.

It’s the sort of plan that is destined to backfire horribly but don’t tell that to the Democrats. More and more people are tired of the shutdowns and they do not want them to continue. Can you imagine how angry the average person would be to wake up one day and find out that even more things have shut down? The Democrats have no ability to measure that potential outrage, so they should probably go back to the drawing board.

States are slowly getting back to normal and showing signs of improvement. The Democrats seem to believe that everyone is looking to stay at home, just so the Republicans can suffer. No one is going to go along with this. Everyone’s tired of being told what they cannot do. In a country where everyone is seeking a return to their normal routines, the Democrats seem to believe that people are looking to deal with yet another round of closings.

If the economy magically springs back to where it should be by the time the election rolls around, you better believe that Joe Biden will be the one taking the credit for it. It’s the same song, with a few new dancers but the lyrics have not been altered in the slightest. How these unions are going to get their workers to go along with such a thing is beyond us but we are sure they have a plan!

257 thoughts on “Dems Open New Front in War Against America. Liberal Unions Call for Nationwide Strikes To Help Biden Amid Pandemic and Riots”

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    1. I Union’s were to Wildcat Strike, Fire them all, Replace everyone of the Commie Bastards, What Moron thinks this action would get Biden more votes, Are they really that stupid, Trump 2020. All Republican Congress and Senate.

      1. dear David,
        the article you read is hyped up and untrue… and it is not about Biden. Notice the “education matters” signs…. there are a few spots of teachers strikes related to illnesses in schools and having to start up without safety precautions in place.
        The sitting president knew how deadly this virus was, and hid it from the American people.
        A better action would be to replace him with someone who does not lie to the people about a health crisis, while manipulating elimination of pre-existent health conditions from insurance protection.

        1. How can you say that when he was trying to stop people from coming in the country? It was the liberals that called him racist because of it. He has been working hard for This country spite of the.liberals fighting him and away on bogus made up.stories.

          1. Dear Diana:
            Pres. Trump was “trying to stop” people… is not true. See fact check, published below , from AP news services:

            WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s “ban” on travel from China is his go-to point when defending his response to the coronavirus pandemic. The problem with his core argument starts with the fact that he did not ban travel from China. He imposed porous restrictions.
            These porous restrictions allowed thousands of travelers into the country from China.

            Trump thoroughly misrepresented Biden’s position on immigration and more, while an economic adviser with no public health credentials tried to discredit Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s top infectious disease expert, with a scientific argument.

            Please also note that on 2/7/2020, Trump and Pompeo sent 18million tons of nation’s PPE to china (is on his/their twitterfeed, for reference), and nation still has PPE shortages. I know… I work a covid unit.
            Now we see, from tapes of Pres. Trump, that on 1/28/2020, that Pres. Trump was aware that this was a deadly respiratory virus, “worse than strenuous flu”, and then deliberately misrepresented this to American public by saying this would “go away with warm weather”, that it was “like the flu and would magically disappear” and then publically dismissing masks and social distancing, even criticizing news reporters for following safety guidelines. If Trump had even initiated a nationwide response even in late March, thousands of lives would have been saved.

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  11. Wardrop Brings ‘His Hers’ to Irish concert halls

    From tennis courts, areas, And hallways throughout the Irish midlands, ‘His Hers’ combines observation and charm to tell a 90 year old love story over the voices of 70 women. This intimate gender and cultural snapshot explores a woman’s affair with the men in her life father, Boyfriend, life partner, daughter. next few sequentially from a little baby girl to old woman, Each character portrait is woven with whilst into one uniquely crafted cinematic quilt.

    furthermore winning the George Morrison Award for Feature Documentary at the 2010 IFTAs, ‘His Hers’ picked up the Audience Award in the Dublin world-wide Film Festival, the feature Award in the Galway Film Fleadh, And the Cinematography Award at this year’s Sundance Film festival. [url=]ukraine girlfriend[/url] also, My Mum lives in a street where one can find just widows, All at your lady age, So I just used that as web site for the narrative of the story and it all built up around that.

    How did you explain the film to the interviewees?

    It was very hard to explain the film to the women, I still find it hard to this day because it falls a bit flat and you desire to say “thoroughly, it’s really down to four fabulous New York girls going to Abu Dhabi, So I just said to the women “I am going to connect you to creativeness person in your life” Even though they probably had five men four sons and a husband we just picked one and got each lady to connect him with ordinary things for example washing lines, Driving or the mobile phones.

    What guidelines were given to the seventy playing women, If any type of?

    almost no, I would chat about what was relevant to them basically if the type was 18 I knew she would be talking about her boyfriend for example. 16 to 18 years old would go from Dad to boyfriend and then boyfriend would become husband, So if I was with a 25 year old my agenda was I am going to be talking with the fact that she had got engaged and was going into that zone of life. equally, Sonya the teenager talks about the mobile telephone and text so I would used that with a later lady so you kind of have a feeling of a cycle of life the second lady has her son having to teach her ways to use the mobile because she’s going out. They’re really good metaphors but also still just ordinary things.

