What? Biden Thinks Democrats Control the Senate (Video)

Joe Biden has unleashed a lot of bad takes during the course of his campaign but this one takes the cake. He told the world that he believes that the Democrats are in control of the Senate. We are not sure where he is getting this idea from. Someone has clearly misinformed Old Man Joe and it is too funny.

If we didn’t know any better, we would assume that someone is setting him up to fail. He made the comments during a virtual appearance recently. He told the audience (who had turned out for a Doug Jones rally) that the Democrats would need to maintain control of the Senate. “We have to do more than just beat Trump. We have to keep the House of Representatives and the United States Senate,” Biden said.

At the time, Biden seemed to be reading his comments off a teleprompter. This man has never had an authentic moment in his life. Anything that he says has been written for him by aides. They take the time to canvass all of the groups that he is too sleepy to meet with and from there, they try to come up with a coherent plan.

Clips like these make everyone wonder what is wrong with this man. Biden is clearly suffering from some sort of undiagnosed medical issue. Can you believe that he has already told a crowd in South Carolina that he was running for the Senate? This man is so easily confused, he does not even know what he is even running for anymore.

Someone could tell him that he was going to be the next Colonel Sanders and he would probably smile and nod. “My name is Joe Biden. I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate. Look me over. [slurring] If you don’t like me, you can vote for the other Biden — give me a look though, okay?” he pleaded. This was the candidate that the Democrats deemed to be the most electable.

Bernie Sanders, Mayor Pete and the like have to be fuming. These were imperfect candidates, to be sure, but at least they had the ability to walk and chew hum at the same time. Instead of allowing the race to play out in a more natural way, Obama intervened at the first sign of trouble for Joe Biden. He told the other candidates that they would get a cushy cabinet position and the rest took care of itself.

Biden still has two months to go and there are only so many events that he can hide from. Right now, he is benefiting from the pandemic because he has a plausible excuse to stay at home. The elderly are at far greater risk of contracting the virus. Trump is only a few years younger and he does not allow the pandemic to keep him from attending his own events but we digress. This man is clearly senile and we are tired of watching the liberal media prop him up.

They are looking to remove the Republicans from the White House but their candidate does not even know who controls the Senate. It’s sad but it’s hilarious for those of us who saw this one coming a mile away. He was always a terrible candidate and only the most deluded leftists were willing to convince themselves that he would have their best interests at heart. The only person that Joe Biden cares about is Joe Biden.

He says whatever he has to and he will make any promise that he has to make. The level of shamelessness on display here is too funny for words. Biden will promise to strip the police of their funding one minute and then pretend to be a friend of the police the next. His views change by the second and they depend on who he is standing next to at the time. Best of luck, Sleepy Joe.

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        1. What’s with these ads? Do you really think they might be a code of some sort? I’m going to report them as spam…… And let’s hope ole sleepy, dementia, studding Joe Biden DOES NOT becomes our president.. Look what he and Obama did in the 8 years they were in there..We were on the verge of war, Trump ended that. Plus, we have been robbed by China, Mexico and etc’ with all those taxes, Trump changed that! And he has did so much more. Obama & Biden left the emergency supply that is always suppose to be restocked when used empty after the Ebola disease threat..Trumps administration had to deal with all that. We are all one here in America and the Democrats (if that’s what they are), want to divide us. Actually they have all become Socialist Progressives and want to bring all of us into submission to their ways and rule over us. I love my freedom and hope you feel the same. Red & Yellow, Black & White.. We are all one in Gods sight!! Let us live and love as we chose without the Government ruling over us!!
          I pray God will have mercy and keep Trump in there 4 more years.. The man is the best we can get in this time of trouble.

          1. Agnes Molster-Surm, a housewife and private tutor, calls Hitler her “God-given Führer and savior, Adolf Hitler, for Germany’s honor, Germany’s fortune and Germany’s freedom!”

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            (cf QAnon and Trump/Pence_)

            Sarah R. Warren is a Ph.D. student at Florida State University.

      1. Keep seeing these same jerks replying. They are in the wrong web site when ordering their meds. As far as Biden not knowing who is running what, he is in that same position. He does not know who is running or telling him what to do. Biden who is running your campaign?

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  3. I wonder if it is possible that there is a conservative insider working among Biden’s campaign and is deliberately feeding him false information to make him look more stupid than he already is. I mean after all how many liberals did President Trump have to get rid of because they were trying to ruin his campaign and his presidency.

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