Schiff Can’t Let Go of the Russia Hoax He Staked His Career On! Pulls Yet Another Russia Whistleblower Out of Pelosi’s Hat

House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff has not treated us to a full display of his mental illness for some time now but now he’s back! He’s crawled out from under the rock he resides under to offer up some more of his usual nonsense. He is now claiming that he’s received yet another “whistleblower complaint” about Russian election meddling.

You’d think that this narrative would get tiresome for people but they are still eating it up. Schiff alleges that the complaint points to severe misconduct from officials in the Trump administration. They are accused of manipulating, censor and politicizing information in a manner that is supposed to be beneficial to Donald Trump.

These alleged infractions include: Improper Administration of an Intelligence Program and Abuse of Authority regarding Russian Influence, Improper Administration of an Intelligence Program with respect to the Homeland Threat Assessment, Improper Administration of an Intelligence Program regarding ANTIFA and Perjured Testimony and Abuse of Authority.

Brian Murphy is the whistleblower and he claims to have withheld information because it would have looked bad for the current president. He has since been demoted but he once served as the principal deputy undersecretary in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis at the DHS. DHS chief Chad Wolf is said to have been responsible for ordering Murphy to keep the information hidden.

Murphy also claims that he was being told to focus all of his efforts on other nations, such as China and Iran. He did not comply with the request because “doing so would put the country in substantial and specific danger.” This is very nice of him, isn’t it? Mark Zaid is the lawyer representing him and if the name sounds familiar to you, it’s because he once represented the Ukraine whistleblower.

According to a statement that was provided by Zaid, Murphy is said to have “followed proper lawful whistleblower rules in reporting serious allegations of misconduct against DHS leadership, particularly involving political distortion of intelligence analysis and retaliation.” He was not done there, though.

“We have alerted both the Executive and Legislative Branches of these allegations and we will appropriately cooperate with oversight investigations, especially in a classified setting,” he continued. Shifty Schiff is at it again and he will not let the Russian collusion angle go. “We’ve received a whistleblower complaint alleging DHS suppressed intel reports on Russian election interference, altered intel to match false Trump claims and made false statements to Congress,” he says.

He is going to investigate because the nation’s security is at stake. Of course, this is all geared towards the removal of Donald Trump from office. The presidential election is just two months away but the Democrats are more worried about trying to drudge up old issues. The Russian collusion hoax was already proven to be false some time ago.

Schiff issued a lengthy statement on the matter because you have to ramble when you do not have a point. He says that Murphy’s allegations are very serious (because they go against Donald Trump) and that they need to be investigated (because he can use them to get rid of Donald Trump). That’s the sole point of this investigation but Schiff steadfastly refuses to admit it.

For their part, the DHS is denying the allegations. According to a DHS spokesperson, the organization “looks forward to the results of any resulting investigation and we expect it will conclude that no retaliatory action was taken against Mr. Murphy.” Schiff’s ramblings may excite some but there are many who are not going to be swayed.

We are willing to bet that this investigation is not going to go much better than the one that they already launched but why should that stop them? The Democrats are going to keep beating this dead horse for all eternity and we wish that they would get a life. Unfortunately, this election season is sure to be filled with even more wild accusations from this party.

2,832 thoughts on “Schiff Can’t Let Go of the Russia Hoax He Staked His Career On! Pulls Yet Another Russia Whistleblower Out of Pelosi’s Hat”

    1. Where are the so called moderators who supposedly troll comments to make sure nobody’s feelings are hurt when they are needed? One can advertise to sell pharmaceuticals in the comment section but they have to do it in such a way that the community is not offended?
      I am part of the community and I have to say that I AM OFFENDED! Do your job and get these jokesters out of here, unless of course you believe they are selling pharmaceuticals because Adam Shifty Shiff causes a mental health crisis and the community is at risk or Shifty himself is so very toxic that the community needs to purchase pharmaceuticals in order to send them to Shifty to treat his mental illness.
      In any case this is the wrong forum for selling pharmaceuticals! 1) the left is beyond psychopharmacology and 2) Shiifty is so far beyond anything psychopharmacology has to offer that he almost makes his cohorts appear nearly sane. 3) there is no 3 because there is no care for what ails Shifty or his cohorts except ……well let’s just say it isn’t psychopharmacology that’s for sure!

      1. Schiff needs to be stopped. What is the legal recourse that can be brought against him? Is the guy crazy? It will be wonderful if the republicans can hold a majority in the house and the senate after the next election – that will be the end of Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler and the rest of the sordid crew. Then Trump will be free to implement positive programs, legislation, more. His hands won’t be tied,

        1. Pelosi is up for re=election in Nov. Maybe that will solve most of the problems- -if the people in her district have any decency at all!

          1. Dear Mr Barr,
            Please arrest this fool and put him in a nice dark place for a very long time.

            If you’d like a list of prosecutable crimes, please contact me.

        2. You are so right! Sack of Schiff is a lying, narcissistic,schizophrenia dangerous Congressman! Where is the Congressional Ethic’s Committee? He needs to be investigated how much has Soro’s and the Democratic Party padded his Bank Account? I believe I heard his wife is a niece or cousin of Soro’s! What about the information of his sexual harrassment case and his taking money from the slush fund in 2013! He stood for the actor that staged an attack by two Black Brothers! He is a gay actor from Chicago, Shollette (sp?). Then his Connection with the Standard hotel in his district? Very friendly with the owner a large donor to Sack of Shiff! He is not even ethically to be a Congressman! He also has friends in Russia! He has been singing in the Russian Philharmonic Choir! How did he arrange that? FRIENDS IN RUSSIA!

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      1. Yea what ever happened to the investigation on fast and furious? Schiff where is the investigation on all those FBI agents who erased or deleted their accounts from their cell phones? Quit wasting tax payers money and pay out of your own pocket in this new witch or warlock hunt.

      2. Shifty Adam Schiff is as corrupt as they come. He should be charge with treason and put in prison. But treason does carry the death penalty. Schiff probably help cover up Hillary’s crimes. The corrupt Democrats do stick together.

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