    Why did you determine to concentrate just on women?

    the idea was my Mum’s story, I wanted the female version. you actually have one man at the end which was suggestive of the male story but it is open and most people interpret it differently, But to me it suggested the option that this story could easily have been done from the male point of view.

    Is there regarding you giving us the male version?

    Not me any kind of, it doesn’t. I think there’s something about this film that makes it quite stand alone and different, That said if a female decided to do this film I think it will be brilliant. Then again it is very difficult to get Irish men to talk. and, I think they may be more open with a female director.

    and of course ‘His Hers’ is, actuality, all about men really.

    sure enough, Absolutely i might come across men and that is why perhaps it’s called ‘His Hers’. That is one of the surprises about the film and I was a little bit focused on that because I originally saw it as being mainly for female audiences. But the best audience reactions we’ve got were from men in their twenties because they are men who are dating girls who want to get married and who want to get serious about the girl they are in love with but their mothers are still very much part of their lives too, And their grandmothers are often very much alive also, So I think for this reason we’ve had some very emotional reactions to it.

    The film would strike me as a quintessentially Irish project that one might not expect international reach and international, international,global marketing audiences to identify with, But clearly they’ve got.

    of course, We are getting a theatrical release around australia and New Zealand, Which is excellent, And talks are ongoing with the States because that takes a little longer. It has translated because it is a universal story of love at heart and it’s about that love we have for that special person.

    My major worry when coming up with the film was that it wouldn’t really reflect modern Ireland actually. I was a bit worried about that because there is obviously a whole diversity out there, But I basically decided to concentrate on people who reminded me of my own world. I had a very low budget, I had no future agenda in addition to going out and making a film the way I wanted to do it so, in many ways, I wasn’t thinking about finding an audience or recouping costs or anything like this. It’s quite a funny one as there is no real drama and everybody is likeable which is [url=]russian chat[/url] rare.

    You’ve mentioned your mother’s influence on the project several times why is it she features so prominently in your work?

    I was probably about five when I realised she is a personality and I love her to bits. She’s my mother and she is just like anyone else’s mother. And that’s where the universal message of the film comes into things again we all know the women on the screen, The mom, aunts, Girlfriends so anyone can recognise the women in their life in most of the 70 wonderful ladies up on screen. indeed, this will heart of the story, That the ladies could be anyone’s Mum or family.

    How did your mother react to you using her in ‘His Hers’ and your earlier video clip ‘Undressing my Mother’?

    With ‘Undressing my Mother’ we talked it over and she actually gave it to me, She alleged: “Will this actually offer some assistance, and i said “absolutely Mum, it my graduation film, at this point,soon, At the time it was only for my tutors and I saw her involvement as possibly being the difference between an A and a B.

    It just seemed obvious as I am a filmmaker with this wonderful person at home. My family are no different than anybody’s family only I have a camera and go around recording them, But I think everybody has that capabilities. I think one of the big gifts that film makers have is the cabability to record their own worlds.

    another feature project, ‘Probable Parent’ sees you try your hand at fiction and you’ve been casting it in a very alternative way.

    of course, We have had open auditions using non actors and now we’re work shopping using blend both actors and non actors, Which rrs going to be a challenge. The non actors are people who I feel are comfortable enough to be able to come on this journey with us. It is going to be unique to ‘His Hers’ but yet I will draw down on my experiences as a filmmaker to date.

    We have no idea when it will actually shoot but we will have intensive work shopping and we will see how we will get on then. I’ll go off and write it up then and we’ll create the story plot. I have the long treatments to fall back on and basically I have the story without words.

    does this all sound an end to your short filmmaking career?

    virtually no, No I will always be able to keep up the shorts because I have my own camera and the family are still down in Portarlington and they will come up with some plots for me. Like my make the effort Trevor who rang me 18 months ago and said “You know there’s a deer down here but it would make a great little short, It has very unconventional talent, and i also said “okay, I’m walking on, And then we get a European Film Academy nomination for the film!

    ‘His Hers’ is composed by, Directed and edited by Ken Wardrop and due to Andrew Freedman. received shot by Kate McCullough (click) And elizabeth Lavelle (goodbye Packets of Ten).

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  112. Anyone surprised it is a teachers union standing in the front of the photo? Kind of scarey the teachers are with the insane asylum but then when you look at the BS they try to brainwash the kids with today, it is no big surprise really. Betsy an Trump have a lot of work to do with education and I think making other forms of education available may help sterilize the public education today but it needs to be available to all parents in the nation. Charter schools, home schooling, etc. are all options if they do teach the kids to a set standard. And there is such a thing a withdrawing funds if they continue to radicalize the curriculm. I believe the board has a lot to say in that but supervision to keep the radicals out of the classroom and no race baiting.
    The new white racist theme lately to be taught to white kids to shame them is not gonna fly. Their latest about white racism is not funny at all and not to be tolerated at all and must end or the funding does! My grandkids are 1/16 indian and 1/8 mexican and the rest is a mix too but to look at them they are just white like I look. Most of this nation is a mix of races so is that a mixed choice the radicals want to rally against or just pure white. And what is pure white, all EU? What about the Spaniards with fair coloring? Too funny that a lot of todays Soros brownshirts are so poorly educated they do not understand assimilation at all.

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