Yet Another Liberal Race Hoaxer Exposed! White GWU Professor Pretended To Be Black for Decades

You may have heard the name Jessica Krug in the news lately but you may not have been willing to go down the rabbit hole to learn more about what she did. Here’s a quick rundown. Last week, she decided to write a Medium post that outed her as a race hoaxer. She was once employed by GW University as an associate professor of history but that is all over now.

She was very honest about her actions, referring to herself as a cultural leech. This woman is white, Jewish and from Kansas. The identity that she created for herself was that of a black woman from the Caribbean. She banked on people being unwilling to examine the lie too closely. There are a number of Caribbean residents who have fairer skin and she used this to her advantage.

The confession was definitely off putting. She seemed to take responsibility for her actions but the tone was just….off. It came across like she was looking to go viral for all of the wrong reasons. George Washington University says that she has since resigned but we are sure that this decision was made as a way of allowing her to save face.

The George Washington University Department of History was infuriated by what she had done, calling for her to resign immediately. She’s lucky that she was given the chance to leave campus under her own power. This could have been much worse for her under different circumstances. No one likes to be fooled, especially not on this sort of scale.

This is the sort of betrayal that cuts very deep. Think of all of the professors that she deceived. There’s also a wide range of students who have to feel hurt and hoodwinked. How can someone who is not even honest about their own past successfully teach history? It’s no wonder that this department was ready to toss her out without even thinking twice.

The professors who work in this department are now forever associated with this charlatan. Jessica did not care about anyone but herself when she made this unfortunate decision. Her self outing may have relieved some of the anxiety that she was feeling but she’s essentially signed her own death warrant, as far as teaching is concerned.

Her Medium post showcases a woman who is begging for some form of punishment but from who? And from where? Perhaps she thinks that people will be impressed with her for getting out in front of this but that’s not going to happen at all. If a tell all book ends up coming out next year, we are not going to be surprised, that’s all we have to say on that.

This woman’s shame could not have been too strong or else she would have resigned and hidden without calling any attention to herself. No one ever needs to grab a soapbox when it is time to cancel themselves. You can do that without ever having to tell anyone else about it. Krug probably thought that this would turn out better for her than it has.

In the real world, no one is ever going to give you a cookie because you stopped pretending to be black for a minute. She’s already created this fire storm and now she is going to be badly burned. If anyone else is looking to clear their conscience, they are probably better off quitting whatever job they used their false identity to claim and running off to some locale no one cares about.

Krug could have easily gone back to Kansas and no one would have cared at all. Instead, she begged for the negative attention that she’s getting. It won’t be going away anytime soon, that’s for sure. Just ask Rachel Dolezal. Krug definitely needs mental health assistance and we just hope that there is someone in her corner who is willing to help her get it.

84 thoughts on “Yet Another Liberal Race Hoaxer Exposed! White GWU Professor Pretended To Be Black for Decades”

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    1. Krug is going to get her sorry ass kicked. The BLM is coming for this bitch. She’ll be sorry that she ever impersonated one of us niggers.

      1. Good for you.. Krug should run and hide. It would serve her right if she was charged for lying and deceiving the staff and her students. This is serious, but as you can see in our society today it is as the Bible predicted.. Right has become as wrong and wrong has become as right.. Yet don’t ever forget! we have a big God up there and He is watching all this chaos and I truly believe He will soon show His Hand.. He is Almighty and He has given the people of this world ample time to confess our sins and come to Him for forgiveness.. Few realize that while Jesus was on that Cross, all our filthy sins were placed on Him. All we have to do is confess them and ask His forgiveness and change our way of sinful lives into good loving ones.. The BLM will probably get on her case & they should.. Let’s hope it is done legally..

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    1. Agnes Molster-Surm, a housewife and private tutor, calls Hitler her “God-given Führer and savior, Adolf Hitler, for Germany’s honor, Germany’s fortune and Germany’s freedom!”

      Another woman replaced the star on her Christmas tree with a photograph of Hitler surrounded by a halo of candles. These men and women shared the message of National Socialism as if it was gospel and refer to new party members as “converts.” One such woman describes early efforts to “convert” her family to Nazism as falling “on stony soil and not even the slightest little green sapling of understanding sprouted.” She was later “converted” through conversations with her mailman.

      The essays do not only serve as historical curios, but as a warning as to how ordinary people can be attracted to extremist ideology at a time of social distress. Similar language has been used to describe the current political climate in the United States and other countries. Perhaps, as some do today, these women believed all their society’s ills could be solved by the restoration of their nation to a perceived state of former glory, no matter the cost.
      Let’s not follow QAnon or their proponents.

      Sarah R. Warren is a Ph.D. student at Florida State Universit

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  16. I don’t understand at all what Jessica Krug is to blame, what her betrayal is, and who does it hurt so badly? Yes, she is white, but she likes black and she wants to be like them: she curls her hair, sunbathes and it’s beautiful … But is this a crime? And when blacks straighten their hair, become blondes, is it considered a crime or is it considered a betrayal? In my opinion, these professors who work in this department are real charlatans and traitors.

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