Texas Dems Want To Waste Millions of Vote by Mail Applications

And the battle for or against mail-in voting en masse continues. This week, some of the most interesting developments come to us from the state of Texas, where Texas attorney general Ken Paxton is suing one county and its county clerk, Christopher Hollins, for planning to send out over 2 million vote by mail applications in the coming weeks.

As you well know, Democrats across the nation have been heavily pushing the idea of voting by mail for the upcoming November general election. They claim it is the single, safest way to go about voting this year, what with the novel and fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic still very much on the loose.

However, as some states primaries have very effectively proved, most states are nowhere near equipped for the massive amount of mail-in ballots that are expected to be received. Texas is one of those.

But Texas doesn’t exactly have the same situation on hand that most other states do.

You see, the Lonestar State is one of just six that has not opened up mail-in voting to just anyone, even in you are worried about contracting COVID-19 at the polls. Instead, only those who are 65 or older, incarcerated but still allowed to vote, have a disability, or will be out of the county during the election period are eligible to vote by mail.

And no, not being immune to COVID does not count as a disability. (This was already argued about and decided upon by the Texas Supreme Court in May.)

So why would Harris County, the most populous county in the state and the one in which Houston is located, want to send out that many ballot applications when only a small percentage of them will even be allowed to be used?

That is precisely the question Texas Secretary of State and attorney general are asking. To them and most other Republicans in the state, it just doesn’t make sense. That is, unless they are trying to confuse the voting process this year even more by flooding it with millions of vote by mail applications, the elections offices will have no hope of processing on time.

And this brings us to why Hollins and his county are being sued.

According to AG Paxton and the Secretary of State, the plan is an “abuse of voters’ rights” and will only serve to confuse voters and “impede the ability of persons who need to vote by mail to do so” by “clogging up the vote by mail infrastructure.”

Last week the Secretary of State sent the county a demand that they abandon this hair-brained idea by Monday at noon.

But Hollins made it clear he has no intention of surrendering the plan. In addition, the county clerk noted that included in his mass application send out would be “detailed guidance to inform voters that they may not qualify to vote by mail,” as well as on how the application process works. Hollins also said that the county plans to buy more mail-sorting equipment and make hundreds of new and temporary hires in the coming weeks to ensure Harris county is more prepared.

And so, in response to Hollins’s refusal to depart from his plans, AG Paxton filed a lawsuit against him and the county on Monday.

Included in the arguments for why the plan should be dropped is the belief that Hollins, as county clerk, doesn’t really have the authority to send out vote by mail applications, especially to those who have not requested such.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the lawsuit argues that “the Texas Election Code permits county clerks and election administrators to send mail ballot applications to any voter who requests one, but does not provide explicit permission to send applications to those who made no such request.”

But because there is no “explicit permission” provided, it places the argument in a bit of a gray area, with Hollins and his fellow Democrats believing that he has the right to send them out. At the same time, the more experienced AG and Secretary of State belief this is a grand misinterpretation of the law.

Misinterpretation or not, the whole thing seems a bit pointless.

Yeah, let’s go ahead and send out 2.4 million applications (the rough population of Harris County) regardless of whether people are eligible or even want them. And then let’s spend even more hard-earned tax dollars on new equipment and employees to handle hundreds of thousands of applications that will literally be thrown in the trash.

Sounds like a classic Democrat move to me.

318 thoughts on “Texas Dems Want To Waste Millions of Vote by Mail Applications”

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    1. Very true, Democrats are doing anything possible to make this election harder on themselves. If millions of voters can go out shopping, wait in line at the registers, they can safely do it at the polls. Biden keep on Hiden. Trump 2020.

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  40. The DEMS always use a page out of the Communist Chinese playbook. Decide what you want, then go ahead and do it, as if simply deciding to do something makes it legal, correct, moral and indisputable. Communist China uses this approach with claiming ownership of countries, like Taiwan, or islands, like the Fiery Atoll, a a disputed atoll the Communist Chinese converted into a military base in the South China Sea. CHINA never handles disputes in the International Court, BECAUSE CHINA KNOWS IT WILL LOSE. WE NEED TO CHALLENGE THEM IN INTERNATIONAL COURT SO CHINA WILL GO PUBLIC AND SAY THEY DON’T RECOGNIZE AN INTERNATIONAL COURT SO WE CAN SEIZE THEIR ASSETS IN THE US! Same strategy as the DEMS. TAKE THEM TO COURT NOW, BARR!

    To me it is amazing that FEDERAL ELECTIONS are not subject to FEDERAL LAWS! As usual, the DEMS, with no documented authority, decide how they will handle the elections, using the pandemic, started by China, to attempt to set up a fraudulent FEDERAL VOTE! EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING! Recently hundreds of thousands of FAKE Michigan Drivers Licenses FROM CHINA was intercepted in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport! NOT IN THE MSM! If the FBI still worked we would investigate WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO PICK UP THE SHIPMENT! SORRY, THIS IS PROOF AN ADVERSARY COUNTRY IS TRYING TO INFLUENCE OUR ELECTION IN FAVOR OF THE DEMS! THIS IS MORE PROOF THAN THE RUSSIA INVESTIGATION, OR THE “SHAM IMPEACHMENT” INVESTIGATION EVER CAME UP WITH! TELL BARR TO FIRE WRAY IF THE FBI IS NOT INVESTIGATING THIS AND START COURT PROCEEDINGS TO STOP MAIL IN FRAUD VOTING!

  41. All the crap in these posts and no way to delete a word of it. Time for this sight to get no, nada, zip, zilch responses. The recent changes have enabled the trolls to win here.

    And personally I am taking my ballot for early voting into the collection sight directly at the vote counter’s office. I will make sure they open it and add it to the totals. Mail in mass voting will not work until the cities, counties, states clean out their rolls. The whole thing is a giant opportunity for fraud.

    Also separating the signature at the point of receipt in the county is another point of opportunity for fraud. Used to be to keep voters choices secret but today it is an open door for fraud and we all know who is gonna use it. The dim wits, the rinos who know all about the fraud machine, the chambers of commerce in every state, and the corrupt vote counters. And they do win by just enough once the cheaters figure out how many of their fake votes are needed to sway the elections.

    And we have seen just that fraud happening in 2018 clearly. And we know all about the many methods used to destroy our voting rights. The left thinks we are too dumb to figure it out so want to make it just worthless.

    Time for some basic changes to protect the sanctity of our vote beginning with a photo ID when you turn in the vote and leaving your signature on that ballot for audits if necessary, no separation. Those two items alone would help shore up the validity of the voting process. But there is more that can be added as well like the rolls need regular clean ups especially before elections. The final change is make it official that in the electorial college the representatives have to vote as the voters selected. There can be no one person change in the population’s demands at elections, and that has happened!

  42. So let me get this straight. Harris County clerk, Christopher Collins, is trying to mailing out 2 million NOT requested ‘voter mail in’ packets which is NOT in his job description. He oversteps is bounds, and is now getting sued by the Texas State Attorney. There are only 2,357,000 voters in Harris County! Okay…now I got it. The Democrats are so scared Trump will wIn the 2020 election, they are breaking their ‘oath of office’! Does Collins know that the Supreme Court ruling of 1866? Newly upheld by President Trump? That there is NO EMERGENCY that allows an elected official to supersede that of our Constitution! That any elected official that gave their oath to uphold the Constitution and breaks it, FORFEITS THEIR OFFICE! Hey, I got an idea…ARREST COLLINS FOR BREAKING HIS OATH OF OFFICE!

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